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Re-reading the Good book

Re-reading the Good book [part 2 of 2]
By: juanwildone (

The Good Book - Sharing the good news

In the beginning ...

Melissa poured a fresh cup of coffee for herself and Erica. They each added sugar and cream to their preference, sipped quietly, then murmured appreciatively. They drank their coffee in communal silence. First cups drained, Melissa turned to her neighbor and smiled engagingly. The down-turned corners of Erica's mouth indicated that the transformation of her sex life had encountered yet another rough spot. Melissa sighed to herself. Erica's husband - great guy that he was - had become one very tough nut to crack. Never the less she felt it was best to strike while the husband was still trainable. She thought she needed to do something to shake Erica out of her rut - something spontaneous. The idea hit her in a flash.

"I've been thinking of what you need to try next." Melissa leaned in closer. "How are you and Brain with quickies?"

"Quickies?" Erica frowned even deeper.

"You know what I mean Erica ?wham bam thank you ma'am' sex. Bent over a chair or table, panties pulled down or pushed aside and a hot, hard cock pushed into you then ?bam - bam - bam - bam' until your deliriously happy husband cums with a roar - Robert loves it when we do it. Quickies; you and Brain need to do quickies."

Erica unconsciously rubbed her thighs together, the image that Melissa had painted set her imagination afire. She saw her husband throwing her over his favorite chair and ripping her clothes off, he towered over her with his prodigious cock sticking out from his pants. A gasp and chilling shudder brought her back to reality. She shook her head. "We tried something like that once ... it really hurt; Brian's kind of big."

Melissa hugged her friend. "That is not a problem that is impossible to solve - just how big is he?"

Erica placed her index fingers about eight inches apart, then made a ring with her hand - her thumb and first finger weren't even close to touching. She blushed when Melissa whistled and chided her about being "a very lucky girl." Erica was beckoned to follow Melissa into the master bedroom.

Erica watched as Melissa went to her closet and returned with a small make-up case. Melissa opened the case and turned it over, dumping the contents on the bed. Erica's eyes went wide in wonder, then shock, finally settling on a fierce curiosity. The case had been filled with sex toys; a couple of realistic looking cocks (one as big as Brian, maybe bigger), an assortment of vibrators, bottles filled with colored liquids, handcuffs, and other unknown and somewhat intimidating looking items that were scattered about on the bed.

Melissa smiled and picked out the large flesh-colored cock and a bottle of clear fluid. "Sometimes spontaneity needs a little prior preperation." She explained that being ready for action was no different than dressing to arouse. In fact, they complimented one another. Melissa rubbed some of the fluid on the head of the cock and offered it to Erica to touch. "Ready is as ready is."

"It's really slippery," Erica observed. She realized she was rubbing her thighs together again and stopped.

"I've already seen you - you know, when you tried on all of that lingerie - so you might as well get a look at me." Melissa reached under her dress and pulled down her panties. She scooted onto to the bed hiked her skirt up and spread her legs wide - her sex on full display to Erica.

Before Erica could say anything, Melissa placed the head of the fake cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed - it slipped easily inside. She played with it a while then pulled it back out and held it in front of Erica. "This is bigger than Robert yet you saw how easily it went in. A little work with this and you'll find Brian's size is not a barrier to great spontaneous sex. I'm going to wash this - then it's your turn. Why don't you get yourself ready, I'll just be a minute."

Melissa returned from her bathroom slowly toweling the plastic appendage dry. "Robert knows I have some toys, but he's never seen this. He would love to see what you just saw." She continued chatting as she recoated the head of the cock with the clear fluid. "Okay girlfriend, spread ?em."

Erica didn't move. Melissa set the cock on the towel. "Erica, you aren't cheating on Brian by using something like this - that's why they're called marital aids. It's meant to make your marriage better and quickies are definitely a part of a happy marriage. Imagine you're feeling super sexy and want Brian to slip you the old hard one first thing when he gets home. Maybe you've been calling him throughout the day talking sexy, telling him how much you need it ?right now baby, I need it right now.' When you know he's on the way home you take this out, lube it up, and get yourself good and ready. Viola, you're now ready for a ?wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am' quickie. And don't worry about Brian noticing that he can easily penetrate you - he'll be too happy just being there. And the best part is afterwards your man will be very, very eager to please ... you!"

"I don't think we should do this." Erica looked confused and conflicted. Melissa launched into a rehearsed argument about the importance of keeping a marriage fresh and spontaneous (even if that spontaneity was sometimes planned) Erica was slowly persuaded as Melissa reminded her of the progress made and the successes enjoyed, "I haven't mislead you yet - have I?"

Erica reluctantly agreed, slowly bent her legs and spread them apart, "I'll just pull my panties to the side okay." She reached for the cock; her hand shaking. She pulled her panties aside, placed the cock at her entrance, and pushed gently.

Nothing happened.

She pushed again.

Nothing still, well maybe the head went in a little.

"Like this Erica." Melissa grabbed the base of the cock and pushed with a slight twisting motion. The cock sunk quickly into a gasping Erica. Melissa had moved so quickly that her motion pushed her hand against Erica's aroused clit. Then Melissa's hand twisted - and the accumulative affect of all that thigh rubbing reached it's natural conclusion as Erica orgasmed with a loud exclamation. As she came her legs clamped together causing Melissa's hand to push even harder against her clit. It was only after Erica's orgasm faded that her legs slowly separated. Erica slowly opened her eyes to she a shocked and chagrined Melissa looking back.

