Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forgotten Underwear

Forgotten Underwear
By: Crimson (

The minute Roark saw her with her thick cherry wood hair, pouty lips, and shy demeanor he know he wanted her. Lust licked through his veins with an intensity he never knew. He wanted to rip off her unadventurous cloths and see for himself if the body underneath was as luscious as he had imaged. He wanted to suck her nipples and see if they were as sweet as he guessed. He wanted to plunge himself into her and see if she was as tight as he dreamed. Several parties were spent at his friend Linda's house fantasying about the shy girl in the corner, dreaming of running his big hands all over her curvaceous body, then trying to hide the hard on that those thoughts ensued. For months now he had woke up in the middle of the night panting and sweating with a dark stain on his sheets like a beacon of the erotic scene he had played out in sleep. As desire griped him, the object of his affection appeared to remain neutral to him. His smiles were shyly returned if returned at all. Winks were rarely noticed and his verbal flirtations were answered in a logical, no nonsense, and very non-flirtatious way. He began to wonder if he should just give up, but the more he saw her the more he wanted her. The many nights craving her from afar made him realize that she did not respond to any mans flirtations. Therefore he devised a plan. He decided to host the Halloween party at his house. It was the perfect plan since Halloween happened to be a tradition among her friends, and since her friends were coming Eve would come too. Then, he would seduce her, or at least try to. If that didn't work out he would give up for good.

He had just finished attaching his fake sword and gun, the final touches of his pirate costume when the doorbell rang. He sprinted down the stairs and began to greet his guests. Twenty minutes later he was in the middle of greeting Linda and her new boyfriend when his breath caught in his throat, his heart jumped, and his body burned. Standing in his doorway was the most bewitching gypsy that he had every seen decked out in black and silver. Eve shyly greeted him hello then disappeared into the crowd gathered in the living room. After completing his job as host he searched the sea of people for her. It was not long before he found her conversing quietly in the corner with her friend, James. James was about the only man that she ever talked too. Roark wasn't worried about it because James was gay.

All night she spoke not a word to him, yet he watched her every move. He watched her laugh at her female friends comments, watched her become silent when men tried to join the conversation. Around three in the morning the party started to wind down. Sober people drove home, drunks crashed on the floor and couches. By three thirty Linda, her new fling, Eve, and Roark were all that was left with eyes still open. They all shared a beer and some small talk. Just as Roark had guessed it was not long before Linda and her new man snuck off to have some fun.

"Well, I should probably get some sleep myself," Eve spoke quietly, her eyes cased down, "it is pretty late."

"Wait. Before I release you to sleep I'd like to show you something first."

"Alright," her sexy mouth practically whispered.

Not wasting a second for fear of her changing her mind he grabbed her hand and led her outside onto his beautiful deck. Night was not the only thing blanketing them in privacy. The dense foliage and the privacy fence were also closing them off from the rest of the world. Eve looked around the backyard.

"So, what is it you want to show me?" She looked up at him questioningly.

"How much I want you," he practically growled as he pulled her into his arms and pressed his lips against hers. He expected her to get stiff, or even to get angry and possibly even slap him. Anything except the reaction he got. Her lips had instantly become soft and parted to grant him access to her mouth and eager tongue. Roark could feel the fire explode throughout her body. Before she even pressed her shapely body up against his he knew, better than he knew the back of his own hand, that she was completely raked with need. As his tongue explored her hot little mouth her hands found there way into his shirt. Urgent need for release drove both of them and it was not long before he had her sitting on the rail of his deck sprawled out with her black lace underwear discarded on the deck as he drove himself into her. The motion of his hips drove her wild with passion creating wet noises that sounded in rhythm with the creaking of the wood rail. Her nails dug into his back and her cries and moans drifted away on the wind. Never had Roark enjoyed a pussy so much. Eve's hot wet walls gripped him as she neared release. Roark slowed down enough for each of them to be drawn back from the brink. Three more times he stalled her orgasm before she began to beg him for release.

