Saturday, September 4, 2010

5 is always better than 2 on a saturday night

5 is always better than 2 on a saturday night
By: Mitch (

5 is always better than 2 on a Saturday night

We would love to hear any feedback, or comments from any other swingers or people that like group sex, like us. All of our stories are true experiences, and we love to share than with this website and all you great people. Thanks, Denise and Mitch

My wife, Denise, and I have been known to go out on a Saturday night, for the soul purpose, to find someone or somebody's to play with, and on this Saturday night, it was no exception. We were both horny tonight, and wanted to have some fun, possibly involving others. Denise dressed to the hilt on this night, as usual, wearing a black see thru blouse, red push up bra, ( which she usually ends up taking off before the night is over ), a very short black leather miniskirt, six inch "fuck me" stilettos heels, and of course, no panties. If she bent over to touch her kneecaps, everyone behind her would be able to see her pussy and ass, her skirt was that short. I love it when she dresses like this to entice other people, what a thrill. As she walked out of the bathroom and announced she was ready to go, I thought to myself, what a lucky man I am, in deed. We decided to start our search at a local pub not to far from our home. The place was hopping for a Saturday, and we hung out a while, but didn't meet anyone exciting. About midnight, we decided to check out this new club, just down the street from where we were, so off we went. We walked in and realized that this was no ordinary club. From the music that was playing, to the lights flashing, to the atmosphere, but mostly from the people in here. It was very dark in the main club area, and there were couples dancing very seductively on the dance floor. Other couples were sitting in the corner booths making out, sometimes, 3 and 4 people together in the booth. We also noticed that there were guys coming out of the girl's bathroom, and girls coming out the guys. We sat down at the bar, ordered drinks, and watched the festivities. Everyone seemed familiar with each other, and each other's partners. We sat for only a few minutes when these two guys and a girl walked up and sat down in the barstools next to ours. They introduced themselves as Steve, Chuck, and Maryann. They told us they enjoyed this place because people are so friendly here, and they have been coming here for about a year. We sat and had some small talk for a while when Steve asked Denise if she would like to dance. She agreed and off they went to the dance floor. There were 4 or 5 other couples on the floor at the time, but they all were dancing very close and seductively, so I was kind of excited to see how Denise would dance with Steve, because she can dance some dirty dancing if she's in the mood. The DJ was playing some upbeat, kind of rap I would guess, but it started out slow. Just casual swaying of the hips, and some shaking of the butts. But about half way thru the song, things started to get heated up, and hands started being placed on each other's body parts. By the end of the song, Denise had bent over forward, and backed herself right up against Steve's crotch. She was rubbing and shaking her ass right against his growing bulge. He had his hands on her hips, pulling her backward towards him, and directing her right against his cock. Back at the table, Chuck, Maryann, and I were getting to know each other a little better, doing Tequila shots, and of course, watching the action on the dance floor. Denise and Steve finally stopped dancing long enough to make their way back to the table, and sat down and join us, with them doing their shots of Tequila as well. Denise stated that it was time to use the little girl's room, and asked Maryann if she would join her. While they were gone, us three guys did a few more shots and waited for the girls to return, now watching the action going on in the dark corners of the room. Steve started telling me that Maryann was his and Chuck's girlfriend, and how they all live together and how they share her. I told them that I thought that was a sweet deal, and how I thought Maryann was very sexy. They both told me the same about Denise. They asked how long we had been swingers, and how we enjoyed it. I told them that we were kind of new to it, but had been involved in a few "parties". I told them we really enjoyed what we have seen so far, and hope we see some more, maybe even tonight. We all laughed, and they ask if Denise or I was bi? I told them that I might be bi-curious, and I had never been with another man, but I was pretty straight other than that, but Denise was bi, and had been other girls before. They informed me that Maryann was also bi, and that they should probably be worried with the two of them off to the bathroom alone. We all enjoyed another laugh and at about that point the girls were returning to the table, Denise with a big grin on her face. As she sat down next to me, she bent over and kissed my ear, whispering to me that Maryann had just invited us to follow them back to their place to continue our party after the club closes, and to go skinny dipping in their hot tub. I asked Steve what time it was getting to be, and he replied almost 2. I told them that it is about closing time now, and we should probably get out of here, so we all finished our drinks, paid the tab, and walked out into the parking lot. Chuck