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Paula's Turn to Loose It - Part 2 of 2 Parts, by Marianne (c) 2008

Paula's Turn to Loose It - Part 2 of 2 Parts, by Marianne (c) 2008 [part 2 of 2]
By: Marianne (

To my readers:

Several of you readers have mentioned that you'd like to see several of my stories as scripts for movies or videos. I'm truly flattered, but I think I should tell you something about my experiences in trying to get my stories made into videos from several years ago.

I ran into two types of "producers" when I tried to sell my stories for video/film. The first type always required a "face to face" meeting where I was given encouragement but it was clear that fucking or sucking the producer was part of the deal. I fell for this a couple of times. I fucked them and then they fucked my by refusing my phone calls.

The second type wanted me to "self-finance" all or part of the production. They wanted me to turn over twenty or thirty thousand dollars for "seed" money. I always suggested that I would only do that if I acted as treasurer for the production. That, of course, was never acceptable. They insisted I turn my money over to them and they would "take care of me." Fortunately, I never fell for this.

Finally, I contacted a legitimate, decent fellow out in California. He told me he loved my stories as literature but they would never make it in the adult film world. He said they were too explicit for HBO or Cinemax and too "literary" for the sex video world. He said, the cable TV folks would buy good stories but I'd have to tone the sex way down to an "R" rating. I didn't think I could do that. Then he said the pay TV and video market would not be interested because good stories get in the way of the sex and those customers are only interested in sucking and fucking and not interested in following a story line. He said I was creating a product without a market as far as the adult entertainment world was concerned.

I appreciated his honesty, but I became depressed and discouraged, then I realized it was my own damned fault. I was more interested in creating stories that I wanted to see in film then in learning the market. That's one of the reasons I publish stories here and ask for your honest feedback. I want to learn what you'd like to see in a story or video. Honestly, I live for your feedback. It's the driving force behind my writing, so please don't be shy. Any constructive thing you have to say, even grammar and spelling is useful to me. I've already received several very helpful, albeit painful, critiques, and I am deeply grateful. I've also received much encouragement for which I'm equally grateful.

I'm also interested in whether any other writers have had similar experiences with the video world. I still believe there is a market for good adult stories, especially with women, but that it may be an audience that is difficult or impossible to reach. What are your thoughts?

Paula's Turn to Loose It - Part 2 of 2 Parts, by Marianne (c) 2008

The front of my torso burned and ached from my belly flop. When I looked down it practically glowed red. I realized, of course, that I had lost my concentration. My own thoughts and suspicions distracted me. I was determined to try again and do it right.

I mounted the board again and went through the same diving routine. This time I slipped into the water like an arrow. I felt vindicated. The hot tub gang applauded as I climbed out of the pool.

All eyes were on me as I walked back to the hot tub. I felt a bit foolish displaying my bright red torso. Everyone commented about it. Millie told me I really needed to stay out of the sun, and that got a good laugh. This time she shoved Walt over and made room for me between her and Joe. Now I got it, Millie was afraid Walt was becoming overly friendly with me.

We sat and joked and laughed about my belly flop and then the subject turned to threesomes. Actually, I think it was Millie who got things going. Now, she put her hand on my knee when she talked. I told the group I'd never rule anything out, but I'd never done a threesome. Everyone seemed to perk up at that, especially Millie.

At about two, I decided it was time to go and stood up. My red belly was just about gone and didn't sting anymore. Millie stood up also saying she needed to "freshen up" at the women's room.

In the locker room Millie said, "Baby, I have something to ask you. You know that Walt and I are absolutely loyal and don't usually fool around outside our marriage, but every once in a while we like to have little adventures. In a couple of weeks were having an anniversary and we'd like to do something really special and memorable. We talked about it while you were on the diving board. For our anniversary we'd like to give you to each other. What I'm saying is we'd like to do a threesome with you. Of course we would compensate you."

"Millie," I said, "There is no way I'm taking money from friends, and I'd love to help you celebrate your anniversary. I can't think of two people I'd rather to my first threesome with but compensation is out of the question."

I know Millie didn't mean to imply I was a whore, so I wasn't offended. She was just anxious to make Walt's fantasy a reality. I was getting wet wondering what people do in a threesome with a man and a woman. I mean, I'd done all girl threesomes with Paula and Carla, but this was different. Walt and Millie were much older and more experienced. Walt was an older guy, was he up to fucking two women in a night? I was pretty sure Millie wouldn't have any problems though since she was considerably younger then Walt.

Their anniversary happened to fall on the day before Paula's deflowering. It was perfect for me. We'd get started about seven o'clock and probably be finished in time to go for our swim. I was really looking forward to it.

Millie grabbed her robe from her locker and said, "I'm going to walk you to your door if that's okay. "

I smiled at her, "Of course it's okay."

We donned our robes and sandals and headed for the hot tub so she could tell Walt she was walking me home. On the up to the apartment we talked about Paula's upcoming event and the basic arrangements. She said Walt had kept her in the dark about the details because of lawyer-client privilege. We were both excited for Paula though.

When we got to my door, Millie thanked me again for being their anniversary present to each other. She took me in her arms and planted a big sloppy kiss on me and I returned the favor.

Millie reached down and gently rubbed my inner thigh saying, "I can't wait to get you in my bed. I'm so excited I can barely stand it, but anticipation is half the fun."

I reached down to her inner thigh and found the wetness running down confirmed her arousal. "Me too Millie," was all I said.

She gave me another sloppy kiss and I went in.

The next couple of weeks were pretty uneventful. I had sex with Joe on the roof a couple of times and the girls and I played together after our workouts most days.

One afternoon we met Roger, Mitchell, and Henry in the workout room. Roger came up to me and said he had a proposal. He suggested that we do another "lesson" but one that involved some fucking. He was nervous to the point of shaking now, and said he understood that Carla and Paula wanted to hang on to their virginity, but that maybe I could fuck all three of them. Now I didn't know if he was going to cum or pee in his shorts, he was so nervous and so turned on at the same time.

"Oh, I see, you want me to be the subject of your gang-bang, it that it." I faked my outrage. The truth is, I loved the idea but I didn't want him to know it.

"I'm sorry," he said. He was almost crying. "I didn't want to offend you. I just hoped you'd be up for it."

I smiled and chuckled a little. "Relax," I said. "I'll do it. But here's the deal, nobody fucks me until he's made Paula or Carla or me cum. You guys do oral on us first. After that, I'll fuck all three of you, one at a time. And this time we trade partners for the oral."

