Friday, September 3, 2010

Army Foursome, Part three

Army Foursome, Part three [part 3 of 4]
By: KathHal (

An Army Foursome, Part Three

To be sure, Patricia and I enjoyed sharing a shower - hands all over one another, teasing, washing away remnant of cum from my cock and her cunnie, fingering her pussy and stroking her ass as she stroked me to full erection. And to stand under the spray and embrace and kiss - pure joy! Although I knew that she was married to another man, a good friend, I was happy about what we were sharing. To be sure, I felt some affection for Donna, but I knew (a mutual decision) that our relationship would be transitory. I felt just a flicker of envy for Dave and the wonderful woman to whom he was wed.

Enough. Suffice to say that I eventually emerged from the shower with a high-standing erection. After we dried, I suggested to Tricia that we get onto the bed and play around while Dave and Donna did their shower. No, she had another idea. "Let's go fix up some lunch and have a beer, and then there is something that Dave and I talked about that I want to do with you."

When we returned to the living room I was not surprised to see Dave enjoying a blow job from Donna, who was kneeling on the floor in front of his chair. She saw my erection and beckoned me over to her, and she took her mouth off Dave's cock briefly and licked my dick and took it into her mouth. "God, what depravity!" she said. "And I love it!" Then she went back to sucking Dave, for another couple of minutes, until he patted the top of her head and suggested that they go shower.

Now, something else about Patricia that I liked. Here we were, alone in the kitchen of the apartment she shared with her husband, both of us stark naked, and me aroused. She behaved as naturally as if she was at a formal reception, knowing that my eyes were ranging over her bare body. What a cute rump! I thought as I watched her putting together a plate of sandwiches. A hint of pubic hair protruding from the V of her legs, when viewed from behind. A firm tanned body, without a hint of fat. Smiling over her shoulder as she sipped beer from a mug, a happy woman - and one who knew she was going to be fucked again and again before our play ended.

Donna, to my delight, was also blase about walk-around nudity. When she and Dave returned from the shower she helped Tricia assemble our lunches, chatting happily as she poured herself a beer, pausing to give me a buss and a tickle and a smile. The previous times I had fucked Donna, I had noted that she was not into false modesty: she had a great body, she knew it, she did not mind letting me see it when she was at ease.

As we ate our sandwiches and potato salad, not a word was uttered about he great sex that we had just experienced. To be sure, both Dave and I had very hard cocks, but we chose to ignore them for the moment and simply enjoy being together. Donna sat with her legs askew, her pussy on full display, and well aware that Dave and I were looking at her as we ate. Tricia a bit different, legs crossed, but drawn up so that the haired patch of her cunnie was visible at the bottom of her V.

Dave and I did KP duties, rinsing the plates and putting them into the dishwasher. I heard some giggles from the girls, and I wondered what Tricia had meant in the shower when she said that she and Dave had something special in mind that they wanted to do. Tricia greeted me with a tight hug when Dave and I returned to the living room. "You must think that I am a pretty easy piece of ass, the way I jumped all over you, and half naked to boot, eh?" She said this in a jocular way, teasing. "Yeah, gal, you were a piece of cake....and I am wicked enough to take advantage of little girls who have hot pants," I teased back to her.

"Well, my friend, the next time is going to harder," she said. "Dave wants to watch you try to seduce me. I am going to put my clothes back on and we are going to play like we are a couple of teens who have just started dating. And let's see how you can make out with a very shy girl who is a virgin and who wants to keep her cherry until she is married. You game?"

I laughed. "Give it a shot," I said. "Right now, I am game for anything." So away the girls went, in another flurry of giggles. Dave and I popped new beers and sat facing one another, him in the big chair where he had fucked Donna, me on the couch. "So, what do you think of the lady?" he asked. "One helluva' woman," I said, "and thanks for coming up with this idea. And I know that Donna is enjoying herself as well." Dave allowed that Donna was a sexual delight as well, and that his next order of business was going to be prolonged eating of her pussy. It dawned on me that although Patricia had sucked my dick very briefly, that was the only oral sex that had passed between the four of us. "You might want to get your mouth on Tricia's pussy as well," Dave says, "she really loves being eaten. But one thing, if you please: if she sucks you again, get out of her mouth before you cum, that is my private territory, OK?" I agreed. And I could not help but grin at the circumstances: here sat two college-educated officers in the US Army, both with cocks as hard as steel rods, right out in the open, talking about sex with two women to whom we were attached. And this fellow was giving me the ground rules concerning being fellated by his wife! I made a mental note to make sure that Donna got his dick in her mouth before our fun ended.

(An after-thought, in response to a question that my wife Kath asked when I told her about some of my early sexual experiences, including the Chicago threesome: Did being naked, and hard, in the company of another man cause me any problems? If so, such thoughts are long out of my mind, for I do not remember any uneasiness. During the several gang bangs of the baseball groupie at Stanford, I recall jerking off in the presence of team mates to get hard enough to fuck the woman again; my friends did the same, and no one seemed to think anything about the fact that other guys were nearby.)

Anyway, back to Germany. Ten minutes or so passed, and out they came again. Tricia now wore the sort of clothes one would expect on a college co-ed - skirt and blouse, ribbon in her hair, loafers. The change of clothes took half a dozen years off her age. She was not longer a sex bomb in a see-through nightie but a young girl who acted shy and nervous. (I had wondered whether Donna would carry out the same fantasy that Dave and Tricia had devised. No, she remained stark naked, and I noticed that her hand was going down to rub her pussy from time to time.)

So let's act out what they wanted. "Hi," I said to Patricia, "it's so good seeing you again. Let's sit down and chat awhile, the movie doesn't start for another hour or so." She smiled and sat on the couch, legs primly crossed, as I settled in beside her and put a tentative arm over her shoulders. "You look really super tonight, Patricia. I feel darned lucky to be here with you...." A slight hug; her body stiffened, then she sort of relaxed and moved towards me. I put a finger under her chin and tilted her face up and said, "How about a hello-kiss, my dear?"

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