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Her First Convention Day II

Her First Convention Day II [part 2 of 2]
By: greendog (

After her first convention day and committing adultery for the first time, Gina was awoken by the phone ringing. It was her husband calling, concerned about her because she hadn't called him last night as promised. Gina's deceiving started when she lied to him about having a late dinner with a group of women she had meet during the days meeting, and returning to her room too late to call him. After a brief discussion, mainly about the kids, she told him that she had to get ready for today's session, and that she missed the kids, how much she loved him and missed him, before saying goodby.

Today's session was important to her but thankfully it would be over by noon and she was not scheduled for any other sessions or meetings today. Her plan was a quick lunch after the meeting then to put on her new bikini bathing suit and lounge around the pool, completely forgetting about what she did last night, her night of infidelity, making love to her old high school boyfriend

But time moved so slowly for Gina during the meeting. She listened to the speakers, took notes and often watched the clock. Last night was very exciting for her, but also very tiring. At the end of the meeting the housewife skipped lunched and went straight to her room. She found that the hotel room had been made up and thankfully the cum stained sheets had been changed.

Gina decided on a shower before putting on her new bikini bathing suit. She hoped the shower would refresh her and wash away some of the guilt she felt for her acts of infidelity the previous night. She was ashamed of what she had done even though she knew that Rob had practically forced her. While the shower water flowed over her, she remembered the feel of his cock in her mouth, the taste of his cum and how good it felt when he entered her pussy for the first time. She could not remember ever cuming as much or as strongly with her husband as she did last night with Rob. But no matter how much water flowed over her, nor how much soap she used she couldn't wash away the guilt.

As she approached the pool, she spotted the only empty lounge chair. All the rest had towels and other people's gear like glasses or shoes indicating that they were being used by people in the pool. Gina remover her cover-up that she wore over her bikini, then started to spread sun tan lotion over her white body. She was glad for a chance to get some tan but didn't want to burn in the hot sun on her first day. As she relaxed in the lounge chair, she saw quite a few men sneaking looks at her. She was proud of her body. She worked hard in the gym and jogged often when time allowed her. It felt good to be desirable and she enjoyed the mens stares. She thought the top of her bikini was a little small for her 36c breast and the bottom was very brief, covering very little. She had to shave her pubic area completely to wear this new suit. She would not have worn this suit at home with her husband and kids but away at this convention she felt a little adventurous. A waiter passed by, and she ordered a frozen Margaretta. Upon his return with her drink she saw his eyes checking her out. He looked down at her breast, then down to her mid section, her firm stomach and how little her suit bottom covered. As he enjoyed the view, she felt herself becoming moist.

A short while later, with her drink half-finished she watched as two wet Afro- American men approached her. They had apparently been sitting on the chairs on each side of hers before they used the pool. Both men were about the same age, the same height and the looked to be about the same weight. One was darker than the other and the lighter one was a very good looking man she thought. He was bolder and spoke first. "Hi, we sat here before going in for a swim but there was a gentleman sitting in your chair. I must say that your much better looking than he was."

"Well thank you for your comment, if you two want to sit together I'll gladly change seats with one of you." Replied Gina.

"No stay where you are, that way, we can both talk to you. My name is CC and this is LJ." Said the lighter skinned man.

"Oh, CC is an unusual name, or is short for something?"

CC replied "Cornelius Christopher, so you can see why I'm called CC and LJ is for Lawrence Joseph"

They sat and ordered a round of drinks and talked. The two men were both married and worked together. The traveled here to the convention together and have been long time friends. In fact LJ was CC's best man. Each was the father of a boy. When Gina told them, she had two children they were surprised. "You must be the best looking mother of two that I have ever seen!" Said LJ.

Another round of drinks followed, then thoughts of dinner and a discussion of where and what to eat. CC said that he was told of a great Sea Food restaurant near by and asked Gina to join them. Gina accepted the invitation without hesitation but said she wanted to pay for her own dinner. The men said no to that because the dinner would be charged to the company account but if she wanted she could buy the first bottle of wine. Gina agreed to buy the wine. They left the pool and were to meet by the taxi stand in an hour and a half at 6pm.

After another shower Gina selected a black, low-cut mini dress. The dress did not allow for a bra and she put on a pair of black bikini panties. Her blonde hair combed, and a little dab of perfume on each side of her neck. She looked at herself in the mirror with approval. This was only dinner she said to herself, no repeat of last night. Thinking about dinner with two black strangers was exciting and she realized a little dangerous. Her community at home was a white community, in fact the entire town was white. Her only previous experience with black people was in her college classes. Even the small company she worked for was all white.

The met at the taxi stand and of course she was a little late. The ride to the restaurant was short and uneventful. In fact the restaurant was located in the hotel next to their hotel. It was just about a half mile apart with both hotels facing the ocean.

The dinner was very good, the wine was good and the first bottle was followed by a second. They talked and bantered with each other throughout dinner. Gina felt the eyes of other customers when she walked in with the two colored men, wearing her sexy mini dress. After dinner they drifted into the bar lounge where a piano was being played. She sat at the bar with her two black friends and enjoyed another Margaretta. After all the wine she drank she knew she was getting a little soused as they used to call it back in high school. She was talked into a second Margaretta before insisting that she had meant her capacity for drink and it was time to end the evening.

Instead of taking a taxi back to their hotel they walked hand and hand along the avenue beside the ocean. It was quite and they were near enough to the ocean to hear the waves crashing on the sand. Gina thought how romantic this stroll would be if it was with her husband.

Upon reaching their hotel LJ excused himself saying he had to call home and it was late. He left Gina and CC as he rushed to his room to make the call. Gina bid CC goodnight telling him, she was going to her room when he asked her to have one more drink with him. When she refused, he then insisted that he escort her to her room like a gentleman would.

