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My Inner Desire

My Inner Desire [part 1 of 2]
By: FoxyCanuck_BC (

My Inner Desire

I had only learned recently that you were interested in me other than just as an email friend. We really had not ever gotten to know each other but had conversed over emails for years and shared some of our most inner desires and fantasies.

I feared myself more than anyone, in meeting with you in person knowing how much I wanted you to show me and do with me, so many things. And yet... I stood back not knowing you that well, not sure of how you were in other ways.

You knew for years that I wanted to experience BDSM. I knew that I am a true SUB, wanting a man to want me, totally enjoy all of my body and take me as he desired, as he needed and how he wanted. He would be the one who would decide ALL when it would come to sex and making love between us! That is what I knew I needed! A man! A Dom who respected me in all other realms as a person, an individual, who had her own life and could make decisions for herself, but sexually HE WAS THE RULER! This type of man would be one in a million and hard to find.

You moved to a larger city making it easy for me to visit however I knew if I did, I would want you to fulfill all the fantasies I had already disclosed to you and no other. I wondered to myself IF you were as interested in being a true DOM with me, as I realized you had other fantasies you wanted to experience yourself, as to what situation I would find myself in with our "first real meeting".

I found myself closing my eyes imagining the weather was fantastic, sunny and a nice warm breeze, seeing me arrive at YEG airport, both of us a bit nervous, I made my way down to the arrival area and onto the baggage claim, you met me with a big secure hug pressing my chest against yours then tenderly kissed my lips, we await for my bag. Walking out to your vehicle with luggage in tow, you were telling me where you would like to take me for dinner. We decided on the Keg but then I suggested we could order in that way we could spend some one on one time relaxing a bit and getting to know each other better now that we were face to face.

En route I felt your eyes eying me over. I looked over catching you glimpsing at my breasts. You suggested I sit on my hands. I was wearing a low cut "V" top, giving an eye looker a chance to view part of my 34 C's. I asked you if you liked what you were seeing. You said "Yes" as you then suggested just for the fun of it, I close my eyes. I did and felt your hand slide over my right tit brushing it. You said to me: "You remember the "safe words" we discussed, right? I said "oh yes", "Red light means stop" and "Yellow light" means go slower or not quite so hard" which could relate to many things of discomfort for me but also meant I did not want you to stop. With this you proceeded to rub your hand down the middle of my legs making me gasp as I was not expecting it. You rubbed me harder rubbing me up and down. I could feel myself being turned on and getting slightly wet. "I will be fucking you any way I choose to Laura and you will NOT stop me". I have waiting far too long for this! Gulp as I realized you were right., as I took in a deep breath. How dare I make you wait all these years!

You were testing me knowing that this was the first time you ever laid touch on me, and you had plans!! Suddenly you told me to open my eyes and sit normal. You were bringing the situation back for comfort, as we then talked about the different things we could do while I was in YEG and sights we could see. We enjoyed a few laughs as we pulled in front of your apartment complex.

We unloaded my roller board and proceeded to take the elevator up to your apartment. Being that we were the only ones in the elevator, you turned to me and placed your hand on my chin lifting my head up ever so gently, with your tongue lightly going over my lips, your tongue made it's way into my mouth, as your lower body pressed against mine which was pressing against the wall behind me. Your fingers tingled my neck as we passionately kissed. I found myself breathing heavily thinking wow, he kissed A1! No wet ring around the outside of my mouth!! Nice!

You were making sure that I did not scare off! You, as I said, had plans! Knowing I had never been with a DOM before you were out to make my first experience one of the best! As the elevator "dinged" reaching your apartment floor, we exited and down the hall a few doors, you opened the door, as I walked in.

