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First Foursome

First Foursome [part 1 of 2]
By: CapnWebb

First Foursome

It had been a very pleasant evening. We'd not seen Mac and Jenny for a couple of years so it had been really good to get together for a few drinks, a Thai meal and a chat. When the meal was over I suggested that rather than end the evening we all went back to our place to reminisce some more over coffee. Twenty minutes later we were back home and Michelle and I were in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil. As I spooned coffee into the mugs my wife wrapped her arms around me from behind and gave me a hug. Putting her lips to my ear she whispered,

"It's a bit of a pity you invited them back. I finally took the plunge tonight and did what you've been wanting me to do for ages, I've not been wearing knickers all night; and it's worked, it's really made me horny."

I turned around and faced her, my hands immediately roaming over her backside. No tell-tale ridges under the skirt; a shiver ran along my spine as I realised that she was, indeed, an underwear free zone!

"Why didn't you tell me earlier", I whispered as I pulled her closer.

"I wanted it to be a big surprise for when we got home but then, before I could say anything, you went and invited Mac and Jenny over."

"I'll just have to find an excuse to get rid of them quickly, then". I pulled her tight and kissed her on the mouth, grabbing a couple of hands full of knickerless buttocks beneath a thin layer of material as I did so. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen as I anticipated what we would soon be up to.

Pulling out of the clinch we finished making coffee and made our way back to the living room. Michelle's little bombshell had been a big enough surprise but the sight that met us as we entered the room more than topped it.

Mac was leaning back in an armchair, trousers around his ankles, whilst Jenny, skirt up to her waist and panty gusset pulled to one side, was straddling his thick cock. Our entrance didn't faze them at all. Looking straight at the lengthening bulge in my trousers Jenny said something about just getting a bit carried away by the moment but we could always join them. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I looked across at Michelle, expecting her to go ballistic, but she was just watching Mac's prick sliding in and out of Jenny's moist cunt.

"What did you have in mind?" I ventured, still dazed that Michelle was reacting the way she was.

"Well, Jen really loves a bit of DP. Why don't you come over and give it her up her arse while I fill her pussy."

Jenny looked straight into my eyes, nodding assent whilst I just stood there transfixed, not knowing quite what to do.

I felt a little nudge in my back and turned to face Michelle. A curious sort of hunger I'd not seen before showing in her face,

"Go on," she urged, "do it. I don't mind."

I needed no further prompting. I love the feeling of my erect cock filling a tight anus; the trouble was my wife didn't. We'd tried a couple of times but she was always reluctant and didn't enjoy it. Maybe she saw this as a way for me to fulfil my need without her being involved. Whatever her reasons I was up for it.

Quickly I stripped out of my trousers and stepped across the room towards our friends. Jenny stood and undid her skirt, letting it slide down her stockinged legs to the floor. Whilst my mate removed his trousers I knelt in front of his wife and slowly slid her silk knickers to her ankles.

I took the opportunity to study her close up. I'd not seen Jenny's legs before as she favours long skirts. It's a criminal shame that she doesn't show them off more, they're long and well-toned. The fact that that she was wearing black, seamed stockings, held up by suspenders, and black, high-heeled shoes just compounded the crime of hiding those lovely pins. I started at her feet and ran my eyes all the way up her legs, loving the contrast between stocking tops and thighs, until my gaze finally rested on her pussy; moist, pouting swollen lips and naked - not a hair in sight. I reached out and stroked along her slit with a couple of fingers, just moistening the tips with her juices. I brought my fingers to my lips to taste her, she tasted delicious.

My train of thought was broken by Mac saying he was ready. I woke up to the reality of what we were doing and started wondering quite how we were going to achieve our intended congress. I needn't have worried; our guests were clearly no strangers to this kind of activity.

Mac settled himself back into the armchair in more or less the position he'd been occupying earlier, his cock standing proud. Jenny stood facing him, with her legs either side of his, and crouched until her pussy was just above his erection; gripping the chair to take her weight on her arms and her knees supported by the front. Standing behind her this offered me a great view of her arse and cunt; my first view of her tight little anus. I trembled with the anticipation of what was soon to come.

"Okay, Steve, lick my arse. Get me nice and wet so that you can bugger me!"

