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Aky's fantasy in the making

Aky's fantasy in the making [part 1 of 2]
By: mrs..... (

Comment: This is a story that I plan to submit in more than one part. The different parts of the story will be of how we imagine our time together when we turn our plans to reality.

Part One: The meeting

One afternoon in March while browsing a web site designed for mostly for women, I came across a post on the discussion board that caught my attention. The discussion boards contained the usual questions and advice on various subjects on sex, general health, love, etc. Men do comment from time to time on this board as well. In fact their input is welcomed as well.

The comment that caught my attention was from a gentleman who remarked how horny he became while reading the web site while at work each day. Reading more of the various comments this same guy wanted to know who else was getting horny while they should be hard at work each day. I made a very brief post expressing that I enjoyed doing this as well. The next thing I knew he had sent me a private message asking all about me and my reasons for visiting the discussion boards.

After some discussion he expressed how it was his fantasy to be with and older woman such as myself. He is 25. He feels that I am able to give him more sexual satisfaction than women his own age. This includes his wife, who he says is not very open to more than an average screw from time to time.

We began an on line cyber sex fest that after several weeks grew into a sexual tension that would only be satisfied once we got the chance to be with one another face to face, flesh on flesh. So this is when we began to formulate a plan....

Because we both are married is a big obstacle. To make matters worse the fact that we live a half a world apart poses an even bigger problem. We have finaly decided it would be best if he came to the US to me. He lives in the UK.

Forgetting all these details for now the first meeting unfolds in my head......

I must be dreaming. While looking at my reflection in the mirror I am tempted to pinch myself to make sure that this is truly not a dream. The day I have been waiting for so long, since we began our plan had finally arrived.

I had slept very little last night and finaly gave up trying to sleep at all. After eating my breakfast which I had to force down my nervous stomach, I decided I may as well begin getting ready for my long drive to the airport. Traffic around Hartsfield airport in Atlanta can be pretty heavy in the morning so an early start was for the best I decided.

I ran my hands over my breasts in the shower and my thoughts raced to the dream that had caused me to wake so early and unable to go back to sleep. Aky pressed his body to mine as he began to softly kiss my body inch by inch, lingering between thighs to lightly kiss around my pussy, clit and ass. He inhales the sweet aroma of my pussy and slowly kisses away from my pussy only to return to kiss again and again ever so softly close to my clit. Gently he nuzzles my clean shaven mound and just as he moves in for a taste of my hot pussy I suddenly become wide awake. I find my panties soaked with my legs spread wide and my 2 fingers fucking in and out of my pussy at lightning speed. I soon realize its just a dream.

Now as I finish up my shower, running my hand over my smooth just shaved pussy, I know it will please Aky. I haven chosen my outfit carefully. I slip into my newest gift to myself a new lacy bra with matching garter and stockings. I decided to leave my panties off (hopefully they won't be needed). A short black skirt and a white satin blouse completed the outfit. I then put on my best pair of fuck me shoes and was on my way.

As usual the traffic was terrible and I arrived at the airport with mere minutes to spare. Aky came from the plane with a wide grin on his face when he saw me. I could tell he approved of my choice of clothes. We hugged briefly and went to retrieve his luggage. I had parked on a lower parking deck so we had to walk a bit to reach my car.

As I chattered away in idle talk I was suddenly taken aback. Aky had suddenly pinned my body to the nearest concrete wall. He began kissing me like his life depended on it. Before long we were necking like two teenagers. After several minutes we broke the kiss and practicaly raced to my car. Once inside we began to grope each other like mad. Aky brought his hand to the hem of my short skirt and began massaging upward. He reached the smoothness of my shaved cunt and gasped.....

So the planning goes on.....

to be continued

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