Roger quickly agreed. He wanted to know when and I told him I'd have to talk to the other girls and see if it was okay with them, but that it shouldn't be too long. He told me he was dying to do Carla or Paula so he was excited about the partner change.

"Oh, I'm not good enough for you anymore," I said with a smile. He just grinned and said he'd love to do me anytime, he just wanted to see what virgin pussy tasted like.

After our workout, Carla, Paula and I went up to the apartment as usual, On the way I told the girls what Roger had proposed.

Carla asked, "Would you really do that?"

I told her I wanted to see if I really could do it. I'd thought about being gang-banged and it seemed exciting. I figured this was a pretty safe way to try it out.

Paula spoke up, "I want to try it as soon as I've been deflowered. I can't wait."

I told her to get some one-on-one experience first.

I made arrangements with the boys to be at my place at seven-thirty. Jenny would be gone and we'd have the place to ourselves. I figured we could probably finish up by eleven and make the nude swim.

Carla said she'd tell her dad that she's spending the night with me. a sort of big girls' slumber party, if that's all right. Paula said she'd tell her mom the same thing. I thought it was a great idea, heck, we might even get Carla to go nude swimming with us.

We told the boys to meet us at my place at seven-thirty. I figured Jenny would be gone by then. We told them to wear shorts, T-shirt and sandals. Nothing else. They agreed.

Carla and Paula showed up at about seven as Jenny was just leaving. Both girls had cleared it to stay the night with me. We got some snacks and things ready for the guys and set them up out on the deck. Our deck faced the lake so the sun was behind the building casting a long shadow all the way across the park to the lakeshore.

After we got the deck set up, we all stripped. We decided it would be fun to greet the boys naked at the door. We sat on the deck chairs and waited for the boys to arrive. It was a beautiful night, about eighty degrees and clear, to be naked in the outdoors.

Just before 7:30 there was a knock. We were sure it was the boys so we all went to the door. I didn't bother to check through the peephole. I threw the door open and it was a pizza delivery guy. He had the wrong apartment. Both Carla and Paula gasped, but I tried to remain cool, as did the pizza guy. He asked if this was 2602 and told him he was one floor two high. He thanked me and left. I closed the door and almost had an orgasm on the spot. We all laughed.

A couple of minutes later there was another knock on the door. This time I used the peephole. Sure enough it was them. I opened the door and we greeted them. I kissed each of them as the entered, as did Carla and Paula. They smiled and chuckled at the fact we were already naked.

I told them to step out onto the deck and take a seat. We had arranged six chairs around the wrought iron and glass coffee table. We had drinks on the side tables for everyone.

When everyone had a seat I told the rules. "Okay, here's the deal, Mitchell your job is to give Paula an orgasm without fucking her. Her pussy is virgin and it needs to stay that way. The same goes for you and Carla, Roger. And Henry, you get to eat me. I think the best way to do this is one couple at a time on the coffee table. That way everyone else can watch, and maybe coach a little. After all three of you has given us our orgasms, you each get to fuck me, one at a time. If any guy fails to give his partner an orgasm, he doesn't get to fuck. Does that sound good to everyone?" Everyone shook his head yes.

"Who wants to go first?" I asked.

Paula and Mitchell stood up first. "Okay you two, let's get started." I said.

Paula took Mitchell's hand and marched him to the end of the coffee table. She positioned herself in front of the table and put Mitchell in front of her. They kissed a long deep sloppy kiss, breaking only to remove his T-shirt. They caressed each other's breasts, each taking turns sucking and nibbling the others nipples. Paula sat down on the end of the coffee table. Mitchell bent down to kiss her while he caressed her tits. Still kissing and caressing her with one hand, he used his other hand to support her head while he gently laid her on the table, her feet still firmly planted on the floor. He kissed and caressed her breasts. Tickling her nipples with his tongue and fingers until they were rock hard. He moved to a position between her legs, with great ceremony, he knelt between her knees. He caressed her inner thighs with his lips. Teasing her by approaching within millimeters of her pussy and then pulling back. He did the same with his fingers and hands. Teasing and pulling back, as if he was afraid of that now sopping wet pussy.

Paula was agitated. Her pelvis practically bounced. Finally, when she couldn't stand the wait any longer she yelled, "Eat me damn it Mitchell, eat my pussy now! Eat me now or I'll get someone else to do it."

Mitchell raised his head and gave us all shit eating grin and the dove into her pussy with vigor. He shook is head wildly while he drove his tongue into her pussy. His hand rested on her pubic area while his thumb worked her clit.

Paula was wilder now then I'd ever seen her. Her hips thrusting her pussy into Mitchell's eager mouth. Her eyes were closed and a bead of sweat formed on her forehead.

She was beautiful. I bent over and kissed her, driving my tongue into her mouth while I held Henry's erect cock in by hand. Then Henry kissed her and stroked her tits while I gently fondled his cock and balls.

Carla and Roger followed our lead and took positions on the other side of the coffee table. We were all kissing and fondling Paula while Mitchell vigorously ate her. She was completely out of control now, and then screamed, "It's coming! It's coming! Ahhhhhh!"

I wondered if any neighbors were out on their decks to hear Paula's recital. I wondered if she could be heard on the street or down the block. God, she was loud!

Paula went limp. She laid there in her personal ecstasy for a several minutes while Carla and I stroked her body and whispered to her. We told her how beautiful she was and how we loved her. When she came out of her coma she kissed us both, gently, lovingly. She sat up and brought Mitchell's messy face to hers and kissed him, long and passionately. Finally, she stood up and kissed Henry and Roger.

"Thank you Mitchell, you were fabulous. Thank you all. You all make me feel so special." She said, with just a hint of a cry in her voice.

I handed her a hand towel and she handed it to Mitchell, "Here, it's your mess, you clean it up," and he gently patted her pussy and inner thighs with the towel.

I noticed Carla sort of squirming while we were standing around congratulating Paula. I was pretty sure she was getting ready to take a good licking. I didn't realize how good at the time. She was whispering something to Roger.

Carla and Roger traded placed with Paula and Mitchell. Carla lifted Roger's erect cock so they could embrace and kiss, a long passionate kiss. Then they surprised us. Carla took a position behind Roger and he bent over, placing his hands on the coffee table and his butt in the air. His erection pointed forward like an aroused stallion.

