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Skinnydipping with Jenny

Skinnydipping with Jenny [part 1 of 2]
By: Tom (

Skinny dipping with Jenny.

After our encounter with Phillip in the nightclub (see Jenny's night out ) he came by regularly, but nothing extraordinary happened. It became quite usual to have him around. The three of us would barbeque by the pool and swim in the nude. But nothing else.

One day he came over and brought a friend along. I could see Jenny was very exited by the newcomer. He was also lean and tall, like Phillip. Phillip introduced him as Ben and we invited them to join us for lunch at the pool.

Jenny had a white bikini on which showed her curves very nicely. She had purposefully removed all the lining so that it clung to her body when wet. Ben wore a speedo that had the same effect. His cock made a massive bulge and after a dip you could even see through the fabric that he was circumcised. Jenny joined by showing her erect nipples through the fabric. the whole atmosphere was electric and erotic. Phillip seemed to have told Ben about our previous encounter as he was very attentive.

Phillip spoke about how he had been swimming naked with us before and Ben asked if we would mind if he also plunged naked. Off course we didn't but we had more the idea that he wanted to see Jenny naked. But she seemed oblivious and kept her flimsy bikini on while the three men stripped and cavorted in the pool.

But Jenny had other ideas. She lay next to the pool on the grass and asked Phillip to rub lotion on her back.


Phillip could see that Jenny was turned on by the whole scenario and by Ben in particular. Jenny looked stunningly beautiful and he felt the hornyness creeping up in him. She had a bikini on that left nothing to the imagination after she had been in the pool. He could clearly see the outline of her thick lips and her areolas with her nipples protruding invitingly. At the back the fabric also clung to her shapely bottom as if it was just begging to be caressed.


Ben was amazed at the beautiful creature Phillip had introduced him to. Phillip had told him of her but he did not quite believe him. Now he saw for himself that she was just the nicest thing alive. From Phillip tale he was already hot for her and now he wanted more than anything to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her. From what he could gather from her body language it seemed to be mutual. His libido almost went of the chart when she asked Phillip to rub her back, and he positioned his chair so that he would not miss anything.


Jenny felt the sensual touch of Phillips warm hands on her back and felt herself become instantly moist and warm between her legs. She could feel her pussy swell, engorged. Her nipples ached to be touched and turned between masculine fingers and she could feel that they had become rock hard. Phillip caressed her back and ran his hands up and down her legs, avoiding any contact with her pussy. It made her even more randy. ********. I positioned myself so that I could also enjoy the sight of my randy wife teasing the two men.

"Let's get the straps out of the way" she said and sat upright, reaching behind her to untie the bikini top. The flimsy garment fell away revealing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples stood out like never before.

"Rub some on my front too" she asked and Phillip obliged willingly, lovingly cupping the two beautiful orbs in his hands. Then he tweaked her nipples in a half hearted attempt to make it look as if he had in mind applying the suntan lotion. The rest he smeared down her front over her feminine six pack, down to where the bikini panty kept her enclosed.


Ben sitting next to Tom, her husband, could only see from behind that Phillip was rubbing her tits and her front and he ached to see more. He was still naked from the dip and now his big member could no longer be controlled and rose up in a fully fledged boner. Tom looked at it amused and said dryly: "That pretty huh?"


I looked at my pretty wife being rubbed over her tits and belly and could not help being amused at the big boner she was giving Ben. I could not keep from getting hard myself and saw that Phillip was going the same way.

"Why, look at you " Jenny laughed when she saw Phillip getting hard "I had better lei down" and she lay down on her front again. "Now you can do my legs" she continued.

From where Ben and sat we could now see her back from directly below her feet. My gaze went from her feet up her legs to the little corner it made at the top. Phillip, enjoying the game and understanding her perfectly sat beside her so that the other two men could have a uninterrupted view of what he was doing. He leant over Jenny and rubbed her legs with long strokes, just lightly brushing her pussy at the top. Then he rubbed her back again, pushing her panty down slightly.

Phillip rub down Jenny's back and enjoyed the sight of her round buns moving under the pressure. He pushed her panty slightly down and smiled conspiratorially at the two men sitting a little way away from her feet. They where all three enjoying the game which was quite evident by them all being fully erect. Even Tom, her husband was rock hard and made no attempt to conceal it. He just wondered how far would Jenny allow the game to continue.

Phillip leant over to rub her legs again. As he touched the top of her legs she opened them wide to allow him access to the inside of her beautiful legs. This time he responded by pulling the panty up in between her legs and buns, and rubbing right against her pussy. Up and down, up and down. His attention returned to her back and now he slipped his hand under the panty and rubber her buns. He let a finger wander to feel her puckered hole and rubbed broadly over her whole pussy.


Jenny enjoyed the game with the new player and wondered how far would Tom allow it to go and how much he would enjoy it. The answer was not hard to guess as he soon sat there with a big boner and an even bigger smile. She wondered how far she herself would be willing to play along. As the game progressed, she realized it was becoming increasingly hard to draw a line. She was now so incredibly horny, she could not stop herself. Knowing that she made the men as horny and knowing that she was the object of it all made her almost cum. When Philip prised her legs open with his exploring hand she could make no conscious decision any more, but opened her legs wide, involuntarily. Now she just wanted more. She was glad to feel Phillip pull away the thin fabric to expose her most private parts to her husband and the stranger.

"I might as well take it off completely" she mockingly complained, jumped up stripped her panty off and lay down again on her tummy. In pretended modesty she pressed her legs together, so that all the men could see was her naked buns.

"Not like that" Phillip joked and smacked her bare behind, aiming the blow at her concealed pussy.

I watched mesmerized as she opened her legs wide, displaying a wonderful sight of folds and ass. Phillips fingers now dug openly into her exposed pussy and I was delighted to see his manly fingers slide in and out of my wife. He pulled his wet fingers out of her and pulled apart her ass. cheeks. Instinktivly she clenched them. Immediately Phillip smacked her on her cunt, saying, mock sternly: "SHOW!" and she responded by opening wide again. Phillip pulled apart her ass. cheeks and exposing both her holes to us. He smiled at us and said "Is 'n't this what you want to see?" He pressed his thumb on her asshole and with the other fingers started to work her pussy hole again, bringing her nearly to a climax.

Sensing a climax coming Jenny turned over in her back, offering her clitoris to the massaging fingers. We all three watched as she came.

Only after she had stopped convulsing did Phillip mount her.

His cock still erect, he waited for her to calm down hen positioned him over her and for the second time I watched as he sank his long member seemingly endlessly into my wife's pussy.

After a while of pumping rhythmically Phillip pulled his long cock out of her and commanded" turn over" His long member was red and wet with her juices. It hung over Jenny while she turned over and then sank into her again. This time after only a few thrusts Phillip stiffened and came in her. When he rolled of her I nudged Ben: "Go". He did not need another invite, but was on her back immediately, his cock prodding for her wet hole.

To be continued......

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