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Bets have been known to give me an erection

Bets have been known to give me an erection [part 2 of 2]
By: Thumper6948 (

#2 Sometimes these Bets give me an erection

Last week my girlfriend Tara and I decided to bet on the outcome of the upcoming Super Bowl Game. At first we couldn't decide whether to bet for money, favors, or what. Tara decided that she was real confident that her team would not only win, but win by a large margin. We bantered back and forth for several days before Super Bowl Sunday, and she just kept saying I was going to wimp out because I knew she would win.

She said she would be willing to bet the "Slave for a Day" wager that I had tried to get her to go along with in the past. She told me she would make me pay for ever suggesting the idea. Suggesting that she might be leading me around by my dick after she won. If you could see Tara you would know that any sexual bet with her was a totally win-win situation. At 5'10" tall with long red hair and blue eyes, she is breathe taking just looking at her face. But her body is an amazing thing to behold. Her boobs are somewhere between the size of the biggest cantaloupes you have seen and the size of volley balls. Her Skin is like white crystal and her areolas are 3 ½ " across with nipples the size of my little finger to the first knuckle when aroused.

Well, she lost by two touch downs (teach her to listen to the guys at work) and acted about half pissed at me for winning. Real nice after telling me all week how she was going to make me wish I hadn't ever suggested a wager of this kind.

Tara bugged me for two weeks after the super bowl to tell her when her night of Slavery was to start. I just kept telling her I would let her know when I figured how best to use my eight hours. She tried to get me to use my time as quick as possible.

Then an idea came to me when buddies decided to get together for our annual Daytona 500 Race. I immediately thought this might be a good time to use my eight hours. So I told the guys we could hold the party at my house.

That night I told Tara that the guys would all be coming to our house for the race the following week, and for her to make sure she didn't make any plans.

Wow, she asked why I needed her to be there since I knew she wasn't a race car fan, and knew the guys got a little drunk during these races.

I just smiled real big and said just plan to be there. She kept after me for two days as to why I needed her there at the party.

Finally, I told her she was going to pay up the bet the day of the race, and she would be serving the food and drinks. She immediately snapped at me telling me "NO WAY" am I going to going to serve that bunch of drunks.

I said, Tara I think you have forgotten our bet. I plan to not only have you there, but I plan to have you to act as part of the entertainment. She immediately told me NO WAY, and I told her now who is wimping out of paying up her bet? She stormed around the house for an hour or so, and then approached me asking what she would have to do.

I told her she would be serving drinks and food to us dressed in the sexy outfit of my choice, and if she remembered the bet, I could have asked her to be a topless waitress for the day if she would rather.

The next morning she came up behind me in the morning and told me she was sorry and she would do it, if she could be assured she wouldn't be topless or nude. I told her not to worry, I hadn't planned on her being naked with these guys. Then I chuckled and said I wouldn't be leading her around by her dick (like she had planned for me), but she might feel a little exposed before the day was over.

So, Tara and I planed out the drinks and the food we would need for the party, and arranged for some Football style decorations.

Finally Tara nearly shouted to me to PLEASE let her know what she was going to be wearing for the party. I smiled and just said your Bikini and some high heals for a start. OH NO, not the one from our Miami trip? YEP, I figured you could start out with a little more on, and your work down to just the bikini.

The bikini was small enough that if her nipples weren't aroused, her areolas would be sticking out on both sides of her top. In Miami we used peppermint oil on her nipples to keep them constantly aroused. I have a T-shirt that is made of nylon that is super thin and feels like a second skin. When I wear it you can see my nipples through the material very easily. Being I am tall and wear a 3X Tall T-shirt I figured Tara could wear this as a beach wrap over her Bikini.

When Tara wears her bikini her boobs roll around on her chest. It draws a lot of attention when we were at the beach. I am sure the guys will go nuts when they see her in this outfit.

So they day before Super Bowl Sunday I had Tara try on the bikini with my T-shirt to see how it looked. She looked amazing as she walked back and forth in her high heals. When she bent down to pick up things off the coffee table I noticed her butt cheeks just barely hung out the bottom of the T-shirt. Being her bikini has a string bottom her butt looks from the rear to be completely naked. What an ASS!!!

We were both up fairly early Super Bowl Sunday to get things around the house ready for company. About an hour before the guys arrived I sent Tara in to put on her outfit for the party. When she came back out I noticed that she had forgotten to use the Peppermint oil on her nipples, and the areolas were visible on both sides of each cup of her bikini.

Tara greeted each of the five guys as they arrived, and they all commented on how they liked her choice of and outfit for the party. After all the guys were seated and had drinks Tara mentioned that she had lost a bet and this was her payoff for loosing. After a few questions she finally told them what the actual bet was, and that we had adjusted the limits due to having company today for her payoff. Of course the guys though she had totally wimped out by demanding no nudity or sex.

Before the game started we all did a few shots of tequila, and it seemed to get everyone a lot more relaxed. I noticed that Tara, a non drinker was doing shots with these guys, and I also noticed that her areolas were now well hidden due to the swelling of her nipples.

At this point I noticed the guys were all getting a lot more touchy feely with Tara, and she didn't seem to be objecting. I noticed she wasn't nearly as shy as she was earlier, so I decided to take it up a notch. I followed Tara into the kitchen when she went in for more drinks and told her the T-shirt was to come off at the next wreck. She said that would be fine as I cupped her butt in my hands. She hugged me and said if I kept that up we would miss the race completely.

So, about five minutes later there was a four car pile up, and Tara said she was getting hot with this shirt on, and pulled it over her head. They could have blown up the track and non of the guys would have noticed. All eyes were glued to Tara's big Tits and naked ass. She blushed clear down to her chest, and the guys just kept staring. Tara took drink orders and leaned in to deliver each drink letting those amazing boobs hang low.

It didn't take long after that till the guys were wanting her to take it off. She said I couldn't do that, and blushed some more. I followed her into the kitchen again and hugged her and twisted her nipples. There is a direct connection from her nipples to her pussy. She was hot and ready to fuck.

I told her to remove her bikini top and put the T-shirt back on for cover and resume her waitress duties.

When she came out this time she might as well been topless. Her areolas were dark and her nipples were nearly an inch long. Without support her boobs rolled back and forth as she walked. The guys whooped and whistled when they saw her and she seemed to enjoy the attention.

As usual we had made a pool for the winner of the race, and I announced that the winner would get to spend five minutes under the T-shirt. Tara looked at me and said Oh No, but said she would go along with it as long as it was just the boobs, and no one else would see.

It was the first race I heard the guys yelling things at their favorite driver like the whole world was at stake.

When the race was over Chuck's driver won and he was all smiles. He sat on a dining room chair with no arms and waited for Tara to set on his lap. This required Tara to pull the T-shirt up to the bottom of her breasts giving the rest of us a wonderful view of her butt. While she was leaning into his sucking and nibbling she rose up a little and we got a view of the string going up her butt. We could see her brown puckered star on both sides of the string.

Tara stood up and was so turned on I think I could have asked her to fuck us all and she would have, but I wanted her to myself. The guys left and I immediately had her naked with my dick balls deep in her very hot pussy.

I'm ready for another BET!!!

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