I looked at Carla and for some reason noticed for the first time that our exercise had really paid off. Her muscles were positively sculpted. Gone was the baby fat that once covered her. She was lean and hard and beautiful, a black onyx statue. Even her face had leaned out a bit. He full lips and beautiful brown-gold eyes gave her the look of an Egyptian temptress.

"Slap!" We were shocked! Carla had just struck Roger's ass with a blow from her open hand. Then another strike to the other cheek with her other hand. She repeated this for perhaps a dozen strike, each time he would wince and grunt. Finally, she asked again if he'd had enough and he just replied, "Oh yea!"

He stood up slowly and they embraced. Carla gently fondled Roger's battered ass as he stroked her back. The attraction between these two was more then obvious.

Next, Carla assumed the position vacated by Roger. "Slap!" He stuck a hard blow. "Slap!" A blow to the other cheek, "Slap! Slap!" Two more blows. With each slap she let out a little cry. Then he looked around and said, "A little help here." We lined up behind Carla, and each took a turn slapping her butt. I swear I could see her but glowing red under that dark skin. After my turn I went to her and asked her how she was doing and she just looked at me and smiled. I figured she was okay.

Finally, Roger took one last turn on her butt and asked her, "Had enough yet baby?" Her voice shook. "Yes," was all she could muster for a response.

"Stay put baby." Roger said. Carla maintained her position, hand on the table, butt in the air, while Roger kissed and caressed he battered butt. He ran his tongue around one cheek and then blew on it.

"How's that baby, does that relieve the pain a bit?" He asked.

"Don't stop," she responded. "Don't even think about stopping, unless it's to do the other cheek."

Roger moved to the other cheek and comforted her with more spit and breath. It was obvious by the wetness running down her legs that the beating and subsequent healing had turned her on.

Roger went to his knees and gently kissed Carla's pussy from behind. He caressed it with his thumbs and licked and sucked it. He also teased her butt-hole with his fingers. Her moans made it clear she was enjoying it all.

She squealed when Roger kissed and then licked her butt-hole. He asked her "Do you want me to put a finger in there?" She nodded affirmatively. He reached down and covered his finger with Carla juices and then placed the tip of it at her anus. He slowly circled it with his finger and then inserted just the tip. Carla gasped. He twisted his hand around and back, slowly inserting his finger until it disappeared up her ass. Leaving his finger in her ass, he resumed his oral assault on her pussy and clit. He started working the finger in and out slowly. Carla soon started rapid breathing and moaning uncontrollably. Finally her stomach started contracting and expanding as she fucked Rogers tongue. Her face contorted and her eyes were closed tight when she let out a scream like a banshee that was no doubt hear on the Michigan side of the lake. Carla convulsed against Roger's hand and face while she reveled he her pleasure. When Roger withdrew his face from her pussy and his finger from her ass, she collapsed on the floor in the fetal position, thoroughly drained.

We all ran to her. We kissed and caressed her all over her body and told her how beautiful we thought she was. She smiled and a tear ran down her cheek. We helped her to her feet. She embraced Roger and gave him a long wet enthusiastic kiss. "Thank you." she said, and they sat down together.

I was really turned on by the two previous performances. I had almost a constant hold on Henry's hard on during them and my pussy juices were flowing. I almost had sympathetic orgasms with each of them. I was ready. I was ready to be fucked, sucked and hung out to dry.

Henry whispered to me, "I don't think I can top them."

"It's not a contest Henry," I told him. "You don't have to 'top' anybody. Just let go and do what comes naturally."

Henry smiled at me and told me I was really special. I kissed him. Then I teased his cock with my lips until he almost came. This, it turns out, was a mistake.

I took a seat on the coffee table and laid back as Paula had done, spreading my legs to give Henry access. He sat down with his legs under the coffee table. He kissed my pussy lightly and then nuzzled it with his nose. Then he used his fingers and thumbs to caress my pussy lips and clit. He tortured me with his gentleness for what seemed to be a long time. His breathing told me it was really turning him on. When I started to squirm, Henry became more aggressive. First one and then two fingers were inserted in my anxious pussy. I fucked his fingers while he held his hand still. He positioned his thumb so that I was rewarded with a little tap on the clit when I took the entire length of his fingers. Just as I was about to cum, he withdrew his hand and replaced it with his mouth, tonguing my clit and sucking hard on my pussy. I exploded inside, almost coming up off the coffee table. I felt tremors from my tummy to my pussy. I stifled my scream by keeping my mouth shut tight. I trembled and then mentally collapsed.

After a very brief rest, I said, "Henry, I need you in me now. Fuck me Henry, fuck me."

Henry stood up and then fell to his knees, his pecker swollen to its absolute maximum. He tickled my cunt with the head of his dick and then said, "Oh Shit!" He fumbled when he tried to insert it and it ended up on top of my pelvis. He shot his load all the way to my chin, leaving a trail of his cum between my boobs. A second shot landed on my tummy.

"I'm so sorry," he started to say. I told him to relax that it was probably my fault for getting him so worked up earlier. I told him we'd try again later and to take a place at the end of the line. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss. Carla and Paula rushed in with towels and had me all cleaned up in seconds. Mitchell was taking his place between my legs and had already started teasing me with the head of his dick.

"Just give it to me Mitchell," I told him. "Don't fuck around." He smiled at me and continued to tease me. I told him, "Stick me with that damned thing or I'll holler 'next.'" Mitchell drove me with the force of a Mack truck. He slammed me all the way to the back. I had to pull myself back to the edge of the coffee table. We fucked furiously, I had a minor orgasm just before he shot his load into me, his hot cum felt good, sort of soothing.

Fortunately, Mitchell withdrew immediately. I said, "Roger, hurry and don't fuck around." Roger got to his knees as soon as Mitchell was out of the way. Like his predecessor, he slammed me hard with no fanfare. I loved it. We fucked hard and I soon had the major climax Mitchell had prepped me for. I shuddered and bit my lower lip hard, holding my pleasure in as long as possible and then groaned out loud.

Roger had almost worked me to a second climax when he shot me full of his cum. I felt at least three blasts when he drove hard and held fast. I felt in run out around his dick and down my thighs.

When Roger had withdrawn I said, "Henry, I need you again, I need you to fuck me hard."