You showed me my way around and then we went onto the balcony and took a seat. You brought me out a chilled glass with white medium dry wine in it. We talked a bit more then found ourselves discussing sex once again. You let me know that while I was visiting you, you would be taking advantage of this and I would find you playing with me and touching and whenever you wanted fucking me. If I should try to stop you, you let me know under no circumstances would I be able to- (unless I used our "safe words") and that I would be punished. I agreed to this and found instantly your hand lifting mine off the chair with my body following. As I stood there you once again, softly touched my lips with your breath, then kissed me holding my body, pressed against a growing hard on. I could feel your hands sliding all over my back and down squeezing my butt cheeks. Your hands felt so strong and secure as they moved back up my back and under my top. Gently I felt them cup my breasts squeezing firmly but not painfully, as your thumb and fingers pinched my nipples making them harden.

You suggested I go put on something on that was not so hot and a bit more comfortable. You were in shorts with a light tee. I came out in a white short lingerie nightie that fit loosely, yet form fitting, spaghetti straps and slits along the sides. My tanned skin turned you on, as you once again pressed in against me, realizing, I smelt so...... eatable.... strawberry smelling as you found your hands had made their way to my breasts, squeezing them massaging them firmly, as I moaned in pleasure. You withdrew your tongue from my mouth, sliding it down my cheeks and chin, slowly moving down my neck as I lifted my head back, feeling every centimeter the touch of your tongue, the warmth of your breath when suddenly I felt you raise my tit out of my lingerie and then the other one. Being out on the balcony made me realize that others may be seeing a "show", which made me some what uncomfortable. You told me not to worry, and enjoy the feeling of your touch as your lips cupped my right nipple, sucking slowly, your tongue encircling around my nipple, while your other hand continued to "massage" my left beast. Oh God your tongue felt soooo good, as you sucked harder on my nipple I could not help but press you breast against your mouth wanting more! You took my hands and held them behind me as you then switched over to my left breast. My now wet nipple was hard and feeling the breeze. I am so screwed I thought as I could not "stop" you. I wanted more and more of you!

You licked and flicked your tongue on my nipple in reaction raising it and then your mouth sucked harder then I expected making me once again gasp. You were surprising in all aspects. When I expected a certain touch you didn't and when I expected a hard suck you didn't but when I did not expect these to happen, you did!

You then feeling my arousal, told me to sit down and not to move my lingerie nightie to cover my breasts. This way they were protruding out and up exactly as you wanted them to be. I felt a little strange sitting there with naked breasts. Having my breasts stand out this way looked provocative and inviting, naughty and yours to be had! But as we sat -no one could see us. At least no one from the apartment building across from us. Thank goodness I thought to myself that no one else beside us on either side was around.

You excused yourself for a moment as I quickly in your absence, covered up pulling the lingerie up hiding my breasts once again. When you came out seeing what I had done, you told me I would be punished for that, later. You had some kind of oil offering a shoulder massage, as I was a bit tense from all of this, not to mention, this being our first one on one meeting. You topped up our wine and I was very appreciative.

I moved so that easily you could stand behind me and you suggested I close my eyes and enjoy your touch. Well you certainly did not have to tell me twice as my eyes closed instantly. I could feel your strength in your hands, working out a knot you found. You felt so good, as did the oil, which made me feel the heat which was from the circulation of you working the knot out of my muscles. Slowly but firmly as you massaged and you could feel me relaxing under your hands. This is when you decided you would slide down slowly to massage my breasts. And you did. I did not move until you once again pulled out my breasts making them full and I felt a drop of oil fall against my nipple. You worked the oil well and I heard myself let out a pleasurable moan of enjoyment. The oil was emotion lotion. I could feel it heat up yet it was cool which excited me more making hard spots where your thumb and fingers squeezed and I gasped. You had just applied a clothes pin on one of my nipples and it hurt but not too much as you had already "loosened" the grip a bit out of the clothes pin. You did the same to the other. Again you told me not to touch them as you took a seat once again beside me. I felt humiliated a bit sitting there outside with these pins hanging off my now aching nipples. You knew the pins would make my nipples super sensitive and they would stay hard for a long time from this regardless.

