Sunday, September 12, 2010

April and I (part 2)

April and I (part 2) [part 2 of 2]
By: Houston

April and I (part 2)

April and I had just finished making love and now racing to the shower. My shower is multi headed, but what I love most about the shower is the rain function and the waterfall at the back of the shower and the benches along two walls. My shower can hold several people if the need arises.

We reach the shower and I start it up using the fine mist jets. The water is warm and soothing. April steps into the shower the water hits her nipples and they perk right up. I take the soap and began to wash her back; working up a full rich lather, I massage her shoulders and upper arms. April leans into me resting on my chest as I continue to wash her shoulders. I feel her relax as I moved my hands to her breast, April catches her breath as I cup her tits and tweak her erect nipples with my slick warm fingers. I let April lay against me as I wash her front, her eyes are closed, and she has her head back in total bliss. She tells me that no one has ever washed her before. I just continue freeing her from her cares.

I take her hands and place them on the shower wall in front of us; this will give me better access to wash her back and lower body. I again start at her shoulder blades using strong but gentle strokes, teasing her sides with my fingertips. I massage her upper back, down her spine across her turtle tattoo. This massage continues down her lower back to the top of her hips. April has put her forearms on the wall arching her back; ass high one knee bent forward her right leg back a bit a pose reflecting a true work of art.

I let the suds run down her body down the cleft of her ass. I wash and massage both round globes of her ass, letting my fingers trace the valley between the two. My fingers tease the rosebud of her ass not to make entry but just to light tease her a bit. April sighs relaxing letting me have access her pussy. I cup her lower lips from behind parting her outer lips stroking her clit. I quit and go back to cleaning away the residue of our lovemaking. April parts her legs more. I clean her being easy and sure not to get soap inside of her. I stroke her inner lips teasing her clit more April is letting the water and my hands ease the tension away her breathing is shallow and relaxed.

I continue down her body washing each leg from her thigh down to her feet being sure to massage her firmly but gently. I take each foot and wash them care. I kiss each foot when done it is like a page taken from history or fable a man paying homage to his goddess. I desire to be no where but at her feet at this time I glance up at her seeing her in this place she is truly gorgeous.

I shake myself from my dream state and stand up taking the hand sprayer from its cradle turning it on adjusting the heat. I then rinse April off letting the suds wash away. I take care to rinse her well, before I let her turn to face me I kiss her turtle tattoo and loving the taste of her skin on my lips. She turns and I rinse her front she is looking up at me with smoldering eyes, I look at her eyes her face her lips I want a kiss no I need a kiss from her more than my next breath. I kiss her easy at first by my need takes over and the kiss turns into a tongue fest.

April breaks the kiss and takes the soap working it in her hand she washes the front of my neck, across my shoulders. She reaches my upper arms kneading the muscles as she washes me divine pressures on my arms. April works her way down my body she then takes my hard cock into her soapy hands cleaning me, cupping my balls tugging them gently, me wishing for more. I hold my breath as April traces the line from my balls to my ass going back and forth several times before she is done. She then washes my thighs and calves massaging them the same way I did her I am in haven and don't want to be anyplace else. She stands up and turns me to the wall massaging and washing the back of my body. I am now clean she takes the hand sprayer and rinses me, kissing each part of my body when it is free from soap.

I turn off the shower and put it on rain mode, a light warm rain begins to fall from the ceiling. The waterfall is flowing and the sounds of the jungle are coming from the speakers. I sit April on the seat near the waterfall seeing her their reminds me of a story I read on erotic stories dot com. I kiss her full on the lips, out tongues battle for control she not knowing that I would gladly turn over full control to her. My hands roam up and down her body and my mouth soon follows. Kissing her breast sucking her nipples, April takes my head and guides it back and forth from one breast to the other. April leans back as I kiss on down her body kissing her naval and all around. Lower I go her sent catches my nose clean, fresh and musky. Her clit is in need of a kiss and I give it letting my tongue flick it. April has her legs open I am on my knees drinking her up. I can hear the rain falling it mixes with the sound of the falls and April's moans as she holds my head with one hand. I can tell April is cuming because my head is held a little tighter, her thighs are on my cheeks and her breathing is quickened, her moans have built to a level of pleaser as she cums. I drink from her wanting to be drowned by her. April moans out " cumming, don't stop yes, yes, yes".

April relaxes her grip with her legs. I stand my rigid cock between us. I ease into her sex, slowly sinking into her, rocking into her and pulling out jut leaving the head in then part way back in. April hooks her feet around my lower back pulling me deep into her velvet vice. We fuck meeting on the down thrust slamming into each other our lips chewing each other. I pull out pulling April up and around, I take her from behind. April bends over and I take her hips into my hands driving into her. I am close she is close then again she cums I continue to fuck as she cums I cant hold off any longer pulling out and cumming n her tattoo, one, two, three large jets of cum. I bend down and kiss her neck shoulders, back. April turns and kisses me then laughing she says "How are we ever going to get clean?" I laugh as I turn on the hand sprayer and began to rinse this woman off again......................

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