Henry jumped into place, his long hard pecker in hand. He lined it up and gave a good thrust, penetrating me deeper then I'd ever been penetrated. He fucked me long, almost falling out a time or two, and hard, slamming the back of my pussy with his spear-like dick. Then he did the unthinkable. He tickled my clit with his finger while he fucked me and I came unglued. The blood rushed from my head and I went dizzy. I felt myself thrusting against his cock, hard and long, my butt lifting inches off the table. I remember hearing "You go girl!" and "Fuck his brains out!" from the audience and this drove me even more. When I came, I sat up and threw my arms around his neck. My stomach and pelvis convulsed involuntarily and I didn't have a conscious thought in my head. It seemed to last for a very long time.

When most of my orgasm was over, I laid back down on the table, exhausted. I realized that Henry still hadn't cum, but I was powerless to help him. I just laid there passively while he continued to fuck me. He eventually shot his load and I remember three strong shots at the back of my pussy and cum running down my thighs again.

When Henry withdrew, I laid motionless. Paula and Carla hand me stand while they gave me a sponge bath and cleaned up the telltale cum and other juices. After my bath, I laid down again, still exhausted.

Soon Mitchell asked, "Well, do you want to go again, another round?"

I told him, "Mitchell, if you guys want to fuck me again, go ahead, but don't expect me to do much. I'm exhausted."

Mitchell was first. He was not quite so aggressive this time. He fucked me slow and steady. I tried to help by tightening my pussy, but that was as much as I could do. It was really quite pleasant having him inside me, but I just couldn't get excited. He gave me two shots of his cum and withdrew.

Roger used a rag to clean up after Mitchell. Without any talk he stuck me with everything he had, right down to his balls. I played a game of trying to hold his cock with my pussy which he seemed to like. He fucked me for quite a while and I started to actually feel something building, but before it had a chance to develop, Roger shot his wad. Still, it was fun to just enjoy the sensation of being filled with cum without the distraction of an orgasm.

Like Roger, Henry cleaned me up with a towel. He leaned between my legs to give me a gentle kiss. He kissed, tongued and nibbled by tits and I felt some arousal again. He worked his way down to my pussy with his mouth. He found my clit with his tongue and I started to heat up. He inserted two fingers as he'd done before and I woke up. I started fucking his fingers and was rewarded with a tap in my clit. Like before, Henry kept this up until he thought I was ready, then he withdrew his fingers, but this time he replaced them with his dick instead of his tongue. When he drove that long dick of his into me, I snapped to full arousal again.

"Do me good, do me hard, Henry. Use all of the long dick of yours." I told him.

Henry increased his stroke, harder, faster, longer. My arousal built to it's earlier level. I felt another massive orgasm building. I wrapped my long legs around Henry and crossed my ankles. "It's coming!" I told him and I sat up again, grabbing him around the neck. This time he actually stood up while still fucking me. With his big hands supporting my butt, he bounced me up and down. His cock was so deep within me I feared it would poke through. I bounced against his, driving it in, in, in! My legs clamped hard around his hips and neck while wave after wave or orgasm blanked my mind.

Henry patiently held me until my pleasure had past. I kissed him and he set me back down on the table. Again in the kneeling position, he fucked me until he came. I did what I could to help him achieve his goal. I loved feeling his cum blasted into me. I was satisfied, as was he.

We all rested for a time. Carla and Paula said they got so turned on they almost surrendered their virginity on the spot. Carla said she came three times just watching, for Paula it was twice. The boys all said they'd had a great time and looked forward to doing it again some time. I told them they need to wait until I had some help, and I looked over at Carla and Paula. Everyone laughed.

Roger spoke next. He asked me, "How do you feel about anal." I told him I didn't know, but he didn't need a girl for that, just use one of the guys.

Mitchell looked at me and said simply, "I don't think so."

Henry nodded in agreement.

"Why is it okay for me to get my asshole penetrated, but it's not okay for you guys. An asshole is an asshole isn't it? Here's the deal for anal, any of you guys that gets butt-fucked by any other guy can butt-fuck me, but if you're not willing to take it, then you shouldn't be dishing it out. I want to see you get butt-fucked and then I'll surrender my little hole. Deal?" I smiled, knowing none of them would go for it.

After a few seconds of absolute silence, Roger spoke up, "Deal" he said. I'd let both these guys butt fuck me if it meant I could do it to you Patty. You have a fine ass, and I want to be the first to penetrate it so, if these guys are willing, I'll do it. If they're not willing, I'll get some other guy to do it."

Damn, he called my bluff. I knew it would happen some time, I just didn't think it would be this soon, anal intercourse that is. I've only been sexually active for a short time, and I'm going to loose my second cherry already. Well, a deal is a deal, I'll have to go through with it if he does. We shook hands. He said, "I'll let you know when I'm ready."

The guys left shortly after ten. The girls helped me clean up.

"Paula and I need to get ready for our swim," I told Carla. Of course you can stay here if you like, or you can come with us. It's swimsuit optional, so if you don't want to go nude you don't have to. I'd love for you to meet our naked friends."

"I don't have a suit with me. What would I wear?" She asked.

"Gym shorts and a T-shirt," I responded. "You'll look great in a wet T-shirt."

"Okay, I'll go to your nude swim, but I won't get naked." She said.

We all took showers and got ready. Paula and I wore our shorty bathrobes and sandals. Carla wore her blue gym shorts and a yellow T-shirt without underwear. We headed down to the pool.

Paula and I stowed our robes and my purse and we all headed for the hot tub. I introduced everyone to Carla who soon became the center of attention. Everyone seemed to love her.

At one point, Carla sat up straight and noticed her ebony boobs practically glowed through her T-shirt. "Oh my!" she said and tried to cover up with her arms.

We all chuckled and Millie spoke up, "Sweetheart, nobody here is going to be shocked or appalled if your boobs show through your T-shirt. You can relax."

Carla lowered her arms and then put Paula and me into shock when she said, "Sitting here with all these naked people, I just might be more comfortable if I was naked myself."

Millie spoke up, "That's probably true dear. I know it was for me. But nobody here is going to pressure you to take your clothes off or think less of you because you choose not to go naked. You'll still be our friend either way."

"Thanks Millie." Carla said

Carla started to reach for the hem of her shirt to take it off. I told her "Stop." and Everyone looked at me.

"If you're going to do this then you need to follow protocol." I said. "You need to walk to the diving board, stand at the edge, take off your clothes and throw them to the side, and dive in." I told her. Everyone smiled in agreement.

