Sunday, September 12, 2010

Night School

Night School
By: Ranger031 (

I had been attending an art class every Thursday night for sometime now, it was a small intimate workshop at the back of my art teachers house. After years of the teacher and other students using this space it had an aroma quite unique mostly due to the paint cleaners dotted around the shelves.

I remember even when the room was full with 4 of us students and the teacher how relaxed this small space could surprisingly be.

Maybe that was due to the fact that we all got on very well and we all found some peace and solace in the 3 hours we spent in this one room every week from our hectic working lives.

Some weeks one of us would buy a cake to share around and on others we would pour a few glasses of wine, none of which probably enhanced our paintings but it definitely helped us become less critical of what we were doing and enjoy whatever we were producing.

One particular Thursday evening stood out for me during my time at those classes, it had been raining heavily for the past few days leading up to the night of the class and I had already received some texts from my art friends telling me that they are staying indoors rather than making it in. I too almost did the same but I was getting to the end of a painting that had become a part of me for the past month and I wanted to finish it and then move on to something different. It was a 15 minute cycle ride from my flat to the teachers house and in that time my clothes were so heavy with water that it was a real effort to get there as if I was cycling uphill. I was glad to escape the European monsoon and enter the warmth of her candlelit studio.

The teacher was happy to see me but not so with the mess I was making in the studio dripping all over the place, she grabbed my arms and moved me into her living room where she took my jacket and scarf and asked me to remove my shoes and socks, she was always a bit bossy with her students but she didn't care what we thought, it was her place and if we didn't like it we didn't have to come. My shirt was now clinging tight to my body and there was no way that this would dry in the 3 hours that I had here so I asked the teacher if she had a t-shirt I could borrow. Without replying she disappeared and a few minutes later chucked a black T that was covered in smudges of orange and yellow oil paint but it was better than nothing.

The teacher told me that it was just her and I tonight but I was already expecting that to be the case. I asked her is she wanted to try a glass of an Argentinian red that I brought with me and she was already bringing the wine opener and glasses before answering yes.

Her living room was nothing spectacular except for the many canvases dotted on her walls most of it her own work that gave the room some character. The nicest feature was her Victorian cast iron fireplace, and we both began to get the fire lit which wasn't that difficult seeing as everything was already prepared, a satisfying strike of a match and within a few minutes up against her sofa my feet are humming with joy as they toast quite contently against the crackling heat.

My teacher now has sat on the sofa and I can tell that she looks like she has had a stressful day, the wine has suddenly given her a sense of calm, we sit talking directly to the fire rather than each others faces as the bottle becomes emptier every 10 minutes. It was the first time that I actually saw beyond the persona who in the classes is strong, quirky and sometimes incomprehensible when she explains why her paintings are done with this stroke and that colour. I see another layer which contains warmth from a desire to be close to the people that surround her busy life but she moves in circles which don't allow an inch of in her eyes a perceived weakness which could be eaten up by the egocentric artists that she competes against.

It's not a world that I am familiar with and she knows that and therefore she allows me to see this side to her, it's attractive to both of us in different ways and I get up from the floor and lean over to her, her breath contains traces of the rich berries we had been drinking her lips are tender as we kiss sensually. As our tongues meet for the first time it's as if they have known each other for ages, it's natural and stimulating at the same time.

My lips touch her soft neck and she squeezes my knee hard and I know that this erogenous zone is something to explore further, I suck her ear lobes and move her shoulder length hair away as I kiss further down her neck onto her shoulders. Her top easily slides down her shoulders and her exposed body is voluptuous and creamy. Her breasts are pert and her nipples are firm to the touch of my moist mouth. She removes my T-shirt and presses me back onto her sofa, her hands so used to being tactile slide over my shoulders and she squeezes my biceps, she is firm but it feels nice, her nails run through my chest and leave the trails of her journey when finishes.

My fingers touch between her thighs, her cotton skirt is easy to maneuver between. Her knickers are deep but her labia feels nice to touch through the material. She tells me to finger her while her mouth is licking the outside of my ear, she slides her knickers to one side, I quickly lick her vagina before my fingers enter her moist entrance, we exchange positions while my fingers slowly enter her, she is now straddling me her boobs pressed against my face, she rides my fingers, she pulls my hair back and bites my neck ferociously.

My cock now is bursting to be released from the restrictions of my jeans, and I ask her to turn around, her derrière is now directly in my view and I cannot help but remove her skirt and kickers to her ankles and thrust my tongue into her inviting lips. She moans at precisely the same time she consumes my penis into her hot mouth. We both now share a carnal experience of pleasurable cunnilingus and fellatio. Her Clit is pronounced and she loves being licked between it and her hood. As my she stroked my penis, one hand on my shaft and the other touching my perineum her lips became so wet on me it felt amazing.

As much as we both wanted to take this further, the moment meant that we both knew we were both going to come, I'm sure her face like mine was beginning to cramp but the feeling was so good we ignored the possibility, my member was starting to fizz, she could taste it and was urging me to come into her mouth, her body become more arched as I rhythmically licked her clit, she began to contract, her involuntary movements sent me to explode into her, she rode my face and screamed out in ecstasy.

Our bodies lied intertwined in front of the now glowing embers of the fire, large shadows formed on the walls over the canvases, and as I recollect that time years later in my life I still remember the way she tasted and the passion that ensued.

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