"Oh God I'm so sorry." Erica blushed deeply.

"No, I'm sorry. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have done that."

"No. I ... I can't believe I came so easily. Wow, that was amazing."

The girls looked at one another and burst out laughing. Once they started they couldn't stop. Every effort at self-controlled elicited new gales of guffaws.

Maybe it was inevitable but somehow in all the laughter Melissa got it in her head that she needed to have her own orgasm so that they were equal. Both were surprised when she grabbed the cock from Erica's hand and (without washing it) pushed it slowly inside her own cunt. Melissa quickly developed a rhythm but it soon became obvious that she wasn't going to be coming as quickly as Erica. The room became erotically quiet but for the soft squish of the counterfeit cock in Melissa's wet cunt - and the sound of Melissa's panting breath. She looked at Erica with an expression of reluctant acceptance. She wasn't going to come quickly.

Erica reached forward with a quiet ?let me help.' She took the cock in her right hand and with her left she began to slowly rub Melissa's clit.

It was only after Melissa's long groaning orgasm that they both realized what had just happened. Amid blushes and glances of apology Melissa slowly recovered. "Maybe we should just put these away for right now?"



One week later ...

Melissa finished pouring coffee and set the pot down. "Are we okay? You know after what happened last week? Things got a little ..."

"Yes, we're okay. No, we're better than okay - we're friends, good friends. Nothing has changed that. I know what happened was a surprise, even a shock, but it wasn't ... I just - well there we were and everything really happened fast." Erica sipped her coffee and took a deep breath, "I guess I need to confess something to you, especially to you. But first YOU have to promise never to tell anyone."

"Okay - I promise." Melissa crossed her heart and held her palm up.

"As I've told you before, I had never had sex with another man before my wedding night; Brian is my first and only. I'd done sexual things with guys, you know, getting felt up, hand jobs - and not very good ones based on what I know now - that sort of thing but never any penetration. Never."

"Okay, I was pretty much the same way ... maybe there was a little bit of poking here and there but I never completely went all the way." Melissa smiled, she was of the opinion (an opinion she'd never completely shared with her husband) that sex wasn't sex if the guy didn't ejaculate inside you.(Okay it was just one guy - and they only did it three times - in her defense Melissa had thought he was getting ready to propose to her.)

Erica sipped her coffee and then put her cup down. She interlaced her fingers to keep her hands from fidgetting. "Oh God - I can't believe I'm going to tell you this - okay, making it out of high school as a virgin wasn't that tough. Except I guess I always thought I'd be married soon after. Well that didn't happen so when I went off to college - I still wanted to save myself. Thank God I didn't meet any guys I really liked during my freshman year.

"By my sophomore year, I was beginning to waiver. I dated this guy and if he had been just a little bit more aggressive ... I'd have slept with him. We dated for over a year, almost two years really. Anyway right after Spring break (this was in my Junior year now) I dropped by his apartment - I'd been taking care of his plants and stuff while he was away - and I guess he forgot I had a key. I just let myself in like I had done before. Well I heard noises coming from the bedroom so I went and checked."

"He was with another guy, they were sucking each other. I was shocked, hurt, angry, furious ... I was also curious, even jealous. Part of me wanted that to be ME - so I just watched until they were done. Well you can imagine the chaos when they finally noticed I was there - shouting, denials, attempted explanations. He even tried quoting Bible scripture to me. He said that since he and his friend never engaged in sodomy there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. He said oral sex was not sex. That it didn't count. I told him it counted to me and left."

"Oh you poor thing - you must have been devestated." Melissa placed her hand on Erica's and gave it a comforting caress.

"I was, I was - when I got back to my apartment my roommate immediately saw that something was terribly wrong. She poured me a shot of Tequila - I didn't even know she drank, let alone had a bottle in our room - and just waited for me to talk. Then she poured another, and another. We were both pretty drunk when I finally was able to tell her what happened. She was very sympathetic - but not that surprised - she said a lot of Christian men do that, you know, do oral sex with each other. She said it keeps them from going crazy."

"I said, ?Well goody for them - what are we supposed to do then?' And that's when she kissed me. And then I kissed her back. And then we were kissing each other. And then the clothes started coming off. And then we just ... it was my first time with a girl. We spent the night doing to each other what I had seen the guys doing. I found out I loved girl sex, absolutely loved it."

"Oh." Melissa became suddenly aware of her hand resting on Erica's. Should she pull it away or leave it? What if it leaving it meant something to Erica? Or would she be offended it she removed it? Melissa decided to do nothing, she prayed it was the right decision.

"I was surprised too. I still dated guys now and then, but for the most part it was just girls. Until I met Brian." Erica felt wonderfully unburdened as she described meeting the man she loved. "I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was the one. I immediately stopped having sex with girls."

"I was so sure of my future with Brian that I was ready to have sex with him before our first date was even over - I knew I wouldn't be able to resist or refuse him for very long. I just hoped he wouldn't take undo advantage of me. But that gorgeous man has so much self control, so much self discipline, he told me he wanted us to wait until we were married. Mercifully it was a short courtship and engagement." Erica laughed and Melissa joined her. It gave Melissa a chance to move her hand which made her feel more comfortable.