All eyes were on the beautiful Carla as she slowly swayed to the diving board. Confidently she climbed the ladder and walked to the edge of the board. She removed her T-shirt slowly, teasing us by feigning that she was backing down. Finally, it came off and she threw it to the side of the pool. Next she played with the waistband of her gym shorts, again teasing us by dropping them to just above her pussy and pulling them back up. The men couldn't resist shouting words of encouragement. Finally, she dropped them and kicked them to the edge of the pool. She stood naked at the edge of the board for many seconds, perhaps a minute and then expertly dove into the water creating barely a wave. She swam gracefully to the opposite end of the pool and exited. She walked straight and confident to the hot tub and rejoined us.

Millie said, "That was wonderful dear. Now, how do you like being naked?"

Carla answered, "Strangely, it's empowering. To not be afraid of being seen naked by others is a source of strength."

Everyone smiled and nodded approvingly. Carla got it. Nothing more to be said on that subject.

Paula went off with Joe and Walt for a business discussion. When they came back it was obvious that Paula was excited. She'd apparently received good news.

"I'm so excited, If I had pants on I'd pee in them." She said. We're all set for next Thursday. The buffet will be served at seven-thirty and the show will start at eight-thirty sharp. I'll have a rehearsal on Wednesday at seven-thirty. It'll be in one of the private party rooms in the basement.

"A rehearsal?" I questioned, "This is a one-time event. How can you have a rehearsal?"

"It's really more of a walk-through. It's just to get comfortable. The winners insisted upon it." She said.

"This sounds like a major theatrical production," I said.

"It is," she said, "and you're going to just love it."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Carla asked.

"Oh Carla, I'm sorry, we've been keeping you in the dark because we were afraid of your reaction. But now the time has come to tell you. I've raffled off my virginity to pay for school and plastic surgery. Thursday night I'm going to get laid in front of an audience. I want you and Patty to be there if you can." She said.

"Did you not trust me to keep a secret? We're friends, you can tell me anything." Carla said.

Walt spoke up, "Carla, it was at my insistence that information about this be on a need to know basis. Leaks to the wrong people could be devastating. I hope you'll understand that Paula was only doing as I instructed by keeping you in the dark on this."

Paula looked at Carla with puppy eyes, "Am I forgiven?" she asked.

Carla responded, "Of course you're forgiven, we're friends and I love you. You couldn't do anything I couldn't forgive."

They embraced and the group gave our a collective "ooooooooooo".

"Besides," Carla added. "I can't wait to see you loose it."

When it was time to leave, Carla went to find her clothes while Paula and I got our robes from the locker. When we stepped back out to the pool Carla informed us that someone had picked up her clothes and she couldn't find them.

"How am I going to get back up to the apartment?" she asked.

"On the elevator with us, how else silly." I responded.

"But everyone will see me." She cried.

Paula said, "Baby, everyone's already seen you, and they think you look great."

We all laughed.

Joe walked up wearing his bathrobe with another in hand. He handed the extra to Carla. "Here, I'll walk you up and you can give it back to me at the apartment."

"No rooftop tonight Joe," I told him. "Carla's not ready for you yet. Her first time needs to be in private. Not on a roof with you."

"Virgin?" he asked.

"As the new-fallen snow." I responded.

"No problem." He responded.

He addressed Carla, "I'd love the chance to be your first Carla, but at the time and place of your choosing. Maybe you'll keep me in mind."

Carla smiled and blushed as she donned his robe. "Thank you Joe. You're a special guy."

True to his word, Joe walked us home. At the door, Paula and I stepped in while Carla took of the robe he'd loaned her and handed it to him. Then she grabbed the tie of his robe and forcibly dragged him into the apartment. With the door still open, she dropped to her knees and took his semi-hard cock in her mouth. She worked that cock in and out and before long it was fully bloomed. She continued to work licking it's entire length and then sucking it clear to her tonsils.

Before long Joe groaned and said quietly, "I'm going to cum."

Carla freed her mouth from his cock long enough to say, "That's the whole idea silly." and returned to her task. Within seconds he shot his hot wad down her throat. She retained just enough of it to get a good taste, and then swallowed.

Carla stood up and looked Joe straight in the eye and said, "Thanks for the use of the robe Joe." and kissed him. Joe, still in a state of shock, could say nothing. She tied his robe closed, turned him around and pushed him gently out the doorway, closing the door behind him.

"Carla," I said, "You are the slut-iest virgin I've ever known."

Carla responded, "I've had good teachers."

We all laughed.

We were all a little tired after our very full evening, especially me. We showered and I was ready for the sack. We all got into my king size bed. We put Carla in the middle. Carla and Paula wanted to fool around before sleep, but I was just too tired. I rolled over while they entertained each other. I fell asleep to the sound of Carla's heavy breathing.

It was the day before Paula's big event and I had a date with Millie and Walt. They were giving me to each other for their anniversary. Paula had a rehearsal and Carla was spending the evening with her dad.

At six o'clock I showered and touched up my legs and pussy. For some reason I was really nervous, and I couldn't pinpoint why. I was excited to find out what Walt and Millie had in store for me. While both of them were much older, they were both quite attractive.

Just before seven, I left and went upstairs to Walt and Millie's top floor apartment. I knocked and a maid answered the door.

"Hi, I'm Patty, Walt and Millie are expecting me." I said.

"Yes, come in and I'll tell them you're here," she said.

I took a seat in the foyer and within a minute or two Millie returned with the maid. "That will be all for tonight Dotty. The usual time tomorrow."

Millie came to me and held out both hands. I stood up and took them and said, "I didn't know anyone else was going to be here. I would have worn more."

"Dotty has been with us for many years. She's discrete, and she's seen a lot to be discrete about working for us, believe me. You look positively radiant," she said.

"Thank you." I said.

She showed me around the apartment and then we settled in the den. It was a large room with lots of leather seating, heavy drapes, and dark wood furniture. I sat on one of the huge leather couches. The leather felt smooth and sort of cool and creamy on my bare bottom.

Walt came in dressed in a silk robe that almost touched his ankles. Millie excused herself and went to her bedroom. Walt said he was just going to sit and watch Millie and me for a little while. He sipped on his wine and told me how he had admired me from day one. He said he most admired my character.

"Too many beautiful girls," he said, "lack character and intelligence. You've got it all beauty, intelligence, courage, character, and a sense of decency. I've seen how you treat your friends. You honestly care about them and that is a trait I admire. This isn't the time or place, but I'd like to talk to you about your future sometime Patty."

