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The Night Out

The Night Out
By: Just Plain Bob (

She looked at herself in the dressing table mirror and wondered why she was wasting her time with putting on makeup when it didn't matter. A short skirt, a low cut blouse and high heels was all it was going to take. She could have a bag over her head and it wouldn't matter one little bit; she knew she would be hit on before the waitress even got there to take her drink order.

As she prepared herself for going out to get laid she wondered what her husband was doing at that very moment. Would Jake be sitting in a motel room flipping channels on the TV, would he be wining and dining a client, or would he be sitting in a lounge waiting for someone like her to walk in the door? The bastard better be staying faithful she thought even as she herself prepared not to be. If Jake would stay home and take care of business she would be staying home. If his sales trips would take him out of town on Monday and bring him home on Friday she would stay home. As much as she loved and craved sex she could still get by with a Friday night, a Saturday and a Sunday, but staying away for two, three and sometimes even four weeks when all she got was a phone call? No fucking way. Shit, sometimes she didn't even get the phone call. It didn't make sense to her, not even a little bit. Jake made good money and there was no reason for him to be cheap, and that's all it was - Jake was cheap!

"Long distance phone calls cost money babe and I don't need to call you every night just to tell you that I sold sixty-five widgets that day and that I love you and miss you. Christ babe, you already know what you mean to me and how much I love you."

"Coming home every weekend is a waste of money babe, money that we can use for other things. The cost of coming home comes out of my pocket sweetie, but if I stay on the road the motels and meals are a business expense and I can write them off."

When she complained about their not spending time together he had said, "Plenty of time for that later sweetie. Right now we need to be putting money away against a rainy day."

She had tried, she really had. When Jake had taken the job she had managed to be good for almost six months, but it had been hard, very hard. She had been a virgin when she had met Jake and he had taken her cherry on their fifth date and she had become a fuck crazy little slut for him. He had gotten her used to having sex two or three times a day, five and six days a week. He had turned her into a fuck bunny that craved sex and then he had put her in a position where she only got laid when he was home from his sales trips. She went from a hell of a lot to very little almost over night, but she had managed it. She had coped with it right up till the night he called her to tell her he wouldn't be home for another week. He had already been gone for three weeks and she was climbing walls waiting for him to get home that Friday. She planned on fucking him to within an inch of his life. She was going to fuck him so hard and so much that he would quit the traveling job and get one that would keep him in bed with her every night. When he had called and told her he wouldn't be home for another week she had hung up the phone and then she had sat down and cried.

When the tears were done she had said to herself, "I am not going to sit here and feel sorry for myself and I am not going to sit here and stare at the TV for another week." She had showered, dressed and then she had gone out for dinner and a movie. On her way home she had passed by a lounge that had a huge lighted sign out front that said, "Live music Thursday through Saturday." She decided to stop and have a drink and listen to the music. The place was busy and all she could find was a seat at the bar. She sat down, ordered a Screwdriver and turned to watch the band. They were pretty good and she sat there tapping her feet to the music.

The man sitting to her right said, "Haven't seen you in here before."

"First time for me."

"Any special reason?" he asked as he checked out her hand for rings. "Like a husband in the band maybe?"

"No, no special reason. I just needed to get out of the house."

"I see that you are bouncing around on your seat in time to the music. Could that possibly be an indication that you might like to dance?"

The dance led to a few more and the man, Hal or Harry or something like that had bought her drink after drink. He gradually held her closer and closer as the evening progressed and she felt his hard cock press into her leg and her tummy. When they gave last call he had simply said, "Your place or mine?" and she hadn't hesitated to say, "Mine. I need to be home in case my husband calls.

Just that quickly she had become a ?fallen woman' not that she regretted it. It had been just what she needed, a night full of sex with no emotional involvement. In the morning he had asked if he could see her again and she had said no.

"It was nice, but it was a mistake. I was pissed at my husband and you were in the right place at the right time and you got lucky, but I don't plan on making any more mistakes like last night."

She had walked him to the door, kissed him goodbye and then had closed the door determined never to be unfaithful to Jake ever again. That determination had lasted all of two days and then she went out to find another one night stand.