"Being married was wonderful, making love was incredible ... but overall the sex just by itself was only average. I did not then and have never told Brian about my bisexuality. I can't imagine how he would take it. We don't talk about sex, so I don't want to chance it. You know based on our talks that our sex life has been mostly trial and error. I'm stumped, with girls I had experience, I know what to do with girls - but guys not so much. So I just followed his lead only he didn't have any experience either. We were just bumbling around in the dark - literally. He didn't know what to do and I just couldn't tell him the truth. Thank God I met you.

"Me? I don't get it. When we met you seemed so shy. And you were so naive when it came to sex beyond the missionary position." Melissa squirmed in her seat in light of Erica's confession.

"All true ... all too true. You say I was shy. Around men I'm more indiferent than actually shy - I don't need to look, I've got my guy. It's just that I didn't know much about guys and Brian didn't know much about girls. And I couldn't tell him about my experience with girls. What would he think? I have to be careful too. I've got great gay-dar. When I'm around women I try to ... I see them and I see them looking at me, so I'm very careful. I still think women are beautiful, sexy, and oh so very desirable - but I've learned to say no. I will not succumb to that temptation. It's like I'm in bisexuals anonymous or something - I just say ?no' and maintain my straightness one day at a time"

"Ohmygod - then what I did to you last week! I didn't ... if I'd known ... you never said ..."

Erica leaned to whispering closeness. "Relax okay - we're fine. We are aren't we? I have to tell you something though, you will never know how close I came to kneeling between your legs and licking and kissing that pretty little pussy of yours. It was all I could do to restrain myself to just touching you and use that dildo on you. So what I'm really asking is that you not put temptation like that in front of me again. I said no once, I'm not at all sure I could turn away from you a second time ..."

"Oh." Melissa felt very vulnerable ... and aroused out of her mind. There was so much here being unsaid.

"I think I would get a lot more than a quiet ?oh' out of you. But is that a risk you want to take Melissa? No, me neither, that's why I say "Thank God for that book of yours." It giving me a way to unlock Brian's passion. We're making slow progress he seems to enjoying some of the new things - we did a quickie yesterday afternoon. He loved it ... I did too. So are we okay?"

Melissa came around the table and hugged Erica - then suddenly jumped back; "Can I hug you?"

"Yes you can hug me!" Erica initiated the next hug and the two friends sat down. They chatted a bit and slowly found their old conversational rhythm. Their talking as it had many a time before slowly spiraled back to sex.

"What about oral sex ... with your husband? Do you give it, get it?"

Erica frowned, "What I wouldn't give to have Brian go down on me. I've tried to do it with him but ..."

"Just do it girl." Melissa smiled her encouragement. "Let's get the book and look at some techniques, okay?"


A number of weeks later ...

"Dare I ask?" Melissa poured a fresh cup of coffee as her friend and neighbor sat down. The look of defeat was apparent enough, it was the downcast aura of guilt that surprised her. "You didn't even try did you? Erica this has been going on - or going nowhere for three weeks!"

Erica shook her head and offered a very soft, nearly inaudible "I know." She tried to rally by explaining that her husband was a good Christian man with strong moral values and opinions. But that argument faded when she saw that Melissa, while sympathetic, was unmoved. So she tried a different tack. "It's one thing to see it in a book to read about doing it and everything but ... what if I do it completely wrong? I could hurt him ... I don't think I can do this."

At the mention of the book Melissa nodded. She knew all too well the power of the book. The book being mentioned had been a gift from her husband that had transformed their marriage. What had a been a dull, barely satisfactory sex life was now incredibly fulfilling.

"I know this is a big step for you, for both of you, but haven't the other things you've tried worked out?" Melissa slowly recounted the various efforts made by Erica over the last three months. "He liked the lingerie - right?"

Erica nodded. Her husband had been surprised, even shocked, when she had slowly undressed after a dinner out to reveal her matching bra, panty, garter belt and stocking set. The sex that night was long and satisfying. In fact, her husband had actually encouraged her to buy more.

"And what about the different positions - as I recall he really enjoyed having you on top - right? And while he was a bit reluctant with doggie style at first you told me last week its becoming one of his favorites." Melissa asked and Erica nodded again. It had been so easy to roll on top of her husband during sex. She had complained of a mild cramp in her back and asked him to switch positions so his weight wasn't on her. She simply grabbed him and sat on him. The control and options for movement had been a revelation. It was probably the best sex of their marriage. At least until she got him to try doggie style. Her complaint this time was a sore hip that made it uncomfortable to spread her legs apart. Once he was in her, they both realized the advantages. Just one week ago he had uttered a post coital appreciation of "your ass" that eventually led to a second round of love-making that evening.

"So tell me specifically what it is about oral sex that has you so flustered Erica? Start with why you think it might hurt him?" Melissa was not backing off and Erica realized it.

"Well what about the whole teeth and biting thing Melissa? What if I bite down when I shouldn't - that could really hurt him? What if I gag and throw up all over him, what if I just can't do it or what if I do it and he likes it but I don't. The last thing I want to do is reject my husband." Erica started slowly and quietly but picked up steam as she talked about her fears and concerns. "Plus he hasn't asked me to do it, not once. He hasn't shown that much interest - that way - in me either. I mean he'll touch me down there but not that much."

"You mean not enough to make you cum. Have you told him or even better shown him how you like to be touched. A guided tour might might be just the thing he needs to want to go exploring. You know one of the things I did with Robert to get him interested was I would rub my juices on places he liked to kiss; neck, ears, breasts so that he got used to smelling me. Then I started putting it on my lips so he got a taste. Then I played this game..." Melissa began to rhapsodize about the joyous adventure of oral sex that she and Robert had gone on.