Suddenly you heard on of the neighbors home and you covered up my breasts, so that I would not be embarrassed being new at this with you. The pins still attached, you suggested we eat about 7pm and asked me if that would be okay. It was only 4:30 now and that seemed like a good time.

We talked of how we had emailed each other for years and had "run" into each other the odd time yet, we never prior to this managed to "get together". But I suggested that perhaps now, the timing was more right for the both of us. We both had felt comfortable with each other to share via email what we both wanted sexually over the years and you knew I wanted to experience a lot as did you. You had never had someone just to yourself that you got to know and cared about the way we got to with each other over the years, friends that could trust one another and although we did not know if we were meant for anything more than a friendship at this time, we knew we would share of each other in a way no one else had for either one of us. This was more than just a casual pick up a woman and a man thing, we had a sincere friendship. My nipples felt hot yet numbing. By now at least 30 minutes had passed. I went in the suite for a minute to realize that you were right behind me, and stopped me as I felt you raising my nightie, moving my panties down ever so slowly, when your body pushed me bending me forward over your couch. You continued to slowly ease my panties down, as if to see each inch of my rounded ass. My hands now behind my back being held by one of your hands, you continued to slide my panties down now exposing my bare ass and you stopped. I could feel something soft being tied against my wrists tying them together. I felt a soft tie slide over my eyes as you tied that behind my head as I felt strange knowing my panties were hanging just below my ass cheeks. Your free hands now slowly separated my ass cheeks as your fingers encircled my ass opening. Dam that felt good and was teasing me making my juices start again. Your finger slowly pressed inside me teasing me and suddenly I heard a flash like a camera go off. I asked you "are you taking pictures?" You said "yes and many more to come". You reminded me that I could trust you and that these were for your eyes only and mine if I wanted to see them. They were instant pictures so I could view them within minutes if I wanted to. Your continual finger massaging slowly became deeper and deeper inside my ass. Oh god now I wanted to feel your cock inside me and inside my ass! I could not stop you as you felt so good! You knew what you were doing!

You slid my panties off and told me I would not need them for the remainder of my visit! A finger slid around my pussy lips as you could feel my clit and lips swelling. You were careful and used your other hand working your fingers inside me just a bit to see how wet I was getting and you knew you were turning me on!! The one thing you did not want to do was risk me of any infection and thus would not go from my ass to my pussy but would from my pussy all wet with my juices to my ass.

I heard you "unzip" as I felt you press the head of your cock against my ass. You told me I would be feeling you cock inside me soon enough! Still holding my cheeks apart you pressed your hardening cock up against me to tease me pressing your hardening cock inside my ass just a bit. You did not want to try to ass fuck me dry but you knew you would be fucking my hard thrusting your cock deep inside every hole I had. Then as quickly as you bent me over the couch you stood me up, untied my wrists and took off the blindfold. Turning me you kissed me forcing your tongue in and out of my mouth as if you were tongue fucking it. Suddenly being playful I gently sucked on your tongue. You let out a soft moan of pleasure. Your hands took off the clothes pins and the sudden rush of blood hurt but hurt so good! Your tongue quickly sucked on my nipples making me squeal in both pain and pleasure.

You once again covered me up as we moved back out to the balcony. You told me how good I felt and how happy you were to not only finally have me over for a visit but to finally be able to enjoy my body the way you have wanted to do for years. I was thankful that my body met with your approval. Having had two children my abs were not as hard as I would like them to be but I was not overweight much either, by about 10 lbs. That did not bother you as you knew you could help me both loose the weight I wanted to AND help me tighten any and all muscles as well. I was finding myself more and more at ease with you and perhaps the wine was starting to take a relaxing affect.

