Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our new VP

Our new VP [part 1 of 2]
By: Ryan (

It is January 2009 and the new President has been elected. Luckily a certain sexy VP has also been elected. With her sultry Librarian looks and beauty queen pedigree, and a sharp mind she is primed for being a great VP. She is also looking for a new younger man to take care of her needs while she is far away from Alaska! This is that story.

Steve had recently graduated college and was trying to find a job in Washington D.C. as an intern until he started graduate school. Luckily a sexy older professor had ties to Alaska and with that stroke of luck, and her good recommendation, and a great interview with her personal assistance Steve got the most coveted intern job in D.C. Steve was about 5'11" with blond hair, piercing blue eyes and an athletic build from years of rugby and track. His luck was about to get even better.

"Welcome!" Ms. Taylor, the VP's administration assistant said, "Boy and I glad you are here we need a lot of help right now!"

She continued, "This will be where you will work and the break room is down that hall."

Steve was barely paying attention as he watched the Ms. Taylor's gently swinging ass. He guessed she was about 5'4 about 130. Nice shapely hour glass form and a nice set of 34C breasts that gently pressed against her suit jacket. Her Light Brown hair up in a bun.

"Thanks, I am really excited to be here. I think it will open some doors and new opportunities that I would not have otherwise." Steve said.

"Oh you have no idea how many connections you will make here." Said Ms. Taylor in a dark sultry voice.

Steve was a little confused at this comment. He figured there was the normal office shanninigans that happened everywhere. But he had no idea with who.

"Right this way Steve I will introduce you to the VP." Ms. Taylor said and we went through a thick oak door.

"Mrs VP this is Steve your new intern!" Said Ms. Taylor and Steve came in and greeted the VP.

"Steve what a pleasure to meet you meet you in the flesh. It has been a long and exhaustive search for a special intern like yourself." The VP said.

"Thank you very much. I am so proud to serve you and the country." Steve said. The VP was even more stunning in person then on the television. Her muscular calves and a hint of her thigh were visible as she came around the desk to shake his hand. His heart skipped a beat and he felt a stirring in his loins.

"Great that is all I need is to get a hard on in front of the new boss!" Steve thought, "I knew I should not have worn boxers today."

As they shook hands he could smell the flowery smell of her perfume and those brown eyes were making me melt inside. Steve always love having older women with experience and a need to release their sexual energy.

"Put that out of your mind" Steve thought again.

"Well now that you are here, Ms Taylor can you please close the door and come over here." Said the VP.

Ms. Taylor with a knowing smile gently closed the door and came over next to the VP. The VP took off her suit jacket to get more comfortable. Confused Steve just stood there.

"Ok lets see it," She said.

"See what Ma'am?" I asked

"Let's see your cock. I have heard so many great stories about it from your professor at University I want to see it in person." The VP Said. I could feel myself going flush and my cock strain against my boxers. "Well," Steve thought, "They already can see my bulge through my pants I bet".

Steve silently obeyed and unbuckled his belt; keep his eyes on the VP the whole time. As my cock sprang free and bounced uninhibited into the air. I heard a gentle gasp from Ms. Taylor as I felt my blood pump though my rock hard cock.

"My my she was not kidding. It is not the biggest I have ever seen but I think it will do. Unfortunately, there is only one way to find out if you know how to serve me right." The VP said as she took of her glass's, "What do you think Taylor, what is my schedule like?"

"You have about 20 minutes until your conference call." Ms. Taylor said as she started to trace her nipple a little.

"Good then, Steve before you get this job for sure and before we can take care of that magnificent hard on you need to do you duty for your country and eat my pussy. Consider this you final interview." The VP said as she hiked up her skirt and sat down on her mahogany desk.

"Mrs. VP I am here to do anything I can for my country." Steve said with a wry smile, "Especially if that means licking some hot pussy" Steve got down on his knees and made himself comfortable in front of the VP. As he came close to her pussy he could see that it was very neatly trimmed. Not quiet completely shave, but very tidy. It was one of those pussies with nice dark labia's and a very prominent clit. Steve could see she was already wet and her juices oozing down her pussy to her ass crack.

Steve breathed in her sweet fragrance and dived in. Taking his time he sucked each of her labia's. Her lips were so savory and Steve licked from the bottom of her pussy opening to the top of her clit. He slowly licked around the clit hood not putting direct pressure on her supple nub yet.

"Oh you are so good that! Oh Goooood don't stop you are such a dirty fucking boy!" The VP said as her breathing started to increase and her cheeks began to flush. Ms. Taylor had sat down in an overstuffed leather chair next to the desk with her eyes on Steve's ministrations and had her own hand playing with her pussy moaning softly.

Steve could feel her begin to climb to her orgasm and decided to slip a finger the VP's pussy with one finger and curl in on her G Spot. "Yes Yes you man slut, suck my pussy like you job depended on it. Because it does!"

At that Steve went directly for her clit and started to flick back and forth across it in a steady rhythmic motion. It was all it took to take her over the edge!

"Fuck Oh Fuck that's what I need!! AAAAAHHH!" The VP Shuddered as a strong orgasm wracked her body just at the same time Ms. Taylor let loose with her own orgasm soaking her hand as her hips bucked into the air. The VP's juices gushed over his mouth and Steve lapped up every drop. It was one of the best tasting pussies Steve had ever had. Sweet with a little tart!

She grabbed Steves hair and rubbed his face in it for a couple of seconds just to make sure he had her juices all over his face. She then pulled back his head and looked lovingly down at his face.

"That was delightful! I have not had my pussy licked like that in a long time!" said the VP. "Now I promised you that I would take care of that hard on"

Steve's dick was still hard as every with a drop of pre-cum just dripping out. "Awesome! I am going to get some from the VP!" Steve thought.

"Ms. Taylor please take care of Steve, he has been such a good boy and I know you need to satisfy you cock craving." Said the VP.

"I would be grateful for such a task," Said Ms. Taylor as she stood and pushed Steve down into the next over stuffed leather chair. Steve was a little surprised. He has been so focused on the VP he had forgotten about the hot assistant in the corner rocking herself to an orgasm.

"Don't worry Steve. If I had more time I would take care of you. You definitely have the job and we will continue this later. But right now I have to take this call." The VP Said.

All Steve could do was moan and grunt in acceptance because at that moment Ms Taylor swallowed his cock about half down and back up again. Ms. Taylor took her tongue around the head of his cock and with an expert hand jack off the base of his cock. She sucked on his head and started speeding up jacking him off as the VP said, "Stay quite Steve I have to take this call." With that she started her conference call. Steve had to bit his lip as his breathing increase and he could feel his cum making its way up to his cock and exploded into Ms Taylors awaiting lips and mouth. Ms. Taylor sucked down his entire load into her mouth and ran her plump lips over his head to give Steve a little extra zing at the end when she knew his cock was most sensitive.

"Don't worry Steve. This is only the first day! We have plenty of time for so many more experiences. And don't worry the VP gives as good as she gets. Trust me I know!" Ms. Taylor said in a low whisper in Steve's ear.

She then gave him a deep kiss and he could taste his own cum and the sweet taste of something else.

"Now get you pants back on. We have some filing to do!" Ms. Taylor said and she pulled Steve out of the office so the boss could finish her work. One things was for sure Steve's summer was not going to be boring!

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