"I just want to focus on him first. I want to do my husband first. I just don't think pictures in a book are enough, there are too many little things. Too many ways I might mess this up." Erica began to wind herself up into a frenzy of anxiety until Melissa came around the table and hugged her.

"It's okay, I thought that's what might happen. So I decided to make an instructional video for you." Melissa quickly took a sip of her coffee and watched Erica's reaction. Their weekly coffee talks had started soon after Erica and her husband had moved into the neighborhood. Success had been easy up to this point but the subject of oral sex had proven to be a larger barrier than she anticipated. Since Erica didn't stand up and run out of the kitchen Melissa continued. "I think you have a mental block when it comes to oral sex because of what happened with that college boyfriend and your fooling around with women. That was, both of those were all about oral sex - right? So I figured that you needed a new visual thingee to focus on. You need to see what it looks like for a wife to give her husband a blowjob. You put your trust in me when you told me about your ... your ... your other experiences."

"Well I'm going to put my trust in you. You can't tell anybody - promise?" Melissa held Erica's gaze. "Even Robert doesn't know I made this, and he's the star. Do you want to watch it? Last chance to say no ..."

Erica chewed her bottom lip. Married less than a year she was beginning to despair at having the kind of sex life she had always dreamed of. Most would say she had it all; a handsome husband who loved her (check.) But wasn't there supposed to be more? What about spontaneous and passionate sex (not really), world shattering orgasms (nope), and the variety and surprise of experimentation (not at all). She had - with Melissa's influence and gentle encouragement - introduced some new positions; girl on top and doggie. An attempt at mutual masturbation had been okay - she finally got him to give her an orgasm but it was clear her husband was unknowing if not uncomfortable with touching her like that. She had fallen asleep that night deeply frustrated.

"Shouldn't I just keep working on the other stuff? WE've done a couple of quickies - that's worked. Maybe I should just be happy with ... what ... we ..." Erica's resistance died with her words. She sat unmoving as Melissa plugged a video camera into a nearby laptop and turned the screen so they both could view it.

"Sweetie, we need to do something really wild to shake up that husband of yours. Oral sex is essential to the health and happiness of a relationship - period. Sure it's about putting your partners pleasure first - and if you do it right you'll be getting your pleasure second and third and fourth. But it's also a trust issue and one of acceptance and respect. Now I know we've talked and talked and talked - well seeing is believing." Melissa pushed play. "Robert had no idea that I was planning to do this so his reactions are completely unrehearsed. Anytime you want to stop and have me explain something - just say so."

Erica stared at the screen before her then became slowly and utterly entranced as she watched her friend and neighbor orally satisfied her husband. As she watched her arousal became entwined with her resolve - she was going to do this! She was going to do this for her husband, for herself and for their marriage.


That very night ...

Brian knew he was going to Hell. This had to be a sin; a terrible, damning sin most likely. Nothing good could come of something like this. Trouble was he had never experienced anything remotely like this. An even bigger problem was just how much Brian didn't want this to stop.

That was the other side of the problem, he knew that only things of the Spirit were meant to last forever. He tried to recall a scripture or verse that could explain this; if not forgive it. The best he could come up, as his rational thought process dissolve into undiluted pleasure, was a vague and distant recollection about making a joyful noise to the Lord - and somehow that didn't seem appropriate. Even those thoughts lasted about as long a wisp of smoke on a windy day - he gave up his attempt at rationalization.

Resistance was futile, as the pressure within him increased Brian relinquished control to the inevitable - he gave into weakness, surrendering to this pleasure of the flesh. He tried to pray that God strengthen him or at the least forgive his sinful nature, but all that came out of his mouth was the vocalized sound signaling the delirium of his ecstasy. A growing conflagration of heat made him feel as though his whole being would burst into flames at any moment. This heat, this fiery furnace of need - of desire - this had to be the gateway to Hell. Then a great spasm overwhelmed him, and then another, and another. The light was dimming. Was he dying? "Oh Sweet Jesus."

In the fading light he saw her head lifting from his pelvis. His wife was smiling as she wiped clean her cheek and chin. "Did I do that right Sweetie? Brian, are you alright? Brian!"


A few days later ...

"Come in Brian, come in. It's a delight to see you again; have a seat. How are you?"

"I'm good sir, thank you. How are you?" Brian smiled at his family pastor as he took a seat.

"I'm fine thank you - a little lonely." Michael Reynolds sat opposite Brian on the couch. He rubbed his right hand nonchalantly ?that was one firm handshake.'

"I was so sorry to hear about Mrs. Reynolds. I'd have come to the service but I didn't find out until afterwards." Brian nodded toward a photograph on an end table. "She was always so happy and helpful."

"Not to worry son, not to worry. Myrna wanted it that way. She loved to fuss over people; friend and stranger alike - well truth be told - there were no strangers to Myrna. All were God's children, so she felt entitled to mother each and every one of them. But woe unto him that tried the same with her, she absolutely detested having any attention directed at her. We had forty-three incredible years together - forty three. She's so much a part of me there are times I don't feel as if she's really gone." The Reverend Michael Reynolds paused in remembrance, smiling as he thought of his forty-three years with Myrna. When that woman chose to fuss, there was no stopping her. The good Reverend smiled to himself - Myrna knew how to love a man and make sure he knew it too. Oh how he missed being thoroughly fussed over.