They took the elevator to her floor then walked down the hall to her room's door. She opened the door, and with the door wide open, turned to face CC with the intention of giving him a goodnight peck on his cheek when her phone rang. She hesitated for a second, then turned and raced to answer the hotel room's phone. It was a wrong number. When she placed the handset in the phone's cradle, she sensed that CC was in the room. She turned to face him. He was standing very close to her and the room's door had been closed.

CC took her by the arm, pulling her to him. His one arm wrapped around her holding her tight. With the other hand he placed it under her chin and lifted so she was looking up into his eyes. Before she could say anything, he kissed her. The young wife of another was reluctant to kiss him back. She accepted his kiss with her mouth closed but felt his tongue seeking entry to her mouth. She opened it allowing him to seek her tongue, which he quickly found.

The young married mother of two, didn't know if it were the drinks she had consumed, but she was enjoying being held by this black man. Although a stranger she felt safe in his hands and did not resist when she felt him unzip her mini dress from the back. She allowed him to pull the zipper all the way down her back and when he stepped back, she felt the dress fall to the floor. Standing there in just her black bikini panties and her shoes, the young wife of another felt her black lover to be, lift and carry her to the bed.

Her shoes dropped off before she reached the bed. He placed her on the bed then reached down to remove her panties. Gina lifted her butt to allow him to remove them. She lay on her bed as he stood there looking at her. "You are very beautiful." He said.

She laid there and watched as CC quickly undress himself. Upon joining her on the bed he kissed her deeply while his hands roamed over her body. He started at her stomach with little pressure then worked his way up to her breast. He cupped one tit in his big hand, squeezing it gently. Her nipples were getting hard from his manipulations. Gina found herself very exited and when he broke the kiss so that he could take one of her breasts into his mouth she moaned. He bit her nipple softly and she moaned again. He sucked on the tit in his mouth while holding the other in his hand. She felt his other hand descending lower to her pussy. Upon arrival it found a moist pool waiting for him.

As he gently finger fucked her, his lips switched from one tit to the other. He again told her that she had the most perfect tits that he had ever saw. So nice and firm and beautifully shaped. "I love sucking them." He said.

Then he moved south, kissing under her nipples, the lower portion of her breast then down to her stomach. When he reached her belly button he licked, then trailed his tongue along and around her stomach. Further south he moved until he reached her shaved pussy. With his fingers still fucking her he licked her clitoris lightly. A moan escaped from her. She always enjoyed it when a man went down on her. She placed her hands on his black head encouraging him to continue. And continued he did! It didn't take long or much of his gentle liking, and sucking of her clit to bring her to her first climax of the night. She bucked and bounced and moaned as she came but continued to hold his head to her with both hands.

After her climax he continued to lick her and to use his finger on her. Although she had cum, she didn't resist when he continued. She removed her hands from his head and place at her sides. She knew this black man was going to make her cum a lot more this night.

She felt herself starting to tingle again. Another climax was building in her as her continued licking, sucking and working his finger in her. Then he withdrew his finger from her pussy and place his mouth over it. He inserted his tongue into her and at the same time pressed his finger into her anus. He found little resistance even though her ass was still virgin. His pussy soaked finger slipped in up to his first digit. As her second climax built she again place her hands on the back of his black head, holding him to her pussy while she exploded again in rapture.

Gina must have passed out for she didn't remember him climbing on top of her. She felt his cock pressing at the entrance of her pussy. It slid into her easily. It felt good to her. She spread her legs to allow him better access. Bent her knees with her feet flat on the bed, pushing upward matching his strokes. She had no control of her body. It reacted to his assault on her, giving everything she could back to him. She had never been fucked like this before, not her husband or her lover of last night could match the pleasure this black man was giving her. Then it happened, the heat, the searing flash, the fantastic feeling of pleasure as she came. It happened so quick but it was so good. He kept fucking her. It was happing again. She was going to cum again! She felt him push deep into her and his body became tense. Then the swelling of his cock as he shot his load of sperm deep into her. His reaction caused her to cum also. They both enjoyed the pleasure of the moment as his fluids squirted into her again and again and she loved it.

As she lay on the sweet and cum stained sheets, she heard and felt CC leaving the bed. Still in a haze, she heard him speaking on the phone. Gina was awoken by the sound of her room door opening. Raising her head from her pillow, she saw in the dim light that CC was dressed, talking to his friend LJ at the room's open door. Not fully awake Gina knew that her body was not covered and in full view for LJ to see. She knew she should cover herself, but didn't. Instead she watched as CC left the room and LJ closed the door. Before she realized that a switch had been made, LJ was undressed and on the bed with her.

Without thought Gina spread her legs for LJ in anticipation. There were no words passed between the two of them. LJ entered her quickly and she accepted him. The feel of his cock in her was what she wanted and loved. The second cock that night, the second man to use her. With just a few strokes she was ready to cum again. Her arms and legs were rapped around him and she held him as tight as her limbs could for quickly she was cuming again. Shouts of pleasure were emitted from her mouth as she came.

Gina didn't know how long she laid there after she came. She realized that LJ was still deep withing her and his cock was still hard. God, she thought, he hasn't cum yet. Then the stroking began again and she knew she would cum again soon. With each stroke she moaned "Yes, yes." As she neared her next climax her moans became shouts of "Fuck me, yes fuck me."

The white mother of two felt the black cock ram deep into her and his body tense and a shutter and a groan come from LJ and she felt his cock shooting his cum into her. This was too much for her as she came again.

When she awoke, she was along.

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