Since then she had been to bed with so many men that she had lost count, but none ever more than a one-night stand. She didn't want a relationship, she just wanted sex. And sex she had gotten; sometimes more than she was looking for. She remembered the night she had gone out after talking to Jake on the phone and had gone to the apartment of a man she had met in a bar. They had been bouncing on the bed when the man's roommate had come home and it was seven in the morning before the two men couldn't help her any more. Sexually it was one of her favorite memories because it was one of the few times that she had been fully satisfied. The other time brought back fond memories also, but had scared her enough that she had never let it happen again. It had been the only time she had done it on the back seat of a car in a parking lot and it was only supposed to be a quickie as she had to get home so she would be there if Jake called. But a line had formed and it was three hours and seventeen men later before she got home. She had often wondered what it would have been like to have those same seventeen men in her bedroom for an entire night. She wondered, but she never intended to find out. Maybe some night she might try three or four, maybe.

She stepped through the door and paused long enough to let her eyes adjust to the low light conditions. She looked around and spotted an empty horseshoe shaped booth against the back wall and she headed for it. She smiled to herself at the knowledge that every male eye in the place was on her as she made her way across the room and she put a little extra sway in her shapely ass. She ordered her Screwdriver and was not in the least bit surprised when the waitress brought it back to her and told her that it had been taken care of "By the table over there" and she pointed at a table where two men were sitting and looking her way. She smiled at them, raised her glass in salute and then took her first sip. Then the ritual began.

"Would you care to dance?" and of course she did, first with one and then the other, several times.

"Can we buy you another drink?" and again the answer was "Of course."

"The place is filling up. How about we join you in your booth and free up our table for someone else?"

She found herself between the two men in the booth which put her where they could both put their hands on her which of course they did. Several more drinks and several more dances and several sessions of "busy hands" had her hot and ready. During the course of the evening two more men had joined the three of them in the booth and she remembered her earlier thought - "Maybe three or four" - and decided why not? It was a Friday night and she didn't have to work the next day and Jake wouldn't call before noon.

The heavy necking began. Hot, hungry kisses, hands inside her blouse, hands up her skirt and fingers in her pussy, her hands on hard throbbing cocks under the table as the men took turns sitting next to her.

"Christ" one said, "I think she would do us right here in the booth. How about it honey? You want it here and now?"

She had smiled at him and had raised herself up off the seat. "Can you get under me? If you can I'll sit on it."

"Yeah, right" another one had said, "And then we all go to jail for public indecency. No, I've got a better idea. Let's get out of here and find a good, strong bed."

The Bide-A-Wee motel wasn't much more than a ?hot sheet' joint, but the bed was strong and it was six in the morning before the men called it quits. She had tried to get one more time out of each of them, but she had worn them out. When they had gone she debated taking a shower and cleaning herself up - she had cum all over her body, on her face and in her hair - but she decided to wait until she got home. She looked at herself in the cracked mirror and saw all the love bites on her tits and on her neck. Damned good thing that Jake wouldn't be back for a week, she thought, those are going to need some time to go away. Her nylons were ruined so she tossed them in the wastebasket. She pulled on her panties to keep the cum from leaking out and staining the car seat and then she pulled her dress over her head and slipped it on. She stepped into her heels, picked up her bra and put it in her purse and took one last look around the room to imprint it in her mind.

She would remember this night. Her first triple penetration, her first anal gangbang as the four men had used her butt-hole one right after the other, and it was also the first time she had had two cocks in her pussy at the same time. She winced at that memory, definitely something that she would not do again. But it had been pretty much a fun night and very sexually satisfying. She decided that she would definitely do it again, maybe next Friday. No, not then because Jake would be home. Maybe the Friday after.

Once in the front door she kicked her heels off and headed for the laundry room. She took off her dress and tossed it on the floor and then she took off her panties, wiped her crotch with them and then dropped them down on top the dress. She headed up the stairs toward the bedroom while debating on whether to take a shower or soak in the tub. It wasn't until she reached the top of the steps that the premonition that something wasn't quite right hit her. The house did not "feel" like it had when she left to go out. Something was different, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She felt an ?unease' and then suddenly something clicked in her brain and she turned and went back to the head of the stairs and looked down into the living room. There was a briefcase sitting on the coffee table and as soon as she saw it a cold hand clutched her heart. Almost in a trance she turned and walked to the bedroom and looked in at Jake who was just swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

"I heard you come in" he said as he looked her way and whatever else he was going to say died in his throat as he got a good look at her.

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