I felt a further surge of excitement, but a little unsure. I glanced across at Michelle, wondering what she was thinking; she just smiled and nodded her encouragement. I knelt and put my face between Jenny's cheeks and started working my tongue slowly over her sphincter. As soon as the tip of my tongue touched her rim I felt her body quiver. Gradually I worked up speed and pressure, coating her arse with my saliva, lubricating her anus; slowly working it open. When I could thrust my tongue in deep I slipped a couple of fingers into her wet pussy so that I could add some of her own natural lubrication to my spit. As I withdrew, the back of my hand stroked across the end of Mac's dick; a reminder that someone else was involved, and waiting.

I gently eased my wet fingers into her anus, slowly finger-fucking her, opening her up enough to take my length.

"I'm ready," she moaned, "bugger me hard! Fill me up"

Again I felt an additional quiver of excitement as Jenny so frankly expressed what she wanted. Rubbing against Mac's cock in the process I thrust deep into Jenny's pussy to get a final coat of lubricant before entering her back passage.

I pulled out of her cunt and started pressing the thicker end of my cock against her tight opening, slowly squeezing the first inch of my erection into her forbidden chamber. Once my bell-end was in I hesitated and again looked around at Michelle. Any fears I had that she might have changed her mind were quickly dispelled as I saw her; skirt around ankles, stockinged legs apart, right hand slowly stroking her pussy.

"Go on," she urged, "Both of you. Fuck her! Do it!"

It was all the encouragement I needed. With one massive thrust, I buried my meat all the way up to my balls, eliciting a squeal of joy from Jenny. As my balls slapped against her pussy lips I could feel the increased pressure as her husband entered her cunt.

"Oh yes!" Jenny sighed as her husband slid his cock into her until our balls were rubbing against each other. "Now fuck me hard, you horny bastards," she screamed.

Slowly we built up rhythm; Mac using slow deep thrusts to my quicker, shallower movements. Being up a good-looking woman's arse was great in itself, but the added sensation of feeling another man's cock rubbing against mine through just a thickness of pussy flesh magnified the whole experience immeasurably. We fucked harder. Each movement of our cocks causing squeals of delight in our shared lover.

Still a bit concerned, I looked across at Michelle. I needn't have been worried. She was completely oblivious to me. Eyes fixed firmly on our fucking she was furiously frigging herself; the fingers of her left hand rubbing her clit whilst the fingers of the other rapidly thrust in and out of her hairy cunt. Her inner thighs glistened as her pussy juice ran down to soak into her stocking tops.

Such an unexpected sight was suddenly more than enough for me, I was ready to shoot.

"Look at Michelle," I gasped. It did the trick. The additional bonus of seeing my wife masturbating over the three of us fucking was enough to send us all over the edge together.

I felt the most intense orgasm ever as I started shooting cum deep into Jenny's arse. As Mac shot his load into her pussy she started going into near convulsions.

"Oh shit, oh god, oh shit!" she kept crying over and over as we emptied our semen into her, "Oh god!"

From across the room similar cries echoed as Michelle reached her solo climax. I pulled out of Jenny and rushed across to my wife, taking her in my arms and cuddling her close as the effects of the most intense orgasm I'd ever known her have slowly started to subside.

I looked across to the others to witness a similar scene. Mac was slumped in the chair, holding Jenny in his arms. As I watched his cock gradually slipped out of her pussy, followed by a dribble of cum. Jenny's head was on his chest, tears in her eyes as she gently sobbed, "That was so good, the best. Thanks, thanks".

Michelle moved towards the other couple, still a little shaky from coming so hard, eyes fixed on Jenny's dripping, gaping arsehole.

"I couldn't believe it. It was so exciting to watch," she said, absently scooping a dribble of cum from Jenny's anus with her finger, "but didn't it hurt?"

Jenny turned her head to look into my wife's eyes, took her hand and sucked my semen from her finger before replying.

"There's a bit of mild discomfort to start with, but once we start fucking that soon disappears to be replaced with the most incredibly intense feelings of excitement. Your pussy and arse burn with pleasure. Just being arse-fucked is great, but having your cunt filled by a second cock really tops it."

As she spoke she stood up to face my wife, still looking deep into her eyes. Mac and I watched in silence as Jenny slowly stroked her fingers up Michelle's thigh, dipped them into her wet pussy, lifted them to her lips and tasted the juices.

As if in a dream, Michelle shadowed her friend's movements to have her first taste of woman, liberally flavoured with Mac's semen.

For a moment that seemed an eternity they gazed longingly at each other, before locking lips in a long, lingering kiss.

This completely unexpected turn of events was starting to have an effect on my cock; I could feel it stirring back to life. Looking across at Mac I could see it was having a similar effect on him too.