and Maryann walked out first, followed by Steve and Denise, walking pretty close together, almost whispering, with me following the pack, sporting a huge erection for what is too come. When we got to our cars, Denise gave Chuck a hug, and then Maryann, then turned to Steve, and gave him a quick, but very wet kiss while we all watched. I think both Chuck and I felt our cocks move in our pants, watching. We said our good byes, and told them we would follow, so don't drive to fast. We jumped into our own cars, and followed the three of them closely. In the car, Denise kissed me passionately, and proceeded to tell me about when she went to the bathroom with Maryann. She said that Maryann walked up behind her in the bathroom while she was using the sink, and she put her arms around Denise's waist, spinning her around to face her. That's when Maryann kissed her deep on the lips. She told me how surprised she was, but how hot it was, and how wet it made her as they kissed. Maryann then asked Denise if she would like to come over to their place and help her fuck her two boyfriends tonight. Denise answered her with the suggestion that if she did, Maryann would have to take care of me, in which Maryann commented on how attractive I was, and that would be no problem. Maryann then kissed Denise again, but this time she reached under Denise's skirt, and placed two fingers right at the opening of her pussy, which was soaking wet. With just a little push, her fingers slid inside of Denise, bringing her very quickly to her first of many orgasm's of the night. She told me how slutty it felt to be leaning against the sink counter in the bathroom of the club, being fingered by this hot girl who she had met just moments before, while other girls stood around the counter watching, and cheering. She told me that after she had cum, and when she finally opened her eyes and looked around the crowd, she noticed guys were also in the girls bathroom, a few standing there watching, rubbing their hard bulges, right thru their pants. She said she had noticed one guy standing in the corner watching Maryann and her, while this Asian looking girl squatted in front of him, sucking his dick. She told me that she had come to her senses, and got a little nervous standing there against the counter, with her legs spread wide. She wasn't feeling comfortable anymore, with so many guys and girls being in there, so she knew it was time to head for the door, grabbing Maryann's hand. On the way out, they saw this black guy in one of the stalls, sitting on the toilet, pants around his ankles, with this cute little brunette girl riding up and down on his cock. They could see his big wet black cock sliding in and out of her shaved pussy. They looked at each other, smiled, and thought out loud, WOW, this club is fucking wild. That's why when Denise got back to the table, she was grinning from ear to ear. She then reached over, pass the steering wheel, and placed her hand on the crotch of my pants, finding my cock as hard as a rock. She asks me if I liked her story, but she could feel that I have. She then told me that she had a feeling that we were in for some fun tonight, and these people seem a lot of fun, especially Maryann. I told her that it sounds like we should have stayed at the club, in the bathroom, from what you are telling me about it. We both laughed. I smiled, and kissed her. We then turned into someone's driveway at that point, I was guessing theirs. We parked our car behind our new friend's, and followed the three of them into a very large, quiet looking home, set on this cliff overlooking the ocean. Chuck went to get us all drinks, and Steve went off to roll up a joint. Denise and I sat down in the sunken living room with Maryann. Chuck brought us our drinks, and Steve came in, turned on some music, and lit up the joint. We made small talk while we proceeded to get high, and drank our drinks. Maryann suggested a drinking game we should play. She explained the rules as she went to get some dice. We all figured, what the hell, let's have some fun. Maryann went first, rolling the dice, and getting two 3's, 6. She has to pick someone, who will roll next, kind of like someone to go against her. If they beat her, then she takes off an article of clothes, and the winner takes a drink, otherwise, visa versa. She picked Denise. So Denise rolls, and gets a two, and a three, totaling 5. Maryann laughs out loud, and then takes a big swig of her drink, claiming how she won. She tells Denise, the rules state that the loser must shed some clothes. Denise, without hesitation, pulls her see thru blouse off in one quick motion. The rules state that the loser, being Denise, gets to roll next, so she rolls again. She then picks Steve to challenge her. Steve rolls and beats her roll. She stands up, again without hesitation, and removes her miniskirt, so she is now sitting there in just her red bra and her stilettos heels. We all laugh, and tell her to throw in the towel now, because she is having a losing night. Denise smiles at us evil like, and tells us, not to worry....I could be winning for all you know..! The game goes on for a while till the girls are naked and we are down to our boxers. Steve goes against Chuck, and losses. He stands up and drops his boxers and Denise smiles at the sight of his almost fully erect 8 in. cock. Then Chuck and I go against each other and I win, so Chuck drops his boxers, and his cock is almost as big as Steve's, but