"Oh, please," she moaned. "Please let me come. Please fuck me. Fuck me faster."

Roark nibbled on her earlobe and moaned as he picked up the pace. Her whole started to quiver in his arms. He could feel the little tremors as they began in her pussy and reverberate out. Hot seed surged into her body just as she went limp in his arms. Clutching her to him he buried his face in her hair and breathed deeply the scent of there sex. Eve's short but very muscular legs remained wrapped around him. Stepping away from the rail Eve remained in his arms. He carried her into the house and up the stairs to his room. Out back the black underwear remained forgotten in the middle of the deck.

Upstairs, in Roark's room, the two lovers lay naked and entwined on the bed. Pieces of gypsy and pirate attire decorated the bedroom floor and Roark's red bandana looked like it was a laceration on the brown skin of the comforter crumpled at the end of the bed. When the exhaustion that always claimed Eve's body after an orgasm passed she propped herself up on an elbow and stared at the man that had just made her body quake. He was by far the sexiest man that she had ever fucked. His ocean blue eyes were clam now. When he was bucking into her they had looked like a storm raged within their depths. Roark's muscular body lay stretched out beside her. Eve eyes wandered over him taking note of how tan he was, how hard and muscular his arms were, how smooth his thighs looked, and how sweet his nipples seemed. Licking her lips Eve gave into temptation and tasted the sexy buds on his chest. She moaned when she discovered that they tasted better than she thought. Long masculine fingers tangled in her hair, holding her to her pink delicacy. Eve's hands ran up and down his sides and her tongue lavished his nipples.

"Mmm," Roark moaned. "That's wonderful, but I know a place that would enjoy that a lot more."

She looked up at him with a mischievous grin and asked, "Oh, really? Is it here?" Eve started to kiss, suck, and nibble on his neck just below his ear.

"That is rather nice, I must admit, but not quite what I was thinking," he growled.

"Well then, is it here?" She asked as she kissed down his chest to his belly button where she stopped to sample the flesh around it.

"No, that's not it either but you are getting warmer, babe," he said as he studied her. This was definitely not what he had expected. It was a pleasant surprise though, he loved passion and mischief in a women.

"I think I know just the spot you are talking about," she purred as she moved downward. Roark watched her and felt his anticipation build as her mouth came closer to his engorged cock. He frowned slightly as she kept moving down past his member. Eve placed her hands on his knees and moved them apart then her pink tongue began to lick from his knee up the inside of his muscular thigh. He groaned as her mouth progressed toward his penis.

"Is it here?" Eve murmured before her tongue caressed his balls.

"Oh yes," Roark groaned and buried the fingers of both his hands in the thick silky hair. After worshiping his balls, her tongue traveled up the bottom of his shaft to his frenulum, where she massaged it up and down. When he moaned Eve took his head into her mouth, but his cock did not touch her lips, tongue, or any other part of her mouth. Her soft hand held Roark firmly at his base as she exhaled hot air onto the corona of his dick. The tingling heat radiated down his shaft to the base. Roark's hips rose off the bed, begging her to talk all of him. Warm and wet lips and tongue drove him to an explosive orgasm. Cum filled Eve's mouth and Roark was surprised to see her swallow it. Grabbing her forearms he pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply.

"Okay, now it's my turn," she purred before positioning her swollen and wet pussy above his face. Splitting Eve's lips apart, he admired her before licking the outer lips. His tongue circled around her clit. "Oh, Roark. Lick me please, lick my clit." While worshiping her clit with his tongue, he noticed how wet she really was. Cream was pouring down her thighs and dripping on his face, coating both with a shiny film. The sight drove him on and it was not long before her body was trembling as she screamed out her pleasure. Roark pulled her down into his arms.

"This is not what I expected at all, babe," Roark murmured in her ear.

"Just because I'm shy in social situations doesn't mean that I'm shy in bed," she looked up at him with her hazel eyes twinkling.

"Good, because I have a lot more planned for us."

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