I sat on the settee to watch how events were going to enfold. By now the girls were getting more passionate. They were holding each other very close, each woman with a thigh pressed up very hard against her partner's pussy. As their tongues chased each other in and out of their mouths their hands tore at their upper clothing in an effort to remove it.

Michelle won. With a sharp tug she managed to tear Jenny's blouse wide open and pull it over her shoulders and halfway down her arms, pinning them to her sides. Pleased with her success she stepped back to view her victory. I wasn't sure about the effect on my wife, but Jenny's choice of under-attire certainly worked for me. Stripping off the outerwear had revealed a bright red satin basque; tied tightly all the way up the front with black ribbons; black suspenders ran down her thighs to hold her stockings up. Half cups held up a good-sized pair of firm breasts, exposing small, but very erect, pink nipples. Judging by the low whistle from Mac he'd no more idea of his wife's underwear arrangements this night than I'd had of mine.

Going over to help Jenny free herself of the blouse, and get a closer look at her tits, I suggested that Michelle might as well take her top off. With a slightly shy grin she pulled her top off over her head, put her arms behind her back to unhook her bra and let it fall to the floor. Standing up close behind Jenny, semi-erect cock brushing her backside, I looked at my wife. All she wore now was a pair of black, hold-up fishnet stockings and a pair of high-heeled, black, zip-up, calf-length suede boots. In a strange display of modesty she was trying to cover her tits with crossed arms, apparently completely oblivious of the openly excited pussy just a foot and a half or so below! She looked fantastic.

As I was rubbing my dick against his wife I guess it was only fair that Mac should go over to mine, gently lower her arms and suck on her tits. On reflection, perhaps that was what she was embarrassed about - I'd never seen her nipples so aroused and engorged, they looked ready to pop. This didn't escape Jenny's attention either, within moments her lips and tongue were attached to the nipple that wasn't receiving her husband's avid attention.

It wasn't too long before both girls' juices were starting to flow again, and just a quick glance at the guys' fully stiffened cocks was enough to see that things needed to move on.

"Shall we go upstairs," I ventured.

"Good idea," Michelle replied. Taking Jenny by the hand, she led the way up to our bedroom. As the girls made their way up the stairs I hesitated long enough to give them half a dozen steps start so that I could watch their pussy lips from behind, opening and closing as they mounted the stairs.

By the time Mac and I entered the bedroom the ladies had already started. Lying on their sides, facing each other, they were kissing, fondling and stroking each other; Michelle had even managed to get the top of Jenny's basque open enough to free her tits.

As the men stood either side of the bed, gently stroking their hard cocks Jenny twisted round, flipping Michelle onto her back. Holding her partner's hips down with her hands and kneeling over her arms to pin them down Jenny positioned her pussy over my wife's mouth. Slowly she lowered her hips until her pussy lips were brushing against Michelle's lips.

"Go on darling, lick her pussy," I urged, taking Michelle's hand, giving it a squeeze of encouragement.

"But I don't know how to? I haven't done it before."

As she started speaking Jenny pressed down gently so that the movement of Michelle's lips and tongue as she spoke would be transferred to her pussy.

"That's a good start," Jenny whispered, "let's work from that."

As I watched, Michelle began to grow in confidence; her first tentative licks soon stretching the full length and depth of Jenny's hairless cunt. Jenny was a good teacher. Using her stance above Michelle's face she kept adjusting her position so that at times Michelle could only work on her clit and at others she could only lick her still open arsehole. Every so often another small deposit of my semen would add its salty taste to Michelle's tongue. After just a short while my wife was relaxed and happy enough to have her arms freed, responding immediately by pushing her hands through Jenny's suspenders, grabbing her buttocks and pulling her cunt even closer.

I was so intent on watching my wife eating pussy that I hadn't noticed that Mac was now standing on the bed, waving his cock in Jenny's face. With a smile she released her hold on Michelle's hips and grabbed Mac's erection with one hand and his balls with the other. Gently she pulled him towards her open mouth, teasing his tip with the end of her tongue before slowly taking his entire length. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, this woman had taken the full length of her husband's erect penis into her mouth, I could see his balls slapping against her chin as he slowly started rocking back and forth in a slow throat fuck.