I blushed at all the praise. He seemed to put me on a very high pedestal from which I would surely fall off. But for the moment I just said, "Thank you." He knew he was going to fuck me that night. He didn't have to say a thing to win my favor and he knew it. Right or wrong, I knew he was sincere.

When Millie returned she was wearing a long white silk bathrobe. She looked like a movie star from the 1930s. Her heals gave her the extra height she needed to match mine.

Instinctively, I stood up to greet her. "You look beautiful in that robe Millie, it suits you perfectly. You look like a movie star."

She smiled and said, "Well, I've acted in a few movies, but nothing you've ever seen. We keep them locked up in the safe and view them only for our own entertainment." She and Walt chuckled. I, of course, was in the dark.

Millie embraced me and kissed me as Walt sat with his drink and watched. I opened my mouth slightly to encourage her tongue. Tentatively at first, our tongues took turns penetrating each other mouths until all inhibition had diminished and we were free to show our passion.

My robe fell away and her hands caressed my body, my arms, then my sides and back, my tummy and hairless pubic area and finally up to my breasts. She massaged my breasts with skillful hands, turning me slightly to ensure Walt's view. When she pinched and rolled my nipples they stood out like little soldiers and my breasts filled with excitement.

My pussy was aching for her touch now. I felt a drip run down my leg. Finally, she slid her hand down slowly over my tummy to my pussy and gently ran her finger around the outside rim. I felt my breathing increase and I knew my pussy had swollen. I longed to have her fingers inside me, but she refused them to me. Instead she said, "Come with me dear."

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Walt followed behind. The bedspread and blankets were already thrown back. She had me lay down on her silk sheets in the center of the bed. She then had me raise my butt so she could place an overstuffed silk-cased pillow under it.

Without fanfare, she positioned her self between my knees and kissed my wet aching pussy. She rubbed the outsides delicately while she penetrated me with her tongue. I moaned with pleasure. Her attention to my clit drove me through the roof.

Suddenly, she stopped and, keeping her hand on my clit, moved from between my legs. Walt replaced her. With his erection in hand, Walt skillfully penetrated my pussy while Millie maintained dominance over my clit. Her taps and his strokes drove me to new heights. My thrusts were as involuntary as my racing heart and rapid breath. I moaned and finally let out loud unintelligible noise as I came. Deep in that center every woman knows about, the volcano erupted and soon the hot wave spread throughout my entire being. My mind was a blank.

After a stroke or two more, Walt released his load. It was not the usual blast I'm used to. It was slower and not as powerful. Nevertheless, he filled me up pretty good and, judging by the expression on his face, he had a good time doing it.

Walt rolled off of me and laid on his side of the bed. Millie produced a soft towel from somewhere and cleaned up my pussy and then gave it a kiss. She said, "Thank you Patty, that was wonderful," and gave me a kiss on the mouth. I turned that simple peck into a passionate kiss and then whispered in her ear, "I haven't tasted you yet."

I got off of the bed and positioned Millie with her legs dangling over the sides. I placed the fuck pillow, now stained with my juices, under her. I bent over with my ass in the air and legs spread wide, hoping Walt would see it as an invitation to take me from behind. I was a little afraid he might see it as an invitation for and anal intrusion, but I resolved that I could live with that.

As I tongued and caressed her pussy, Millie moaned and cooed. I became aware of Walt's presence behind me. I felt his hand stroking my pussy while I ate his wife. I tongued her with more resolve and found her clit with two of my finger and thumb. When I squeezed her hard clit she made a loud guttural sound. I felt a finger penetrate my asshole and thought, "Well here goes." I then felt the head of Walt's dick at my pussy, and before long I had his entire manhood in the proper door, his finger still penetrating my ass.

As Walt stroked me harder and faster, I matched the speed and intensity in my activities with the pussy in front of me. I penetrated her with three, and then four fingers while I kissed and tongued her clit. Finally, I gave her a little bite and she convulsed in orgasm. This triggered something in me and I yelled something unintelligible while my pussy clamped down on Walt's cock. Walt made his own unintelligible noise while he thrust himself as deep as he could and shot his load into me.

We all collapsed comatose for several minutes, enjoying our moments of ecstasy.

I was the first to talk. "Wow! That was fantastic."

Without a word, Millie turned and gave me a kiss.

Walt took my hand to his mouth and kissed it. He said, "You're one in a million Patty. To be able to teach these old dogs new tricks makes you one in a million."

I just blushed.

Walt went to shower in the guest bathroom while Millie and I showered together in the master bath. As we were drying each other off, Millie said, "Baby, you gave us something very special tonight and you have to let us do something special for you. When Walt makes his proposal to you, please listen and give it careful consideration. He's a powerful man that can make things happen. He's also a good and decent man who surrounds himself with good and decent people. That's what he sees in you, sweetie. It's not about your body, it's your character."

"Millie," I said, "I'm the one who should be thanking you for this wonderful experience. I had a ball. But..." I hesitated, "I feel like you and Walt are putting me on some kind of pedestal and I'm bound to fall off."

"Nobody expects you to be a saint, Patty, just be yourself and we'll be happy." she said.

She gave me a big naked hug and a motherly kiss on the forehead.

We walked naked into the den to retrieve our robes. Walt was seated dressed in his terrycloth robe. He told us to stop and then looked us both up and down. "Tonight, I am the luckiest man in the world. I'm surrounded by beauty in mind, body and spirit. I just want to take a moment to enjoy it." He sat for a minute or two watching us while we did some suggestive poses. Then he stood up and said, "Who's up for a swim," and we grabbed our robes and headed for the hot tub.

The next morning I got up early. It was the day of Paula's deflowering and I was on pins and needles. They had been so secretive, I didn't have a clue as to what was taking place. All I knew was that Carla and I were invited as special guests and everyone else paid a bundle to watch her loose her cherry.

I started coffee for breakfast as usual and made sure the living room was picked up. I took a shower and threw on my short terrycloth robe and went back to the kitchen.

Aunt Joe came out first. "Baby, we have a house guest. Bill, our manager from the New Orleans club is here. Can you go and put on some heals for me. The four inch spikes."

"Sure Aunt Jo, but why?" I asked

"I just want you to make a good impression," she said.

I started making pancakes for Uncle Stan and Bill. Jo was just having coffee and a bran muffin.

Uncle Stan came out first and asked, "What's with the heals?" and Aunt Jo filled him in.

Bill came out and joined Aunt Jo and Uncle Stan. Aunt Jo introduced me to him and we shook hands. Bill was a tall forty-something with an excellent build and piercing blue eyes.

