Thursday, September 2, 2010

Product Testing

Product Testing
By: Jay

Carlin answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, it's J.T. I made the changes you suggested. Are you ready to see the latest version?"

"I'll be right over!"

Twenty minutes later, J.T. heard a car pull into his driveway. He looked out and recognized it as Carlin's. He opened the door just as she was about to ring the doorbell. "Come on in!" he told her.

The doorway led directly to the living room and a television set with a thirty-inch screen. "Is this where you're set up?" Carlin asked.

"No, downstairs. Obviously, I don't want the neighbors to see this. Follow me." J.T. led her through the living room and the kitchen down a set of stairs to a room where a 40" TV set was tuned to a public access show. He turned the channel to 3 and turned on a VCR, which was tuned to a game show. He walked over to the stereo and picked up a VHS tape. "This is it," he told her, "Hot 'n' Handy. Before I put it in, would you like a drink?"

"Sure, got a Zima?"

"Let me see," J.T. said. He walked to the back of the den, opened a small refrigerator. "Right here." He pulled it out, picked up a small table and carried the two objects to where Carlin sat. He set up the table, opened her drink and set it in front of her. He went back to the stereo, picked the tape up again and put it in the VCR. He picked the remote up off the VCR, sat to Carlin's left and pressed "play."

Some quiet trumpet music played over the title as the names of the stars appeared over sunset shots of suburban houses. An alarm clock went off, and a couple was shown waking up in bed. The woman wore a solid black négligée and the man, who immediately got out of bed, wore a nondescript but very fresh pair of underpants. He went to the kitchen, turned the stove on and got a plastic bowl out.

"Very nice." Carlin said. "He's making breakfast for her."

On screen, the woman entered the dining room from one side as the man entered from the other. "Breakfast is ready," he told her. "I made you pancakes and whole-wheat toast."

The woman looked at the food as he put it down in front of her. "You even remembered my orange juice!"

Carlin looked at J.T. "This guy's good!"

J.T. already had his arm around Carlin, and he put it under her shirt. He ran his hand slowly up her back and didn't feel anything. "I see you came dressed appropriately," he told Carlin.

"You don't know the half of it," she answered.

On screen, a woman at another house was sending her two children out the door. When both children were out, she went to the kitchen, looked out her back door and saw her husband putting a large trash bag into a trash can. He pushed the trash can until he was out of her sight. The woman went to the front to see him put the trash can near the street. He came back in and she thanked him. "Well, I wanted to get it out of the way because I invited your parents and your sister over for dinner tonight."

"Holy shit!" Carlin exclaimed. "Talk about going the second mile!"

J.T.'s hand was now under the front of Carlin's shirt, and he got it up to the bottom of her left breast. "Wait till you see what happens next," he told her.

Some cheesy 70's-style music played while an analog clock moved forward quickly from 8 o'clock to noon, and a woman answered a ringing doorbell. A man in a brown uniform told her, "I have a package for a Susan Williams."

"She lives down the street," the woman told him.

"This isn't 1734 Marvin Parkway?"

"Yes, it is, but the Williamses live at 1724."

"Well, ma'am, as long as I'm here, I couldn't help noticing that your lawn could stand to be mowed."

Carlin picked up the remote and pressed "pause." She reached across J.T.'s chest to punch his left shoulder, but his right hand didn't leave her pants. "You expect me to believe that?" she asked.

"Of course not," J.T. answered, "it's just fun to pretend."

"I guess you're right," she said, and she hit "play." The delivery man appeared in the back yard and started a lawnmower that was conveniently placed. The cheesy music continued for the next 20 minutes as the man started the mower and cleared the yard. During that time, J.T. was able to insinuate get his finger to the left hemline of Carlin's panties and trace a line on her leg along the hemline.

"You like that?" he asked.

"I'll say," Carlin answered, "especially the way he avoided the garden on that last turn."

Now a man answered a doorbell. A young woman was carrying a pizza. "It's sixteen dollars even," she told him.

"Here's your sixteen," he said as he handed her three bills. "I'm sorry that's all I have. Is there something else I could give you as a tip?"

The music got louder, but this time it was heavy on the bass. The young woman began unbuttoning her shirt. She reached in and pulled out a checkbook. "Could you balance this for me?"

"I'd be glad to," the man said. For the next two minutes, he was shown writing numbers with a pen. He stopped and asked her, "What happened to check number two thousand seven hundred nineteen?"

"What's 2,720?" she asked.