"But what about you? How is that beautiful young wife of yours - Erica right? It was a lovely invitation by-the-way, Myrna appreciated the photograph of the two of you. She thought the two of you made a lovely couple. We would have really enjoyed attending your wedding; for Myrna that would have been quite a treat. Unfortunately that was about the time that Myrna's health took a turn for ... well, there I go again talking about me. What about you Brain? Married life agreeing with you?"

"Yes. Erica's amazing, she's great. It's like I feel whole - complete." Brian squirmed in apparent contradiction to his statement.

"Complete. Good, that's certainly good to hear. Now I imagine you don't have a lot of time so why don't we skip right to the reason that you drove so many hours to see an old retired minister on a beautiful Saturday that you could be spending with your wife? And let's begin with you calling me Mike. It makes me feel more comfortable."

Brain heaved a sigh and began to tell Mike what had been going on during the last few months of their marriage. "After we moved into our new neighborhood things began to change. Up to that time Erica has always looked to me for guidance and to - well, you know - initiate things. Well not only did she start initiating, but she began to do things we had never done before. My mom used to say that a Christian woman would never ..."

"Stop! Stop right there Brian." The retired Reverend Michael Reynolds raised his hand, palm facing Brian in warning. "I have a sense where this is headed and damned if I will ... well shoot, pardon my language ... I'm going to be truthful with you Brian and very direct as we sit here talking man to man. Your mother is a great woman; a shining star in God's firmament. After your father died in that tragic accident she did a tremendous job of raising you and your sisters. You are one of the finest young men I have had the pleasure of knowing and I'm too old to just be saying that.

"But having said that, your mother did not and could not take the place of your father. She will always see things through a mother's eyes, a woman's eyes and that is as it should be. Your mother is a great woman and your three sisters are wonderful women in their own right. These virtuous women have given you a wonderful female perspective on the world. Unfortunately you had no uncles or other significant male figures in you life. Oh, I know, I know, you had the occasional male teachers and coaches, but those were relationships that had a societal purpose - not a familial one - and they were often very temporary. There really was no one man to model the male perspective of the world; now if I recall correctly even our youth pastor was a woman. Women, women, women: am I making any sense to you son?" Rev. Mike spoke purposefully. At a slow nod from Brian he continued.

"Now I believe you took the abstinence pledge when you turned thirteen, correct? And you and Erica were both virgins when you married? My, my that is very commendable Brian. Now, I want you to listen to me very carefully, you fulfilled your abstinence pledge - it's off the books. When you married Erica you stood before God, family, and friends, and at that moment you took on a new pledge. You made a vow to your wife - to Erica - to love, to honor, and to cherish her. This new covenant is meant to be fulfilled each and every moment of your lives together. Part of that pledge of love is you giving your body to her and she giving her's to you.

"Brian a marriage is based on love (self-giving) and sacrifice (to make it holy). When a husband and wife come together and make love - look at the signifigance in that phrase Brian, people ?have' sex (just like some people say they have a bad back!) - committed couples ?make' love. It's creative, it's constructive, they are building and strengthening their lives together with it. That kind of love-making naturally results in supreme pleasure: that indescribable joy is meant to cement the bonds of marriage.

"You said that being married to Erica makes you feel complete. That closeness and wholeness is God's intention. Within the bounds of your marriage and your mutual fidelity to one another - there is no sin in any action consented to. Whatever the two of you decide to do, well that is for the two of you to decide - and to enjoy in the discovery and the experimentation of your lives together. There is no sin in your joy.

"Do you ever wonder why the Old Testament has all of these stories where one husband has many wives? So many stories about who begat who? In the ancient world the emphasis was on ?being fruitful' - many wives, equals many mothers, equals many, many children. Marriages were arranged between families; it was mergers and acquisitions between families. It was about alliances of power, protecting assets, and having lots of children. Love was a possible by-product but it was certainly not the aim; the aim was procreation.

Procreation is sex - that's all - it's simple biology. A male and a female join together, the male ejaculates and if a viable egg is present then pregnancy may or may not result. The good lord saw fit to put a powerful drive to procreate in His Creation. Sex is powerful, sex is deep drive within humanity. Everyone feels the need to have sex, that's why chastity and abstinence are so challenging. It's a drive and a need so powerful that that reason is all too often overwhelmed. Simply put any fool can have sex. And judging by the tragic numbers of absentee fathers and single moms there are far too many fools out there. Not that marrying for sex is any better. Once the bloom is off the rose you have to finally figure out how to deal with all the thorns.

"A marriage founded in love is different Brian. The act of love between husband and wife is much more then the effort to create new life. Why? Because exclusivity greatly intensifies the already overwhelming power of the pleasure of our giving ourselves one to another.

"Adultery by its very definition is a diluting or devaluing of the joy of the marital bond. Let me tell something, the words ?I never meant to hurt you' are as empty a phrase as I have ever heard - and in my many years of counseling I've heard it uttered far too many times. Do you know where the greatest hurt is, the most enduring pain? It's not the physical act of betrayal, it's the loss trust, it's the loss of being valued. And that's what leads to the weakening of the very foundations of a marriage.

"Brian the antidote to devaluation is its opposite - appreciation. Every effort humanly possible must be made to give your spouse as much marital pleasure as possible - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically. I have every confidence and you haven't indicated otherwise that the first four are well taken care of; that leaves the physical. Which brings us to the crisis of you being here. Are you doing everything possible to physically appreciate your wife?

"I think I am." Brian felt suddenly naive and inadequate. He was truly at a loss for words. "Erica hasn't said anything ... bad."