I played waitress to the hilt serving pancakes coffee and juice. They all seemed to enjoy the service. Bill couldn't keep his eyes off my legs. While they ate I busied myself bringing them coffee, water, and a good look at my legs.

After they ate, I cleared the dishes away, rinsed and stacked them in the dishwasher. I felt all their eyes were on me while I worked. I went back to the table with the coffeepot and a rag to wipe the table. Again, I was the center of attention.

Finally, Aunt Jo said, "Baby, come here a minute. I want to tell you something. You mentioned once that maybe you'd be interested in dancing some day. Well, Bill here manages our New Orleans club for us. In Louisiana the legal age to dance is eighteen but most clubs only hire girls over twenty-one because the alcohol law it twenty-one. You could dance there legally if you wanted to, but you'd have to adhere to the no-alcohol rule. We thought you might like to try it, if Bill thinks you'd be popular."

"I'd love to try Aunt Jo, but I'd have to get some dancing lessons first. I don't know how to be a stripper." I said.

Everyone smiled.

"Dancing is the easy part baby. I'll get you going in no time. Believe me, you're a natural. We thought you could fly down for a weekend, give it a try and fly back." Uncle Stan said.

"I'm interested, what do I have to do to make it happen," I asked.

"Right now, I just need you to show Bill what he's hiring so he can decide if your right for the New Orleans customers. Here, hand me your robe," Aunt Jo said.

It still felt a little creepy getting naked in front of Uncle Stan, but I did it anyway. I handed her my robe and then followed her instructions. I turned around, walked up and down in front of them, pointed my ass at them and touched my toes, then again with my legs spread wide. All to approving comments.

"Let us talk now baby," Aunt Jo said. "We'll make the arrangements and decide on your pay."

I went in my room and called Paula. Her brother said she was on her way up with Carla. I heard the knock on the door. Knowing how it was I just yelled "I'll get it," and ran to answer it. Carla and Paula entered dressed for our run. I introduced them to Bill and after the appropriate hellos, we went to my room.

In a few minutes, Aunt Jo came into my room. I was dressed for running, except for my shirt. She asked to talk with me privately. There was a serious, but not anxious look on her face. We went into the bathroom.

In the bathroom she asked quietly, "Do you think your friends would be interested in dancing with you?" she asked.

"I don't know, do you want me to ask them?" I asked.

"Would you? And if they are, bring them out so we can give them the same audition we gave you." she said.

Paula and Carla agreed to audition, but they weren't quite sure they wanted to commit to anything just yet.

We all took off our clothes and walked out to the table naked. Aunt Jo had us stand on our toes to see what our legs would look like in heals. We did all the same things that I had done earlier but this time in unison. When we'd finished Aunt Jo excused us and we went back to my room.

We dressed quickly and headed out the door for our run. Paula was extremely nervous about her pending performance tonight. She was afraid she'd cry or something and embarrass herself. Carla and I gave her reassurances as best we could and promised we'd be there for her no matter what. She seemed to feel better.

After our run, we all parted company. Carla and I agreed to meet at my place at six-thirty. Paula would be meeting with Joe about the same time and getting ready.

When I got home I found a note from Aunt Jo. It said that Bill would like to have us perform a specific routine together at the New Orleans club. The job would pay three hundred dollars each and would be performed four times over two nights, Wednesday and Thursday. She'd get with me regarding the specifics tomorrow.

Carla showed up right on time. We chatted for a minute and then went down to the party room for Paula's show. We were the first guests to arrive, but were soon followed by Millie and Walt. Joe was taking tickets at the door. We were standing next to the buffet. Millie came up and gave us each a peck on the cheek and Walt took us both in his arms and gave us an affectionate hug and a kiss on the forehead.

We walked through the buffet line and loaded up on goodies. Walt and Millie got some wine from the carton while Carla and I chose soft drinks. We all sat down together at a table.

I had the shock of my life when I saw Aunt Jo and Uncle Stan come in next. They gave Joe their tickets and headed for the buffet. I got up and went over to them. They saw me and Jo asked, "What are you doing here baby? I didn't expect you'd be here."

"The star of the show is one of my two best friends. It's Paula, you know, one of the girls from today," I told her. "How is it you're here?"

"When Joe told us the story of how your friend was trying to raise money for plastic surgery and to start college, we just couldn't say no. We didn't want to win the raffle though, so we let our numbers for that be used by someone else," she said.

They followed me over to our table. Uncle Stan said, "Hello Walt, are you doing okay?"

"Great Stan. I'm so glad you could come. And thank you for buying those tickets. She's a wonderful girl and deserves our support," replied Walt.

Millie and Jo embraced and kissed each other's cheeks. They were obviously old friends and very glad to see each other.

Jo asked, "So how do you know my little niece here?"

Millie responded, "Well, she swims with us at the adult swim almost every night. I hope that isn't a problem. She's a wonderful girl. She and Carla and Paula are what keep us swimming. They keep us feeling young."

Carla beamed at being included.

Jo replied, "She's got a good head on her shoulders and is mature enough to make her own decisions. If she wants to swim naked with old farts like you, that's her business. But I can't think of anyone I'd rather see her swimming with."

Walt relayed the story of how Paula had turned down his loan offer to Aunt Jo and Uncle Stan. "She turned me down flat," he said, "and for all the right reasons. When she said she was going ahead with this, I offered to help represent her interests. The girl has character and you know that goes a long way with me."

Millie couldn't hide the pride she felt for her husband at that moment while she snuggled his arm and beamed.

Aunt Jo's eyes teared up as Walt told his story. Uncle Stan was completely quiet. Finally, Aunt Jo spoke up. "I was like you, appalled at first, but now I have a better understanding of the situation. Joe says you two are working pro bono."

"That's right," he said. "Taking payment in this case just doesn't feel right. I was pleased to see Joe feels the same way."

The room soon filled with people. Mostly couples. Lots of jewelry and expensive evening clothes. I felt a bit out of my league. I knew many of them from the hot tub. There were some familiar faces from the building, and some strange faces.

At about eight twenty-five, the door closed. Joe oversaw things at the front while props were moved from the corner of the room to about the center. There was a chair, a coat rack and a medical examination table.