We decided for now to move into your living room area and watch a movie. You asked me if I would like a touch up on my wine and I thanked you. You had one in your DVD player and hit the start button. Gulp I thought oh wow this is a hard core movie. You had your arm around me for a bit as your fingers tickled my shoulders and neck. I found the movie was not of the usual type where it was so poorly done that a person could loose interest. There was a story to this more or less and found that the circumstances in the movie had some what similar circumstances. A woman had a male friend over and a male neighbor also invited himself over not realizing she already had company. Unknown to her they men knew each other and had decided they would rape her both taking turns enjoying her and her body then doing her together at the same time. It was actually a turn on for me and you could see I was enjoying watching it. These men were not like you were however taking their time and enjoying her body the way you were with me. I was thankful for this as this gave me time to adjust a "stranger" touching me and feeling me as you were. They tied her and forced her down the hall into her bedroom ripping her clothes off and then tying her up to her bed and blindfolding her. She didn't stand a chance with the two of them! They gagged her so she could not scream.

I could see your arousal as your shorts were raising and I found that my hand had to "feel" your growing concern. But you stopped me! You did not want me touching you until it was inside of me be it my mouth, pussy or ass. You kiddingly spanked my hand and told me No!

The girl in the movie was fighting hard trying to defend off the men when she was tossed from her back onto her stomach on the bed as her hands were tied to the posts. They stuffed a pillow under her stomach raising her ass in the air a bit. Then she received spankings from a paddle until her cheeks were red and hot.

This action turned you on more and you asked me what I would do if you were to spank me. I replied:" in your dreams" and laughed but you knew better! Once again you took my hand raising me and my body up to have me suddenly bent over your knees with my hands now pressing on the floor not to loose balance and fall off. You slid my nightie up and proceeded to spank my butt. Your hand felt sharp against my ass but I could feel the warmth and heat and the excitement aching inside my pussy. I could not believe you just did that! It happened so fast! You warned me to behave or there would be more! You must have spanked me a good 10 times and hard! I realized you meant what you said! This position gave you a chance to see part of my pussy and you knew it would not be long before you would be enjoying making me do ALL that you wanted me to and to me! You lifted me off of your knee and told me to lay on the couch on my back but to slide my ass close to your body, hanging a leg over the back of the couch and one over the end crossing your legs. I felt so exposed and suggested we do this later but you said No! You were excited to see I had very little public hair as I shaved most off but you were going to have me bald! Boldly you told me "You are going to let me do what I want with you and right now I want to finger you for a while". If I was to question you again you warned me I would be punished. You told me to watch the movie again.

The woman in the movie had tears streaming down her face as she plead with the two men to let her go but they refused one positioning himself behind her telling her she may as well enjoy this as they WERE going to fuck her! The man was rough with her and slid two of his fingers maybe 3 into her pussy in and out trying to get her wet. The other man fondled with her breasts. She continued to try to get loose but before she realized it he entered her, fucking her slowly then fast then slow and then fast finally releasing himself inside her deeply as his balls emptied. Now it was the other man's turn. He flipped her over and straddled her with his cock near her mouth he said open wide and if you bite me we will kill you! She went to speak and he pushed his cock into her mouth, slowly making her take him to his full depth and he told her to suck him. She tried as she gagged but the guy didn't care. He was in ecstasy and continued to fuck her mouth. Before he came he pulled out making a huge slurp sound as she was unaware he was going to do this and was sucking him hard. You told yourself I would be sucking you too.

I found my hips now moving to your fingers. I could not help myself as you have slipped into me one finger, then two and now three. You softly said That's it... relax and enjoy this! I was getting so wet! Your thumb from time to time played with my clit. You couldn't take it anymore......... you told me to sit up as you knelt before me with your cock now before my face. I knew I was to let you fuck my mouth and sucked you dry. I opened my mouth and held you tightly with my hand around your manhood, moving up and down your shaft you controlled how deep and the speed of your mouth fucking. I sucked and was really enjoying as my tongue moved around your shaft inside my mouth while I continued to suck. My hands sliding up and down your shaft, lightly revolving your balls as I pressed a head of my finger behind them on "your spot", your were fucking my mouth faster, ramming your cock deeper. Suddenly I felt your hands hold my head and now you could no longer hold back. You fucked my mouth hard but slow, as you savored each stroke, I could feel the head hitting the back making me gag as I tried to relax my muscles I felt your CUM as hot and warm sliding down my throat as I sucked the last drop out of you!! You thanked me and told me that that felt SO GOOD!!! The movie had ended and I did not see what happened to the woman.