"That's not good enough Brian," the good reverend leveled a kindly gaze at the young man before him. "What I'm saying to you is - let me use the vernacular of an earlier time - ?if it feels good, do it!' You have an incredible woman in Erica. She seems intent on making you a very happy husband. It is clear to me that you love her with all your heart. Your task is to find a way to "value" what she is bringing into your marriage, what she is offering to you. Every day Brian, every single day you must value her and appreciate her. Am I making myself clear Brian?"

"Yes sir, ah Mike. So you're saying that what Erica did was not a sin? But I thought that the only kind of woman that does that sort of..."

"Silence! I swear by all that is good and precious that I will take up one of my golf clubs and knock you senseless if you shame yourself by talking about your wife that way. How dare you even think of her that way?" The former Reverend Michael Reynolds stood up and thundered into the room. "You would do well to recall what is written in the Bible rather then listen to the bitter recriminations of frustrated fools who have mistaken sex for love or even worse have no idea of the difference.

"Brian, even a casual reading of the New Testament will reveal that Christ our Lord held women in the highest regard. Your wife, your Erica did nothing more than try to provide you with as much pleasure as she could - did she not do her womanly best? Do you think women are inferior to men? No? Good I knew you had a good head upon your shoulders.

"Now concerning women, did not Jesus appear to women first upon His Resurrection? Yes he did. Jesus valued women. He did not look town on them or demean them, nor did He judge them. I'm talking about marriage, sex, and love. Do you remember the story of the adulteress? A crowd of men was about to stone her to death. Jesus steps between them and challenges them saying, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." What did the mob do? They dropped there weapons and retreated - in shame. In shame!" It had been a while since Reverend Reynolds had preached and he enjoyed the feeling of the Holy Spirit filling him and moving through him again.

"The Lord Our God, Christ Jesus, My Lord and Savior was the only one there without sin. He had the power to judge her, he had the power to condemn her, and yet He did not!" The Reverend pointed an arthritic finger at Brian. "He knew what she had done and He knew by Law that the crowd was within their rights to put her to death - TO DEATH - and yet He intervened to show a Higher Law. Brian I want you to consider this closely - Jesus chose not to judge her, he did not cast a stone. He didn't even condemn her by his speech. What did He do? Instead of accusing, instead of judging, instead of allowing a life to be taken, He gives life where death was imminet. He offers us the ideal of forgiveness and tells this woman, this acknowledged adulteress to go and sin no more; to return to her husband and try again. Study Christ's actions and words in the New Testament. I think you'll surprise yourself at the modernity of Our Savior's actions."

"Brian ... son, are you truly intending to cast the judgmental stones of your thoughts and feelings at the love of your life?"

Brian looked down at the floor as a blush of shame filled him. "No. No, of course not I would never do that. I'm sorry Mike. I love Erica so much. When she did what she did ... it felt so incredible. But selfish at the same time, I mean ever since she did it, I've wanted her to do it again. Sometimes it's all I think about."

Mike Reynolds smiled and sat down beside Brian and placed his hand on his shoulder with fatherly affection. He could see the transformation in Brian's expression and eyes. "Brian, believe me when I tell you that I know exactly what you mean. Be honest with your wife, let her know what pleases you and then let her do her best. Be open to discovering new ways of pleasing and pleasuring and by that I mean don't say no until you've tried something new ... maybe a couple of times or more. Give it a chance to do it right.

"I going to close this little chat by reminding you of the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Erica has given you a tremendous gift. Don't you think it's time to give to her in return, a gift only you can give her? Imagine you making her feel as she made you feel. Imagine that gift being given back and forth between the two of you - again and again and again. Brian it got to the point in my marriage to Myrna where she and I tried to "out love" one another." Mike sighed in memory as a smile played across his face. "You do that Brian and you're life and marriage will be deeply and richly blessed."

"Yes sir, I mean Thanks Mike." Brian paused as he stood shaking Mike's hand. "I know what I need to do. I know what I'm going to do. Thank you."

Mike smiled as he walked Brian to the door. "I'm sure you do, I'm sure you do. Pay attention and you'll learn what your wife likes. Listen with your heart and you'll discover what she loves. Now get home to her."

Reverend Michael Reynolds watched Brian drive slowly away. Oh to be a fly on the wall of their bedroom tonight; the thought tickled his mind. He looked at his own wedding photograph on the mantle. Myrna had been a virgin on their wedding night too. But Lordy Lordy Lordy what unbridled enthusiasm she had in the discovery of the joys of matrimonial love - a joy she shared without inhibition right up to the end of their earthly time together. He smiled and was reminded of a promise he'd made to his wife; perhaps it was time to fulfill that promise.


Later that very day ...

It was late afternoon when Brian returned home. Entering through the kitchen Brian found his wife dusting shelves in their living room. She was wearing a white sundress that was backlit by the setting sun. Her lithe figure was aflame in golden light. She looked up and smiled at her husband.

"Hi honey, how was your friend? Did you have a nice visit?" Erica looked at her husband and felt her heart melt. Unfortunately that molten love seemed to want to pour right out from between her legs. She tried to suppress the images in her head and the deep need in her body. She felt her breasts swell and nipples harden. She tried to smile in innocence, but it felt more like a lust-filled leer. Deep inside her heart a small part of her despaired at her physical state. How was it possible that her husband did not know the impact his mere physical presence had on her? God how she wanted him: how she wanted to be taken by him. She felt her arousal begin to trickle down her inside thigh. Dear God please!

