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What Dows A Flight School Have To Offer-Part 5

What Dows A Flight School Have To Offer-Part 5
By: sureshot (

Part 5?What Can A Flight School Offer?

The next morning, a Friday, I thought I heard my front door open and close. Being sleepy from a long international flight, I went back to Z-land. I was having a very good dream as I remember when suddenly I sat straight up in bed, thinking someone was there watching me. And to my surprise there was! It was Stephanie! I'd forgotten I gave her a key to my place to work on my dissertation. She was standing there at the foot of my bed just the way she came into the world, but with a LOT more to show for it.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I demanded. "Well, you said to come over early so we could get a start on your paper. I just thought I'd let myself in and do my best to put you in the mood for serious work, that's all," she said, "But when I saw you lying there, knowing you never wear PJ's, I thought we'd begin the day the way a day ought to begin?with some really hot sex!" she said. "I guess a person can't argue with that logic, now can one?" I said. "But first I need to make myself presentable." So, I went to the bathroom, shaved, brushed my teeth, and gargled with some mouthwash. She stood next to me at the sink and cradled my cock in her left hand, doing her best to make it as hard as possible. By the looks of things in the mirror, she was doing quite well. I wiped my face, turned to her, and gave her a kiss, one with hot, wet, tongues dueling each other for the upper hand. My hands were all over her 34D breasts, gently squeezing and them ever-so-lightly pinching her nipples. It was having the expected results.

"Greg left early this morning, too pooped to pop. I guess he's on his way to his ?honey-of-the-road.' Oh, well, he has his and I certainly have mine. I need your cock and I need it now. And I need you to keep it up a while. Greg was a ?5-minute special' when he first got back. I hardly got aroused. Will you do it for me?" She asked. "Come with me, my dear," I said as I took her by the hand to the bed. "You lay down on your back today. I want to ride you cowgirl style, OK?" I wasn't about to argue. So, with my cock straight in the air, she straddled me and rubbed the tip of my cock along her slit to slick it up. When she was satisfied, she put the tip inside of her and then just impaled herself to the hilt! Wow! What a feeling! Her hot, wet, pussy was really doing a number on me. I reached up and grabbed her breasts once again and began a gentle, rhythmic rubdown. It was having the results she wanted for she asked for more of it and not to stop. I was doing all I could to hold back that ?point of no return.' And then, to my amazement, she just stopped!!

With a quizzical look on my face, she responded. "I want it to last a while, my lover! I want us to come to the edge a few times, then relax, and finally explode in a mind-blowing orgasm. Does this sound OK with you?" Since she had the upper hand at the moment I was in no position to argue. I just nodded in agreement and then let her do her thing! And boy, did she do her thing!! Over and over again she brought me to the point of cumming and just stopped! She'd raise her head from my chest and we'd kiss. She loved to kiss and was, in my humble estimation, one of the best kissers I have ever encountered in life. We were both delirious with pleasure at this point. She put her face to my ear and whispered, "It's time we gave it to each other?hard!" Well, that was all it took for me. I began to thrust upward and she met me coming down every time! I grabbed her ass and tried to get my cock deeper each time. Then it happened. She began to cry out in pure pleasure. The rockets, flares, bells, and whistles all blew at the same time. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! The throes of orgasm lasted for a while and I must say that this was one of the most satisfying fucks I have ever had?bar none! She was willing and she was really good at what she did. Too bad Greg didn't appreciate what he had. But, I was more than willing to accommodate her needs and she mine!

We got up, took a shower, had a light breakfast, and proceeded to have a grueling four hours of work on my dissertation. She sat at my computer and her fingers nearly set the keyboard on fire. There was something eerily sexy about watching her fingers make the keys dance to her command. As I peeked over her shoulder I could see those magnificent breasts bulging out from her tank top. It was quite an erotic sight and I found myself quite aroused by it all. When Stephanie finished the page she was working on she turned to see what I was doing. She couldn't help but see my arousal. "We'd better take a break and let me take care of that or else you're going to be in pain the rest of the day!" I slowly unzipped my shorts and she fished out my cock, gently stroking it and looking deeply into my eyes.