I looked up at you pleased that I was able to bring you to climax. You did not taste too salty as you did not drink much beer or red meat for a few days before my arrival. Actually you tasted sweeter than sour. You asked me how I would Chinese food and I said that would be great. We comprised an order together and just had to wait. We went out onto the balcony and drank a bit more as you told me about your thoughts on "us" over the past few years.

Our food arrived as we ate and chatted more. I was really comfortable with you and felt that no matter what you did with me you would not hurt me in any "bad" way. Spankings were not a "Bad hurt" but you had to remind me sexually you would be in control! I excused myself as I went to the washroom. I looked into the mirror wondering if I had done the right thing. This all felt so good but I was nervous. I told myself that with you I would experience some wonder sexual experiences and to enjoy each touch and all you were about to do to me. I knew that not all men could be trusted as I could be with you to have you show me my first DOM/SUB experience.

As the evening wore on, darkness came upon us. We came inside and suddenly you took on a change of aggression. Forcibly, you took my arms holding them behind my back and tied them up. You covered my eyes as you led me to your bedroom. Pushing me onto the bed you told me I had better do EVERYTHING you told me to or I would be severely punished. You knelt over me and undid my hands then tying them to the bedposts. Roughly you pulled my tits out of my nightie once again making them squeeze out forcing them full and erect. You sucked HARD on my sensitive nipples and with your thumb and fingers rolling them making them hard you once again put on nipple clamps. My nipples hurt so bad as they were still sensitive from the clothes pins. As I lay there, from the fall my nightie had left my pussy exposed. I could feel you becoming hard again against the inner part of my leg. You forcefully kissed me, your tongue demanding the full use of my mouth. I tried to move but to no avail as my hands were tied well. Your hands kneading my breasts but you were careful not to touch the clamps. You jumped off and snapped a picture. Realizing my hands were tight against the bed frame you loosened the ties somewhat so that there was enough tie so that you could easily flip me without my hands getting loose. I heard you now opening a dresser drawer with other noise as if you were going through stuff. I felt a tickle against my cheek then down my chin, neck and over and around my breasts, down onto my pussy lips as you forced my legs apart warning me if I closed my legs you would tie them open as you continued to tickle my skin down to my feet. Once again you then took off the clamps and the rush of blood returning to my nipples hurt but felt good. My nipples were very very sensitive as you gently licked and sucked on them. They were hardened. You told me to roll over. I pleaded that I not. With that I felt you flip me and placed a pillow under my hips lifting my butt into the air. I felt the feather again slide over my skin, down my back and to my butt cheeks, then felt your hands spreading my cheeks. I heard a "pop" and then felt something wet and smooth around my anus. You had oiled a finger which was now sliding smoothly over and around my anus, then I felt you push your finger into my ass, then two. Omg you were stretching me. You felt awkward as you then slipped something into my ass. I had never had a butt plug before. It felt strange as you then rolled me over leaving it inside me. You wanted it to stretch me a bit prior to your rear entry.

I felt my legs separate as you told me this evening had just begun. You were feeling my pussy squishing gently my lips together then separating them, forcing my bud to show completely, as your tongue flickered and played with it. Again you reminded me how long you had waited to be able to do this to me. "I am going to FUCK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN! Unbeknown to me you had taken a Viagra to ensure that you would last for hours. I could not deny the reaction my body was showing to the way you were sucking on my clit. I surprised myself hearing my own moans in pleasure, my hips moving circularly, meeting your tongue. I knew my wetness was soon to shine down my folds and to the crack of my ass.