Brian looked at his wife and felt a surge of heat within him. He had fought these feelings for so many years. He had become a master of self-discipline and self-restraint. He thought about Reverend Mike's words and made a descision that when it came to his wife he would master these feelings no more. He strode across the space between them and took her in his arms. Squeezing her body to his he crushed his lips to hers.

Erica was stunned. Brian's embrace was swift and powerful. She felt helpless to resist him yet secure enough to surrender completely. His lips were everywhere on her mouth, face and neck. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once too, caressing her back, squeezing her butt, and pawing her breasts. Her body was on fire as never before. Words got caught in her throat.

Brain grabbed handfuls of sundress and pulled upwards tossing the dress aside. He was assailed by the intoxicating fragrance of her arousal. Erica's perfect breasts were covered with a red flush, her nipples distended and hard. She was panting uncontrollably. Her white cotton panties looked as if she'd peed herself. Brian knelt and was overcome by the smell of her need. It was his need now too. He grasped her hips and pushed his face into her crotch, his tongue darted out to the wet crease before him.

Erica cried out at the unexpected and sudden stimulation. She tried to speak but was unable to. Her knees buckled as Brian stabbed at her with his tongue over and over again. She wanted her panties off to feel his tongue on her skin but the thought of his stopping was more than she could bear. Strong hands caressed and supported her as she sank to the floor.

Erica was looking up at the ceiling of her living room her panties being pulled down her legs. She felt her legs spreading wide apart. She giggled; Brain's curly hair was tickling the insides of her thighs. She almost spoke, but Brain's tongue had renewed its assault. Waves of pleasure swept her away from worry or care. "Oh God."

Erica's body arched upwards again as Brian struggled to keep his tongue inside her. Erica arched again and again then stiffened and cried out. Her hand pushed Brian away and tried to cover her vagina - "too much, too much" - and yet she already yearned for more. She was shocked at the images and desires flooding through her mind.

Brian stood gazing lustfully at the woman below him as he undressed. He lifted Erica's hip and piled cushions and pillows beneath her. Releasing her legs he smiled as they spread wide apart, revealing the most intimate part of Erica's body to him. Brian knelt between her thighs and watched as his cock pushed against her labia. There was resistance for a moment, and then her body opened to accept him. He pushed deep into his wife.

He thought for a moment to ask her if this felt good. The hooking for her heels on his hips and the strong flex of her lags pulling him deeper told him it did. He pulled all the way back, pause, then pushed fully forward. He started slowly but quickly picked up speed. His thrusts became quicker and more powerful as a loud slap - slap - slap filled his ears. Thrusting into her again and again and again until her cries for more turned to a long wail of ecstasy that drowned out his own cry of pleasure.

Erica smiled in the hazy afterglow of her orgasm; the last of her many, many orgasms. The roar of her husbands orgasm still echoed in her ears. So this was what the fuss was all about - she had wondered at times. Now she knew. Was this what it was like for other women she wondered? She hoped so and then prayed that it was.

Erica slowly struggled to her feet. She was oblivious to the stream of semen running down the inside of her thighs. When she did notice she made no effort to clean herself. If anything, it was her badge of honor. She let herself revel in the feeling.

Brain lay on the floor his breath came in ragged gasps; he was spent. He watched his wife slowly stand like Venus rising from the waves. He knew that this most beautiful woman in the world was his - he smiled at his good fortune. She was looking at him with such love. She was reaching her hand out to him and he took it and was slowly pulled him to his feet.

Erica led her husband to their bathroom and turned on the shower. A word popped into her mind and she was shocked to see it there. She smiled as she realized it was the right word for the occasion. She had been fucked, lovingly, thoroughly, magnificently fucked. She considered using the word but was unable to utter it. She kissed her husband tenderly and stepped back.

"Brian, my love." She stroked his face then let her fingers trail down his torso. She smiled. "I just want you to know how much I enjoyed - no, make that loved what you did. You made me cum so good. I loved it, I love you."

Erica reveled in the liberating power of her orgasm with her husband - her husband. She smiled as she looked forward to it happening again. "Brain, sweetheart, after our shower would you please take me to our bed and make love to me." ____________________________

Sunday morning ...

The voices of the choir receded into silence; the service was officially complete. Erica welcomed the opportunity to stand, although she wouldn't trade the soreness nor her satisfaction on this beautiful Sunday morning for anything. She followed her husband out into the sunlight as she smiled and greeted friends and fellow parishioners. She held tight to her husband, reluctant to relinquish their physical contact.

At least until a familiar voice intoned "Could you help at the coffee table Erica?"

Erica reluctantly severed her contact with Brian and walked across the courtyard. "Melissa, they don't need any help." Erica informed her friend upon their arrival at the over-staffed coffee and sweets table.

"I know, but I had to get you away from your smug husband."


"Yes, insufferably so, I might add. And look at you, with that blissful look of satisfaction you've had all morning!"

"Does it really show that much?" Erica looked surreptitiously around to see if anyone was staring at her.

"Yes it shows that much. And I am not letting you go until you tell me all the juicy details. Oh no, don't give me that look, I have shared things about my sex life with Robert that that nobody else knows." Melissa leaned conspiratorially close to Erica and whispered. "I let you watch me suck my husband off. I'll tell you what. Why don't you and Brian drop by for lunch and a swim and then you can tell me everything."