Every so often Mac had to withdraw to allow his wife to catch her breath, but within seconds he was plunging back in, holding the back of her head tight as his wife deep- throated him. After a few minutes Jenny appeared to be struggling a bit, the answer becoming obvious as Mac pulled out for the last time. In the last couple of minutes Michelle had hit on a technique that really hit the spot and Jenny exploded in an orgasm that shook the bed as she screamed with pleasure. Deprived of his wife's mouth Mac had to finish himself off, firing a couple of big dollops of spunk into her face from close range. As the waves of her orgasm subsided Jenny cleaned the rest of Mac's semen from him with her tongue; allowing that which had sprayed her face to run down her cheeks and chin, drop onto her tits and run off them onto Michelle's belly.

Slowly, Jenny raised herself off Michelle, bent her face to hers and kissed her, allowing some of her husband's cum to dribble into my wife's mouth.

"For a first time, that was pretty good," she said, "Let me repay the compliment."

Lying on her back, with her head just over the edge of the bed she ordered Michelle to kneel over her face as she'd done to her earlier. Slightly hesitantly, Michelle did as she was told; slowly lowering her hairy pussy over her friend's waiting mouth. Almost immediately her face lit up with surprise as Jenny pushed her tongue deep into her cunt, rolling the tip of her tongue all the way down the back of her vaginal passage and quickly flicking it across her anus. More squeals of delight soon followed as, after a few quick flicks of her tongue tip, Jenny sucked Michelle's swollen clitoris between her lips and started gently grazing it with her teeth. As Jenny administered her oral wonders, Mac was playing his part. Kneeling in front of Michelle he had each of her nipples between thumbs and forefingers and was gently squeezing and pulling them. I could see my wife getting higher and higher as I watched our friends playing with her, totally uninhibited and really getting off on group sex.

"Steve, fuck my arse!"

"Pardon?" I couldn't believe my ears, Michelle doesn't do anal.

"I want to feel your cock in my arse. Please. Please bugger me, now."

I stood by the bed behind her and eased my cock into her pussy, Jenny transferring her tongue to my balls for the meantime. Gently I ease myself backwards and forwards, coating myself with her juices so that I could slip easily into her back passage. As I lubricated my cock I felt my bollocks sucked into Jenny's mouth.

"Stop fucking about with my pussy. I want you in my arse now!" Michelle screamed impatiently.

She'd never been like this before. I pulled out of cunt and mouth and positioned myself before her anus.

"Are you absolutely sure?" one last chance to reconsider.

"Yes, yes! Split my arse now!"

Without further hesitation I pushed and pushed, forcing myself all the way into her tiny anus, filling her with my cock.

"Owww!" she screamed as I invaded her private space; but it was too late I was in. Scared that I'd hurt her I kept still for a while, allowing her to relax. Eventually she spoke.

"You're right Jen. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once you've adjusted it feels so good. Fuck me, husband. Fill my arse with your cum".

I needed no further encouragement. As Jenny resumed oral duties I started to move my cock in and out of my wife's back passage, struggling to keep balance as the occasional trick by the other woman caused Michelle to buck uncontrollably as she hit a sensitive spot. I looked across at Mac, uninvolved at the moment; but, judging by his cock he was ready to be. I beckoned him to get on the bed.

"Darling, Mac's cock needs a little attention."

She looked around at me, smiled and turned back to wrap her lips around my friend's girth. Slowly at first, but with ever increasing enthusiasm Michelle's head bobbed up and down, lips clamped firmly around Mac's rod. As I watched, Jenny trembled as her husband's probing fingers found her clit.

My excitement heightened by what I could see I returned to sodomising my wife with a new vigour. Harder and harder I banged in and out, my balls beating a regular tattoo on Jenny's forehead.

A couple more minutes of that was all I needed. As my balls reached the point of bursting I pulled my cock all the way out and them rammed the full length all the way back in. As my bollocks slapped Jenny's face I finally lost control and fired load after load deep into Michelle's bowels. As I let loose Michelle hit her climax, clamping her arse tight around my cock, trapping me solid.

At the other end Mac was struggling to hold Michelle's head steady so that he could finish fucking her face and finish off Jenny. With a big stretch of my arm I could just reach Jenny's slit, allowing Mac both hands free to hold Michelle in position.

Another minute or so was enough. First Mac tensed and grunted as he shot his cum into Michelle's mouth; half a minute later his wife started squealing with pleasure again as my fingers teased her into another orgasm.

I stepped back, pulling Michelle off the bed; my cock still deeply embedded in her.

"Michelle, don't swallow my cum, just hold it in your mouth for a minute. Now the pair of you just hold still until I give the word."