You fingers started to fuck my pussy and I said "Greg please you're going to make me cum!" You told me I would! I could feel my body reacting to your finger fuck and sucking licking of my clit and then suddenly I could hold back no longer, my juices overflowing outside my pussy, I heard myself vocally react, as you told me Now that's my girl! I want you so wet and begging me to fuck you, that you will want me in every hole! You were surprised at how much you enjoyed watching my reaction to the way you were working my body and talking to me boldly and demandingly so that I would constantly be reminded of who is the BOSS when it comes to SEX! You rolled me over and slid TWO pillows under my hips raising me quite high ass stuck up in the air legs spread and suddenly SMACK! "Owwwww" I said as it hurt. SMACK. This is your punishment for being disrespectful of my needs earlier! NEVER COVER UP A PART OF YOUR BODY THAT I UNCOVER AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! SMACK, SMACK. The sound of the paddle made the feeling even more tense. I could feel my cheeks on fire! I realized earlier that having covered up my breasts that that upset you quite a bit and you did warn me I would be punished for doing that! SMACK, SMACK. By now there was a tear showing as the spankings really hurt, but more due to my own embarrassment! My ass cheeks were in need of a fire hydrant now as the fire was fierce. I knew I was not to disobey you again! I heard this sound realizing you had turned on a vibrator. I felt you part my pussy lips as you slowly slid this what felt enormous dick in and the vibrations were strong then clipping something gently onto my labia omg I could not take it. The vibrations were such a turn on, I felt you pulling the butt plug out and drops of oil falling onto my ass hole. I felt the pressure of your cock against me, pushing slowly against my ass, as your slid your way in, inching you way in deeper and deeper until your balls were felt against my raging pussy on fire. You were turned on as well being able to feel the vibrations as you slowly slid in and out of my ass. OMG YOU ARE SO TIGHT! FUCK I LOVE FUCKING YOU! I was near climax again and could barely say anything but you felt SOOOOooooo good! Your hands were holding me under my hips as you fucked me deeper and faster thrusting your cock into my tight ass feeling my muscles engulf your cock. The feeling of power you felt over me excited you more! This is what you had wanted for a very long time! A woman who sexually knew her place! Knowing you could do anything you wanted to and with me was exactly where you wanted to be with me. YOU WERE THE MAN! A man with needs. A man who would as he urge came, take what is rightfully yours to take and enjoy! You could feel you were almost ready to cum as you continued to fuck me hard! Holding my hips good and tight you thrust deep and let your hot cum fill my ass as I felt the reign grip on my hips lessen. "Fuck You felt so good!" You turned me over again laying on my back. "Just think that tonight I will be fucking you until I can not fuck you anymore!" "Don't forget" you warned me, "that whenever I want to touch you, I will". I knew that you would! I also knew if I tried to stop you I would be punished.

As we lay there, you untied my hands but left the blindfold on. I felt a feather tickling me as you lay beside me talking with me and relaxing me. You told me how much you enjoyed anal sex and wanted more of it. You also wanted to fuck my pussy but you were going to await until the morning on that one. As you tickled I fell into a deep sleep. You lay with your hand resting on my pussy and fell fast asleep. With morning arriving I awoke to the fresh scent of coffee. "Good morning darling" as you passed me a cup of coffee. "Mmmm thank you" as I sipped on it then lifting myself up, my skin felt tender on my bottom. Probably due to the spankings and the great ass fucking you did. I could see lust in your eyes as you joined laying beside me on the bed sipping your coffee. "I want to use different toys on you today and tonight. Are you gain"? I felt I could trust you so I said: "Yes". You had a few stored out of my view and a hook on the ceiling in the living room you had screwed in.

To Be Continued....... Let me know what you think.

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