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Garden Surprise

Garden Surprise
By: Towtruck 73 (

Garden Surprise

Nellie was never much of a gardener, and freely admitted it. Her best friend Dave had a natural talent for maintaining anything that sprouted roots, so he was only too happy to teach her how it was done. One warm summer's day, he offered to trim back her hedges, mow the lawns and generally clean up the garden. Nellie, in slack mode, hired a ride-on mower around the lawns. Dave tore all the weeds from the garden beds, hacked the out of control ivy, and tilled the soil with a shovel. Soon he had a sweat up that made it look as if someone had just tipped a bucket of water over him.

Although he wore a drill shirt and shorts, his athletic physique was obvious to Nellie. She'd seen him in his underpants before, and it took all her will not to jump his bones in an instant. Back then he had a jealous girlfriend, whom put him through hell. One day he snapped and left her. Nellie had stood by him as a shoulder to lean on when it got too much. She never made any moves on him, but their friendship grew stronger as his ex-girlfriend's hold over him faded. Today, they could tell each other anything.

Nellie wore a white T-shirt and matching thin cotton shorts. Beneath this, she wore a skimpy bikini top and G-string. This contrasted beautifully with her long dark hair and dark brown eyes. When she stepped off the mower, she spread out a sheet of canvas on the lawn, and started up the reticulation system. Soon Dave was soaked head to toe. Nellie casually walked through the sprinklers up to him, and led him to the canvas tarp. As the water made her outfit transparent, she kissed him passionately. She unbuttoned his shirt and fondled the growing bulge in his shorts. He lifted up her T-shirt and pulled down her shorts, as she did likewise to him. Shedding his boots, he laid her down on the canvas. Realising he was in broad daylight in a suburban backyard only turned him on more.

It would be obvious to all that Nellie had something in mind. The bikini top opened with a bow at the front, and the G-string with ties at the sides. Dave kissed her passionately again, his tongue gently probing her mouth. Lying on his side, he pulled open the bow on Nellie's top. She turned to face him, and he licked and sucked her nipples, gently grazing them with his teeth. His hands moved down to her arse. He playfully squeezed her buns then tore open the sides of her G-string. Taking a hint, Nellie parted her legs and flung it away. Dave stroked her bush, teasing her by moving slowly towards her slit. When his fingers finally reached it, he slid them inside at a pace that made Nellie shove his finger hard into her. He didn't need to be told twice, fingering her furiously. Both the rise and fall of her chest, and the ever-increasing moans told Dave she was at the pinnacle of a climax. He shed his undies and plunged his cock into her, as Nellie almost screamed. The combination of the thrill of outdoor sex, and the lustful frenzy of it drove her wild. She raked her nails across his back, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled him into her.

Nellie orgasmed, and despite the cold water, blushed at how loud she was. Dave didn't mind, as her orgasm subsided, he rolled onto his back Taking the hint, she rode his cock as had and fast as she could. Dave smiled at her, knowing he could hold out for quite a while in this position. He alternated between grabbing her arse and pinching her nipples, driving her wild. As another climax grew in her, Dave made her kneel, fucking her doggy style. She let out a loud moan this time, almost enough to make the neighbours wander over to the fence. As Dave felt his climax, Nellie panted, "I want you to cum all over me. Let me feel your warm cum on my body." He pulled out, she lay on her back, and Dave grunted as he sprayed cum from her chin to her pussy.

As the orgasms subsided, Dave and Nellie stood up, turned off the sprinklers and went inside. In they shower, they couldn't resist fondling each other as they lathered the soap over their bodies. They towelled off and got into bed, enjoying the casual intimacy.

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