"Your gas bill."

"I remember now. I wrote 2719 to the wrong utility company, so I tore it up."

"Have you tried propane?" the man asked.

"No, but I'll definitely look into it," she answered.

At this point, J.T. had his hand under Carlin's panties, just barely covering the upper right part of her leg. The man continued writing for five more minutes. Two minutes into that interval, Carlin asked, "Wait, didn't his pen make those exact same movements before the propane discussion?"

"You caught me," J.T. told her. "The scene ran short, so I looped part of it through a second time."

"Thank you so much," the delivery woman said breathlessly.

J.T. found Carlin's labia and got his index finger inside her. Carlin moved over and put her hand on his crotch. Now the woman from the first scene was sitting on a couch and talking on the phone. "I just heard Tom drive up," she told the person on the other end. "Talk to you later."

The door opened, and her husband from the original scene walked in. J.T. got Carlin's pants down to her knees, and he saw that she was wearing a thong. "I told you I dressed for the occasion," she told him. She took her pants off and sat back down. Soon he had two fingers inside her. "Honey, I'm home!" the man announced as he walked in with a grocery bag.

"Here comes the money shot," J.T. said, and he fingered Carlin even harder than before. Somehow he also managed to get the remote into his left hand.

The man said, "I got you the things you asked for. Eggs, milk, hamburger, and for next week--"

The picture froze as J.T. hit the "pause" button. "Are you ready?" he asked Carlin.

"Quit teasing me," she shot back. She took the remote out of his hand and hit "play," while he probed even deeper into her sex, now using three fingers.

"Thank you!" said the woman.

"Dammit, I missed the payoff," Carlin said. She hit "rewind," and a split-second after it began rewinding, she hit "play" again.

Carlin would now hear the entire line in its entirety: "I got the things you asked for. Eggs, milk, hamburger and, for next week, tampons!"

"Oh, God!" Carlin shouted as J.T.'s middle finger went deep inside her.

An exterior shot showed that it was now night. The moon shone through a window on a couple sleeping. A baby's cry woke them. "I'll take care of it," the man said. He got of out of bed, revealing that he was rather overweight. The shot changed to a nursery, where the man entered. He picked a baby up from a crib and held her to his chest. "It's okay, Judy, Daddy's here." After a few seconds, he held her back and looked at her face. "Oh, are you hungry?"

"Is he gonna--" Carlin couldn't finish her question as the camera showed the baby suckling a breast. "How did you do that?" she asked. She got off Jack's lap, took her shirt off and lay back on the couch.

"Tit stunting," J.T. told her.

Carlin held her labia open and said, "Do it now!" J.T. leaned over and put his tongue between the lowest portions of her labia. He licked a line from bottom to top and back to the middle, then put it in as far as it would go. Carlin was writhing wildly. "Oh, fuck, yeah. I want it!"

"I know what you really want," he told her, and he reached for her legs. He flipped her over on her stomach, then spread her legs. He rubbed his right finger along her slit while he used his left to undress below the waist. Once undressed, he knelt behind her and brought his cock up so that it was directly under her clitoris. He rubbed back and forth.

"Now that's what I call direct stimulation," she said.

"I'm just gathering up your lubrication," he told her, and he touched the clit with his cockhead.

"Take me, J.T.!" was all she could utter as she came, not on the head but on the shaft.

"I think I've got enough now," he told her. He pulled back and rubbed her juices from the base of his cock onto the head of it, then did the same with the juices on his fingers. He raised his cock and found Carlin's other hole. He pushed gently. "Did I get enough lube there?" he asked.

"Oooh, yeah," Carlin answered. J.T. pushed in further, much to her voiced pleasure. "You've really mastered what a woman wants," she told him as he went back and forth, harder and harder.

Now J.T. leaned over and reached under her to put a finger back in her cunt. "I can feel my cock on the other side of your wall. Does it feel as good for you as it does for me?" he asked. She answered by bucking wildly against his finger and his dick at the same time. "I thought so," he said. He stopped moving his hips for a moment to enjoy the sight of her doing the work for him, although he continued his digital manipulation.

"I'm coming," Carlin cried. "I'm gonna come all over your couch."

"That's the least of my worries right now," he said. He wanted to come on her back, but he pulled out a little late, so he ended up coming a little in her ass, a little on her back and a lot on the cushions. They collapsed in a heap on the couch. "So, what do you think?" he asked.

"You really know what turns a woman on," Carlin told him.

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