Friday, September 10, 2010

Lori goes out for a drink before she meets her friends; she meets someone ...

Lori goes out for a drink before she meets her friends; she meets someone ...
By: Lucky

Lori walked into the lounge, feeling the eyes on her as soon as her heels made the first click on the marble tile. Looking straight ahead she put a bit more sway in her stride, her lovely green eyes locked on the empty seat between a small group of men. She appeared to be the only woman there. Not a problem, not for her. All the more for her. Lori loved men, loved their attention, loved to tease them, but it didn't have to stop there. She hoped this was one Saturday night that didn't stop until Monday morning. The night was young and she was just beginning.

She ordered her favorite drink, took a sip and relaxed. She was in no hurry; if she didn't hook up with someone here then she'd go to one of her other favorite places, a lounge or a club. She looked up to see the bartender placing another drink on the coaster before her. She hadn't ordered it but she knew before he told her: "The gentleman at the table." She looked in the mirror that was nearly obscured by bottles, saw a handsome young man, alone, only one drink in sight. He wasn't looking at her, which intrigued her. He may be on the hunt but he wasn't going to be obvious about it.

After a sip of the newly arrived offering Lori turned in her seat and this time was rewarded with a smile. Her lush lips returned the favor and she decided to thank him personally. Lori wasn't shy, nor was she hung up on PC etiquette. If she found a man she admired she would approach him if she felt the need, and tonight the need was urgent.

Not waiting to be invited, she sat in the other seat, placed the drink on the table and as she looked at him she saw that, now being closer, he was a bit more handsome than she had first thought. "Thanks for the drink, but all you had to do was come say hello." She decided he was a few years older than her twenty-four years.

"Oh, but then I wouldn't have seen you walking. I wasn't here when you came in and wanted to see the rest of you; you sitting there showed a lot of promise." She laughed at his line, gave him a point for some originality. "That dress is perfect on you," and he kept his eyes from going to the exposed cleavage, her full breasts filling the silk perfectly. She liked that. Not that she would be offended by his looking, quite the contrary, she would love it, but it showed some class.

"I'm guessing you approve." She was beginning to feel that her night was about to get interesting.

"I'll reserve judgment until you leave," and she laughed again, then stood, did a slow pirouette to give him a look at the back of her black silk dress, which dropped nearly down to the base of her spine and was high enough to show her very shapely legs, the soft spin just enough to make her dangling emerald earrings sway beneath her shoulder length honey blonde hair. "Oh, wait, the jury is in," and she sat, both of them smiling at their little game. They traded first names and talked for a few more minutes until Bill excused himself and went to the bar. Lori saw what was either an exchange of money or a minor dope transaction taking place between Bill and the bartender.

Back at the table, Bill held out his hand, palm up. "I thought we might be more comfortable in a booth. The waitress will bring our drinks." Lori took his hand and stood, a bit surprised but impressed by Bill taking control of the situation. She followed him to the far corner, slid into the dimly lit booth. In less than a minute a cocktail waitress arrived with their drinks on a tray, with several dishes of nuts and small bar nibbles.

"Lori, I'd love to spend more time with you tonight but I have to leave very soon. I want to see you again when we both have time, though." He put his arm around her shoulders, but to her great surprise his hand began moving on her back, not caressing, but more like searching. What was he looking for? Her non-existent bra strap? His hands went from her back to her waist, then, seemingly satisfied, he reached into his jacket, then slid his hand toward her, palm down this time. "I'd love to have a sample of what you can do, and I'm sure I'm going to be more than pleased. You're batting a thousand as it is and I don't see that changing." His hand slipped beneath hers and then withdrew, and when Lori felt what was beneath her hand her eyes raised enough to lift her eyebrows, but only for a second. She realized that his search was for a wire; he was checking to see if she was a vice cop posing as a prostitute. She was about to set him straight on both counts but then decided to play it out, see how it went.

"Now?" Was this guy serious?

"I'm afraid so, I don't have much time. I don't ordinarily do this, but you look so luscious that I can't resist, so yes, now, here. The waitress won't be back, I've paid both our tabs, we can just leave when ... " and he smiled.

Her mind was going a mile a second. She got it. "You think ... "

"Listen, I initiated this, so you can't get arrested for soliciting. I'm the one taking the chance here. So? Yes? I hate to do it like this, but you have to admit, it is sort of kinky, or do you need more?"

She hadn't looked in her hand yet, and decided not to. She opened her purse and slipped the folded bills in, unseen, closed the purse and placed it on the table. Her hand went beneath the table, found his thigh, felt the throbbing bulge there, saw the look of pleasure in his eyes. She squeezed. "Unzip." He did, and loosened his belt while he was at it. She had full access now and, taking a quick look to the bar, where no one was looking their way, she bent to him, kissed him. "Take it out," she breathed into his ear.

Lori could almost feel the temperature rise beneath the table. Her hand moved up, gripped him, began slowly stroking.

"Um, that's a nice start, but I'll need more if you want to keep your percentage up," and he sat back into the banquette, spreading his legs more widely.

"How much time do you have, exactly."

"Take as much time as you want, as much time as you think you can have here before someone sees us." He was challenging her. Wrong move. She moved her hips back and lay forward, leaning onto him, her left arm across him to balance her body, her chest on his thigh, her right hand against his hip. She was completely hidden by the table. "Put it in my mouth." He laughed softly.

"So far I'm doing all the work here," but when her lips closed over the head of his thick cock he gasped, her mouth warm, her tongue flat against the underside of his shaft, her suction pulling at him without her moving her head. She continued sucking and letting go, only her tongue moving, and in a minute he was groaning. She sat up.

"Too much for you? I can take all night, I love sucking cock, among other things. Maybe you should put off your appointment, trip, whatever it is that's more important than this." She was smiling at him, her tongue licking across her upper lip.

"No, it's perfect, more than perfect, but I have to go in a few minutes." She went back down, took his cock into her mouth and sucked, her head moving nearly imperceptibly, but enough to give Bill the blow job of his life. He was torn between telling her to slow down and letting her continue. Realizing this, Lori would stop for a few seconds, then continue, until Bill pulled her up by her hair. "Now."

When he erupted she was careful to keep her lips clamped tightly around him, just below the ridge, swallowing as fast as he was shooting, until she came up, a smile on her face, and leaned to him, kissed him, her cum coated tongue swirling in his mouth. She took her purse, opened it to take out a business card, wrote on the back of it, placed it on the table and slid out of the booth.

"Call me when you have more time and we can do this properly."

He looked at the card after she walked away, her ass swinging with a sultry sway. Her name, and beneath that, Intern and on the next line the name of a law firm, with an office number and extention below, and on the back she had written in small blue script "Call me anytime and her cell number.

When Lori got outside she opened her purse and inspected the bills, both Franklins. "I hope he thinks he got his money's worth," and laughed. "Maybe I shouldn't get into law after all, if this is this easy and pays this well."

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