"I want to suck you dry, Mark!" she said, "I want your hot cum on my tongue. So, now, where do you want me to do you? I know, how about you sit on the kitchen counter island and I'll take care of you there, OK?" She took my hand and led me into the kitchen and I sat on the island counter while she stroked me to full hardness. She then removed her tank top and let me see those beautiful breasts, which she wrapped my cock in for a few moments. "You want my hot mouth now, lover?" she asked. "Oh, yes, I do!" I answered. With that she lowered her head, licked around the head of my cock, then up and down the front, back, and sides, until she had me nearly babbling with contentment. "I guess I've teased you long enough, lover, so, just relax and enjoy this!" she said in a low, sexy voice. I mean, what guy wouldn't enjoy a blowjob from a terrible sexy woman. If her didn't he'd need his head examined!

With that, she deep-throated me all at once and WOW, what a sight! She had her eyes closed as she devoured my cock, never touching me with her hands. She did all the work with her mouth and head. The sensation was indescribable! It was an erotic ?high' if you know what I mean. She employed just the right amount of suction and I was totally at her mercy. She played with, toyed with, and teased me for nearly half an hour. It was so blissful and, to this day, a memorable event in my life. I began to breathe in quite shallow breaths and my chest was heaving. Sensing that I was close, she stepped up the pace of her sucking. I told her I was going to fill up her mouth and in one gigantic eruption, I shot wad after wad into her waiting mouth. To my amazement, she didn't lose a drop. And this was only her 4th or 5th blowjob she'd ever given! She was quite a fast learner that was for certain. She sucked every last drop from me and I was feeling quite euphoric. She came around the island and gave me a huge kiss, complete with some of my cum still on her lips. "Oh, Mark, that was so fantastic. Now, do you think you might reciprocate on me, my dear?" "Well, now, I think that can be done!" I said with a shit-eating grin on my face! I got up, knelt before her, took off her shorts and thong, put a couple of towels on the butcher-block island, and set her on it. I spread her legs and gave her a very wet kiss and went down on her. When I took her clit softly between my lips she jumped a bit and began to moan. I knew I'd hit paydirt!

I continued to lick and lap at her slit, spreading her lips with my fingers. As I licked I also took a finger and slipped it into her pussy. All I heard from her was "Oh, Yesssssss!" lover and over again. She was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as I continued working on her clit and pussy. Then she suddenly went stiff on me. I don't think she was ready for it, but was wracked with a powerful orgasm. I never let up, except to come up for air. She had my head locked between her thighs and I nearly passed out. She didn't say a word, but just remained still. I saw the veins in her neck pulse and slowly subside. I stood and bent over and kissed her on the lips, snaking my tongue in her mouth. She sucked it hungrily and finally opened her eyes. She took my head in her hands and said to me, "That was THE most powerful orgasm I've ever had in my life. I'm still feeling all tingly all over." "Well," I said, "We just hit it off. You have a need and I was able to fulfill it. I just love making you feel good." "Feel my pussy, Mark, it's still quivering!" I touched her pussy and she was right, boy was she right. Her muscles were still contracting and when I touched her clit, she had yet another spontaneous orgasm. "Oh, my god, where did that one come from?" she asked. "Well, my dear, you are still so highly charged sexually that just touching your most sensitive part often does that. I'm sure you don't mind, now do you?" I asked. "What I'd like is to have your cock in my again right now, Mark! Get that thing hard and fuck me again and again!" I think I unleashed a pent-up tiger.

Her hands were all over my cock and soon it was back at full staff. Her pussy was still quite receptive and I entered with absolutely no resistance. I impaled it to the hilt! I bent over to suck on her breasts. I think Stephanie was in another zone. She was acting deliriously and was moaning and touching her clit as I was thrusting in and out. The cat was now ?out of the bag' and she became insatiable. It was all I could do to hang on for the ride.

I love fucking while standing up. I am able to grab two hands of breast, gently knead them, tweak them while I thrust. Stephanie had wrapped her legs around my waist and had put her hands on top of mine, urging me on to "make her feel good!" Thankfully, I am a man who works out regularly, eats properly, and has some stamina. But, I have to admit?she was pushing even my limits!! I knew that after this one, I'd need a day to rest from my labors! I was nearing my ?point of no return' and told her. She said she was there as well. So, I sat her up and continued to fuck her wildly. She was urging me on as I grabbed her ass and made three final thrusts before I let go. She humped me and then went stiff on me again, nearly breaking my cock off! By now we were a sweaty mess, but, believe me, we were satisfied!! We went to shower together, just holding each other closely without saying a word. She looked into my eyes, smiled, kissed me hard, and said, "Thank you, Mark! You are just what I need right now!" I think it was a mutual expression. Part 6 to follow.

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