Curious, we did as Mac bade us. On the bed before of us his wife readjusted her position so her head hung down over the edge; mouth wide open and tongue down her chin. I was beginning to get an idea of what was to come.

"Now position yourselves over her mouth and Steve, pull your cock out."

I happily complied, wiping my dick all over Jenny's face as a steady stream of my spent semen trickled out of Michelle's arse over her lips, cheeks, tongue and into her waiting mouth. Once the flow had subsided Jenny pulled herself up to stand next to us. Reaching out with both arms she pulled my wife to her, crushing their lips together in a passionate kiss. As their mouths opened to admit probing tongues the collected sexual secretions trickled from the corners of heir mouths to run down their necks and pool onto their breasts. Breaking the clinch Jenny stepped back to allow her husband to step in to rub the juices into my wife's tits with his cock.

Feeling fulfilled, but shattered, I suggested that they may as well take our bed for the night. Leaving Jenny with a goodnight kiss I led Michelle up the next flight to the spare bedroom.

As I improvised a bed from the spare mattress and sheets we kept up there I looked at my wife. She was lost in a dreamlike state.

"Penny for them," I said.

"I just can't believe what we've just done. It's not like me at all. I don't understand it."

I walked over to her and took her hands in mine.

"I have to say it's taken me a bit by surprise. Do you regret it?"

"No, not at all. I really loved every minute." She hesitated, "But, me, behaving like such a slut... do you still love me?"

"Of course I do".

"Will you make love to me... now?"

I looked into her eyes and gently nodded. Leading her over to the mattress I laid her down on her side and lay next to her.

"Just relax, I'll do all the work, " I said.

With one hand on her hip and the other on her opposite shoulder I pulled her into an embrace. As our lips met I could taste and smell the night's cocktail of sex on her. Slipping my tongue into her mouth I savoured the taste of mixed cum and pussy juice.

Gently slipping a knee between her legs and pushing my thigh between hers I applied pressure to her pussy; a shock of electricity running up my spine as I stroked against the nylon of her stockings. I ran my hand from her hips to cup her breast as I transferred my lips to her neck. Still that heady taste of group sex where she'd dripped cum.

Rolling her onto her back I started to lick and kiss my way towards her tits, the taste diminishing where Mac had rubbed the discharge in. Her nipples were still big and swollen; sensitive too. She let out a little gasp, half pleasure, half pain as I took one between my lips and sucked gently. Slowly, slowly, slowly I played with her tits using my mouth, first one then the other; rolling her nipple with my tongue before suddenly clamping tight with my lips and sucking hard.

Before long Michelle was starting to gently writhe under me as the intense sensations generated in her tits started to permeate the rest of her body. Squeezing an arm between our hips, she managed to get hold of my balls and began to massage them.

Still sucking her nipples I slid my hand down her body to slip it between my, now wet, thigh and her pussy. She was soaking. Just stroking my fingertips over her proud clit was enough to tip her into a minor climax, her hand squashing my balls as a spasm of excitement swept over her. Moving on I eased three fingers deep into her cunt and started to finger fuck my wife, building into a crescendo; faster, deeper, faster, deeper, faster, deeper.

As the power of the orgasm welled up inside she started screaming,

"I need you inside me. I want you to come inside me, now!"

Pushing her thighs apart with my knees, I knelt between her legs, throbbing cock inches from her waiting cunt. Leaning back and reaching behind with both arms I managed to grab her ankles and pull them up towards her head, rocking her cunt up towards me and exposing a view of her still-recovering arsehole.

"Hold your legs for me," I gasped.

Grabbing a calf with each hand Michelle held herself wide open for me. In an instant I was in her, driving my cock in to its limit. Slowly I withdrew. Watching her pussy lips cling to my meat as I exited. Again and again I stabbed her cunt, watching the expressions of joy on her face as my balls slapped her arse. Suddenly I couldn't hold it any longer and I fired my last load of the night deep, deep inside her.

Sensing my orgasm, Michelle lost control for her last time of the evening. A massive wave of convulsions sweeping over her, pussy muscles clamping my cock tight and booted calves squeezing my ears as she screamed herself through a wave of euphoria. I kept my eyes fixed on her lovely face as the expressions slowly transformed from intense exhilaration through to complete peace and relaxation. Slowly the orgasm passed, returning her awareness of the present situation.

"Oh god! That was so good," she whispered, smiling at me.

With the storm abated for the time-being we untangled our sweaty bodies and snuggled up close to each other, silently reflecting on the events of the evening until sleep finally overtook us.

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