Joe took center stage and spoke up, "Your attention please." he paused for a moment. "Your attention please. We're about to begin, just a few announcements. First, thank you so much for being here tonight. Your response has been overwhelming, not only to Paula, but to Walt and myself as well. We are deeply touched. Next, if you see anyone using a camera or video recorder, just kill him. We'll worry about questions later. Paula turned down a one hundred thousand dollar plus deal to have this event video taped. Anyone who can't respect her wishes, deserves to die."

Everyone laughed, some more nervously then others.

The door opened and a buxom woman dressed in a very short nurse's dress and hat with white heels and old style hose, with the seams up the back walked in. She wore a black garter belt with garters peaking out under her dress. When she got to the front of the room, she bent over as if picking something up to show a bare behind. She received thunderous applause.

Next, Paula came in. She was wearing her plaid school uniform jumper, a white shirt with a button down collar, patent leather shoes and ankle socks. She looked like a schoolgirl. She was carrying a book bag and chewing gum.

"Hi," she said to the nurse. "I'm here for my appointment, I'm Paula."

She led Paula to a chair next to the examination table. She set a gown on the table and said, "Paula, I need you to take of all your clothes and set them here on the chair. Then put the gown on and have a seat on the exam table. I'll be back to check on you in a minute."

The nurse left the "examination" room. Paula was alone. She slowly lowered the suspenders of her jumper, acting as if she was having second thoughts. When she'd finally got them lowered, she started slowly unbuttoning her shirt. She removed her shirt to reveal a skimpy white lace bra. Reaching behind, she tried to unhook the bra strap. Having no success, she walked up to a man in the audience and asked for his assistance. When he'd unhooked it, she crossed her hands over her boobs to hold the bra in place until she got back to the "examination room". She slowly removed the bra, revealing her supple young breasts. The crowd gave a collective gasp. Now she dropped the jumper slowly to the ground. She was wearing only her white silk bikini panties and her shoes and socks.

Paula sat on the edge of the examination table and slowly removed her shoes, dropping them to the floor. The socks were next, one at a time and she through them with the rest of her clothes. She stood up on the little stair and slowly removed her panties, teasing the audience by placing her thumbs inside the waist band, lowering and raising the waistband several times until finally she dropped them to her ankles, revealing her virgin pussy to the audience for the first time. There was a thunderous applause as she stepped out of her panties. She bent over deliberately giving the audience a good rear view and picked the panties up and threw them onto her pile of clothes.

Buck naked now, Paula found the gown and picked it up. She shook it out and laid it on the examination table. She noticed one of her socks had fallen off the pile of clothes and onto the floor. She again bent over, this time spreading her legs a bit and giving the crowd and even better rear view of her goodies.

Finally she found the gown again, and with great ceremony, she put her arms in the sleeves and tried to tie the ties in the back. Exasperated, she left the back untied and sat down on the edge of the table to wait for the nurse.

The nurse reentered the "examination room" and told Paula, "Here, the doctor says we won't need this, and removed her gown. Then she had Paula lay down on the table and put her feet in the stirrups. She teased Paula's pussy for a minute and then signaled several members of the crowd to come forward. Each took a turn caressing Paula's pussy and inserting a finger. The nurse stepped up and massaged Paula's tits, while keeping her eye on the pussy feelers.

Paula laid quietly during these assaults, appearing to be happy and content, occasionally emitting a soft moan. When the feelers had finished the nurse signaled three more members of the audience. Each of them tasted Paula's sweet pussy for a minute or two. The moans became more pronounced and her pelvis thrust gently while she was being eaten.

After the last "diner" had finished, The "doctor" entered the room. He wore a lab coat and a "Zorro" type mask. As he approached the examination table, the nurse had Paula sit up with her legs dangling in front.

There was something very familiar about the "doctor". Then he looked right at me and it snapped. Those beautiful eyes inside the holes in the mask clearly belonged to Doctor Farnsworth! That lucky bitch Paula was about to get fucked by my main heartthrob. I was jealous as hell, but happy for Paula. "Hell," I thought, "maybe there's he'll do me some time."

Doctor Farnsworth asked her about the reason for her visit. Paula said, "I want to loose my virginity, but I can't. Every time the boys try to have sex with me they give up because they can't get it in. I don't know what to do. I'm so tight and if I don't do something, I'm afraid I'll never have sex." This was followed by a dramatic cry that would be the envy of any soap opera star, hands on her face and a genuine "boo hoo hoo."

"There, there, Paula," the Doctor replied. "This is a problem that is easily fixed."

"Really, you can fix this problem." She asked with a whimper.

"Why when you leave here today, you'll be able to screw any dick with confidence, I guarantee it," he replied.

"Will it hurt much Doctor?" She asked.

"You'll hardly notice it Paula dear." He said with a big smile.

"Oh thank you doctor. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she replied.

"My pleasure Paula dear." he said turning to the crowd with a maniacal grin that drew laughter.

"Now lay back and put your arms over your head Paula, I want to do a complete examination, starting with your breasts." The doctor told her. She obediently laid back with her arms back over her head. He started by feeling her breasts hard, as if examining for tumors, and then softened his touch. He then bent down and sucked and bit each nipple, bringing them to complete attention, while rubbing her lean hard abs with his big hands. He reached down as far as her clean shaven pelvic mound and made long gentle strokes from the mound, past her navel and up to her cleavage.

Paula was hot now. She was moaning softly and breathing long deep breaths. He gave Paula a gentle kiss and then had the nurse continue to caress her breasts and torso and stroke her body, occasionally kissing and biting her nips.

The doctor moved to the end of the table, positioned himself on a rolling stool, and told Paula to lower her hands and grab the handles on the side of the table. She complied. The nurse continued to caress and kiss Paula.

"Okay Paula dear, lets put your feet in the stirrups." he said, while assisting her to lift each of her legs.

When she was positioned in the stirrups, the doctor told her to spread her knees wide, giving maximum exposure to her still virgin pussy. He moved out of the way to give the audience a view and then rolled back in front of her.

He gently inserted a bare finger into her tiny hole, twisting his hand to feel around. With his other hand he massaged her clit vigorously. Paula's excitement went through the roof, her butt lifted off the table and she screamed. She held her butt in the air for a long time before dropping it back onto the table with a thump.

Next the doctor brought a spreader out of his coat pocket. He showed it to Paula and told her what he was going to do with it. It didn't look like she was capable of comprehending anything he was saying, she just surrendered to whatever was going to happen next.

The doctor inserted the spreader and widened it, exposing the interior of Paula's pussy. Her juices and cum ran from her lips and down her butt. He used his flashlight to visually

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