thicker. So here is everyone naked but me, and I love this. Maryann suggest the hot tub now, and Chuck goes out to warm it up. I go to use the bathroom, and when I come out, Maryann is standing in the hallway waiting for me. She pushes me back against the wall, moves right up against me, grinding her naked cunt into my bulge, and tells me that she thinks it's time I lose the boxers now. She presses her open lips against mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth, and pulling my boxers down at the same time. We kissed for a few minutes until we heard Chuck asking where everyone was. We walked into the living room, and Steve was sitting on the couch, Denise straddling him, kissing and feeling each other up. They noticed us walking through the living room, headed out to the tub, so they jumped up and followed behind us. We all climbed into the warm water, Denise sitting between Steve and Chuck, and Maryann right to my side. More small talk, more drinking, and pretty soon touching begins. Steve then asked which of the two girls thinks they could give a better blow job? They both of course argued that it was them. So Chuck then states they should have a suck off contest, Denise doing Steve, and Maryann doing me. He said he would be the judge. We all thought that was an excellent idea, and paired off. Chuck said there were no rules, and basically whoever made their man come first, was the winner. Chuck then yelled go, and Maryann attached herself to my dick like a vacuum cleaner, sucking and licking. She gave really good head, but I knew that Denise had this one in the bag. Denise gives the best head that I have ever had. As Denise sucked on Steve's cock, she slid her fingers down to his balls, caressing them, and rolling them around in her fingers. She then slid her fingers even further downward, toward his butt hole. She ran her fingers around the opening of his rectum, doing circles then she slowly slid one of her finger, than two, inside his tight butt hole, massaging his g-spot. It didn't take him long before he was shooting his warm goo inside of my wife's mouth, and down her throat. Seeing him cum, made me erupt. Maryann tried her best to swallow my entire load of sperm, but some still spilled out of the corners of her mouth. Then Maryann reached over to Denise, and turned her head toward hers. She told Denise, congratulations on wining, and asked her if she could kiss the winner. They began kissing, softly at first, but then started to use more tongue, licking up on each others faces, where cum had spilled out earlier. I think they were just putting on a show for us guys, but who's complaining. Our dicks began to grow once again. Denise then said because she had won the contest, she thinks it's time the winner, being her, should take Chuck, the judge, into the house and fuck him good, seeing as he only was allowed to watch the four of us, but was not involved, and because he was such a good sport, it is now his turn to get all the attention. Denise then said that she wants Maryann to come with her and help her. Steve and I agree that's a great idea, and that we will come in to, but only sit and watch. So we all got out of the hot tub, dried off, and off we went to their master bedroom. It was really a beautiful room; with this huge California king size bed. Chuck went into the bathroom to clean up a bit from the Jacuzzi, and Denise and Maryann found a comfortable spot on the bed, in the 69 position, with Denise on the bottom. As they began licking each other's pussy's, Chuck came out of the bathroom, and didn't quit know where to head to. Both the girls got up from their position, and had Chuck lay down on his back, right in the middle of the bed, with a girl on either side of him and Steve and me sitting in chairs at the foot of the bed. The girls began kissing him on the mouth, one at a time, then they moved down to his nipples, licking and biting each one, then continued south to his hard cock. When they reached it, one would hold it, and lick the shaft, while the other one engulfed the head down her throat. They sucked him off for a while, and then Maryann held it straight up, while Denise got up, and squatted right above it, and slowly sank herself down onto it, impaling her pussy on his big cock. She rode it up and down a few times, getting him wetter and harder than before, then climbed off of it and laid Maryann back onto the bed, on her back, and climbed onto her face, back in the 69 position, but this time, told Chuck to come up behind her, and slide his cock into her pussy while Maryann licked her clit. Chuck did this, and Steve and I were jacking off watching. Chuck would pull his cock out of Denise's pussy every now and then, and slide it into Maryann's mouth, so she could taste Denise's juices, then put it back inside of Denise. Denise loves to be on her hands and knees, with a big cock behind her, ramming her, so it didn't take long for her to cum, especially with Maryann licking her swollen clit. Chuck announced he was going to cum too, so Denise jumped off his cock, and attached her mouth to his prick, sucking up every drop, while Maryann lay under her waiting. When Denise had a full mouth, so lowered her head and Maryann opened her mouth wide. Denise slowly dripped every drop into Maryann's mouth, then kissed her so wet and sloppy with cum flowing everywhere. Steve and I had these incredible huge erections now, after watching that. We were stroking our own cocks, and smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary. Both Denise and Maryann laid there kissing and licking each other's tongue, while Chuck lay next to them, exhausted. Steve looked over at me, and didn't need to say anything more, I knew exactly what was next. We both got up off our chairs and walked over to the bed, our cocks bouncing as we walked. Steve grabbing Denise's legs and spreading them open and wide and I grabbed Maryann's. We both sunk our heads into the girl's crotch, licking up their wet holes. Steve commented on how good Denise's pussy tasted, even after having Chuck's big cock in her. As we both eat the girl's cunts, Chuck watched, and pulled on his soft dick till it started to grow again. The girl's remained kissing each other as we performed oral sex on them, and even when both of them began to cum, again. The both started getting louder, and that egged Steve and I on more. We licked their clits, and slid our fingers inside of them. After the girls got off, Steve jumped up and slid his cock deep inside Denise. She then looked over at Chuck, who was almost fully erect again, and asks him if he was ready? She then had Steve lay down on the bed, and climbed on top of his cock, sinking herself all the way down on his shaft. She then told Chuck to get behind her and fuck her butt hole. He got into position, and slowly slid his cock into her opening of her ass, inch by inch, until he was all the way in. Steve held his cock still inside Denise until Chuck was all the way in. Then they both withdrew, and pushed back in at the same time. Maryann laid there watching, while I was teasing her clit, and finally making my way with my tongue, to her butt hole, which she became excited when I reached her dark hole. I slowly slid my tongue as far into her butt as it would go, and then I moved it around a bit, getting it well lubed up, then with drawing it. I had her roll over onto her all 4's, and I got behind her. As I started to push my penis into Maryann's butt, Denise was cumming again, screaming how good two cocks feel inside her, and don't stop, keep fucking her, and fucking her good. Maryann needed my cock inside her right now, and more than ever, fucking her ass just like Denise was getting hers fucked, so she reached over to the nightstand, and pulled out this huge vibrator. She then pushed the toy deep inside her wet pussy, and then told me to hurry up and put my cock deep up her butt. I didn't hesitate, and pushed my cock till it pushed all the way inside of her tunnel, and then I just pushed in and out as she fucked her cunt with the vibrator. I could feel the vibrations thru her pussy onto my cock, and it made me fuck her harder, and faster. Denise had cum for the second time when Chuck yelled that he was cumming. Denise told him to cum inside her ass, and he tensed up and began to shoot his warm cum deep inside her rectum. That made Steve pump her cunt even more, and soon he was ready. Denise said she wanted cum dripping out both holes, seeing as she already got her mouthful. Steve pumped her pussy a few more strokes, and he was filling her cunt full of cum. I continued to fuck Maryann's tight butt, till I couldn't take anymore, and started to cum inside of her butt, as well. As soon as I was done cumming, the girls positioned themselves back in their 69 position, and began to lick the cum dripping out of each others holes. Steve jumped up and lowered himself to Denise's butt hole, licking the cum oozing out that Chuck had left there. As he was bent over and was squatting, licking cum out of Denise's holes, Maryann jumped off of Denise, grabbed her big vibrator, and lowered it to Steve's asshole. She pushed the already lubed toy slowly inside the opening of his rectum. As it went inside, it made a popping sound, and that made Maryann push it deeper, making the vibrations of the toy touch upon his g spot. As she fucked his ass, Denise swung around and attached his cock inside her mouth, sucking him off till he could not take anymore, and unleashed another round of sperm shooting out his peephole, into Denise's mouth. Denise instantly come over to me, sitting in the chair watching, and lowered her mouth to mine, pushing her tongue inside my mouth, having me taste Steve's salty cum on her tongue. As we kissed, I felt someone slide their mouth over my cock, and looked down to find Maryann attached to my dick, sucking like her life depended on it. Denise broke the kiss, and reached down and lifted both my knees up to my chest, causing my butt hole to be completely exposed to Maryann, who was still giving me head. Denise handed Maryann the vibrator, and she took it and slid it down over my exposed hole. With very little pressure, she stuck it up my butt, fucking me with the same speed she did Steve, and in no time I too was ready to explode, so Maryann had Steve come over and swallow the head of my dick into his mouth as she stroke the shaft of my wet cock, and slid the toy in and out of my butt. I exploded violently, causing Steve to gag as my warm sperm hit the back of his throat. He swallowed almost all my cum, and turned to Maryann and kissed her full on her lips. At that point, we were all spent, so we all fell asleep on the bed for a few hours till the sun peeking into the window woke us. Denise and I got up and showered, got dressed, and said our good byes and left. On the way home, we decided that was our best night of swinging so far.

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