An hour or two later Melissa drained her lemonade and looked at her friend. "Four times in one night! Oh you lucky girl you - four!"

"Yes, the first time was on the floor in our living room; he was so masterful, so compelling, so dominating. There is something about being physically taken that makes you want to ..." Erica's voice trailed off. A brief conflict erupted inside her; part of her did not want to share any of this with her friend. The other part of her understood that without Melissa's helpful hints this would have never happened. It was time to share. "I mean I was just splayed out on the floor, dripping with his very excessive exuberance, and I wanted more. I needed more. Then he took me to our bed and made slow - almost excruciatingly slow, love to me. I was begging him to go faster, to do it harder ... he just kept the same steady pace and then I started cumming and it wouldn't stop. I nearly passed out it felt so good. I never knew, never imagined that it could be so good."

"That's two." Melissa glanced out into the living room where their husbands were watching a football game. She squirmed in her seat, her arousal inviting all manner of thoughts regarding what she would do to her husband later. "Go on."

"We cuddled for a while, he was holding me and I was just purring - I don't know how else to describe it. After a little rest I could feel his ... his ... his resurrection so to speak. I was just so completely his that I rolled him over and took it in my mouth and began to clean him." Erica blushed again. Her brow wrinkled in concern. "Have you ever done that to Robert? After you ... you know, after he just finished in you."

"Erica, I'm shocked! Are you asking me if I have I ever taken Robert's cum covered cock in my mouth after we fucked and sucked him clean? Tasting his ejaculate and mine?" Melissa was going to extend her teasing of her friend but stopped at Erica's visible distress. "Every chance I get. Wait until Brain does you in return."

"You mean after - when I'm all messy and everything?" Erica was scandalized and aroused simultaneously. "Does Robert ... I can't believe Robert does that to you with his tongue? Ohhh my."

"He needed a little encouragement at first. I'd cleaned him off a bunch of times, but he didn't seem to get the hint. So that next time I did it I made sure it was at night with no lights on. I started cleaning him and just swung my legs over his shoulders. He was a little tentative at first. Then he got into it. For a while he would only do it when it was dark and if I prompted him to to do it. Now he seems to enjoy it as much as I do. Enough about us, back to you and Brain."

"Yes, well ... I was cleaning him and I didn't stop. He got really hard and I just kept at it. I didn't stop. I let him cum in my mouth." Erica began to blush again. "And then I swallowed - I kind of liked the taste."

"Look at you, my, my, my. Okay that's three." Melissa felt her body begin to react in earnest. Robert was going to be a very fortunate husband tonight.

"We got up and went to the kitchen. We were both really hungry so we made some pasta and had some wine. We were cleaning up and i was bent over putting dishes in the dishwasher when I backed up into Brian; he was hard again. I acted mad and told him I was too sore for anymore of his fooling around. He was so apologetic; he kept saying that I was just so beautiful and that he loved me so much and he was so sorry. I actually began to feel bad that I was teasing him. So I ..." Erica made a tube with her hand and moved it up and down.

"You jerked him off? He wasn't sore after all the sex you already enjoyed?"

"Actually, he was ... so," Erica smiled as she saw Melissa's reaction to her story. "So I used some olive oil. He couldn't even stand. I backed him against a wall and he just slid down to the floor. I was surprised how quickly he ejaculated, it just spurted up into the air. That was number four."

"Phew. Oh my. I think it's time we checked up on the boys." Melissa waved her hand in front of her face. She was so proud of her friend. "We need to continue this conversation, I can hardly wait for next week?"


A couple of weeks later ...

"Oh my God look at you! You are positively glowing. Tell me everything."

Erica sipped her coffee. " It's like we're addicted to each other - we're doing it just about every night and way more than that on the weekends. He can't seem to keep his tongue out of me and I love having his ... his ... his cock in my mouth. Wednesday we were flirting and teasing when my period started - no sex tonight I thought. Then it hit me - I didn't have to deprive Brian. When he came out of the bathroom ready for bed I was kneeling right outside the door ... with my mouth open."

"No, you didn't! Oh Erica this is incredible."

"It gets better. I wouldn't move, so he had to ... to ... to fuck my mouth. I was already to swallow but his orgasm was so intense that he sprayed his stuff all over my face. Then he knelt down and kissed me; a lot. I was quietly rubbing myself and that just sent me over the top. I cleaned up and got into bed with him and gave him a second blowjob." Erica smiled confidently.

"Wow." Melissa beaned. "I am so damn proud of you!"

The friends chatted amiably as they enjoyed their coffee. It was much later that Melissa asked Erica what might be next.

Erica mentioned the handcuffs in Melissa's toy box and her interest in ?having my wicked way with my wonderful hubby someday.' She asked Melissa what the book had to say about bondage and teasing games.

"Let me go get it." Melissa hopped up, happy to oblige.

They spent the next hour looking at possible approaches for Erica to introduce the idea of bondage to Brian. Finally one was chosen (Make your lover hold onto the headboard while pleasuring him. If he lets go you stop! Once he's trained introduce bondage slowly - a t-shirt pulled over his head while still on his arms can be very effective. The tried and true solution is bathrobe belts - especially if you in a hotel room!) and the book was put away. As Melissa closed the drawer where it was stored she looked at Erica and then gazed upward, "Thank You Lord for this wonderful book that has given so much to my marriage and to Erica's marriage also."

"Amen to that - well that book of yours and Reverend Mike."

"Whose Reverend Mike?"

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