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What the Doctor Ordered

What the Doctor Ordered
By: moodcouple (

Carol was late for our lunch date. She came rushing into the restaurant and immediately headed to the lady's room to freshen up. I accompanied her and as we both were checking our make-up in the mirror she let out an "oops." Glancing over I saw her rubbing something off her chin. Looking at me in the glass she said, "That'd be pretty embarrassing."

"What's that?" I asked innocently.

"Ordering lunch with semen on my face." I must have turned bright red because she added, "I guess I embarrassed you instead." I could only nod while staring at her chin..

When we got back to our table and had ordered Carol took up where she'd left off. "Rod's in one of his 'can't get enough' moods. Three times last night, and once more this morning. Does Joe ever get those?"

I gave a quiet "No." but Carol didn't seem to notice

"Then he wanted me to break our lunch date so we could sneak off for a nooner." she went on. "Instead I dropped by his office and gave him a special treat." Carol rubbed her stomach a moment, then said, "I know it's all in my head, but my tummy always seems so warm when it's full of Rod's cum." I don't know about her tummy, but I was certainly getting warm. After the waitress brought our drinks, Carol said, "I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you."

"It's okay," I said. "It's just . . . " I don't know what made me open up. Maybe it was just too much frustration coupled with her openness. "Well, you see . . . uh . . . Joe and I haven't had sex for several years." There it was, laying right out there on the table.

When we got married I discovered that not only was Joe a virgin, he really didn't like sex. Oh, things were okay for a while, but I knew that he was just doing it to please me. Somehow it just got easier not to try.

"How 'bout blow jobs?" Carol asked. "Doesn't he even like that?"

"I tried it once, but he said he thought the whole idea of oral sex was disgusting." Carol looked shocked. "He's a really good husband," I went on quickly. "He is loving and caring. We touch and cuddle a lot. I certainly love him. It's just . . . well sex isn't a part of his make-up. So, I've learned to live with it. And think of all I've saved on birth control."

"I don't know if I could do it," Carol said thoughtfully, ignoring my attempt at humor. "Even when Rod and I are having our differences, we've always got great sex to fall back on."

"So," I said, trying to make another joke, "Does Rod have a brother?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact he does. Hal is a doctor, a surgeon. And he's nearly as sexy as Rod. But Hal's in the middle of a nasty divorce right now so you may have to wait a while."

Blushing again, I said, "I was just kidding, you know?"

"I know," Carol said, reaching over to squeeze my hand. I hoped she was right.

I really did love my husband and knew that he loved me. I had convinced myself that I could make the trade-off of having a wonderful man take care of me in exchange for no sex. But hearing Carol talk about how Rod "couldn't get enough" made me very dissatisfied about what I couldn't get any of. And that 'warm tummy' thing was taking my imagination places I had trained it not to go.

Carol and I remained friends, but neither she nor I mentioned our conversation again. I had almost forgotten that I'd let her in on my little secret. Life with Joe went on as usual and eventually I stopped fantasizing about what I knew I would never get. Then about nine months later Joe's mother, who lives in Chicago, was hospitalized. Joe went to stay with her, planning on being gone for about two weeks.

On Thursday I got a call from Carol. "I know you must be lonely, with Joe gone and all. Why don't you come spend the weekend with us? We'd love to have you. You could hang around the pool and just relax," she said. Rod, like his brother, was a doctor and they had a big home in one of the nicer suburbs with both a pool and a tennis court.

"Well," I said. "I am getting tired of this empty house."

"Plus," Carol went on, "Hal will be staying with us this weekend." What was she suggesting? Despite my lack of sex I had never seriously considered adultery. Did she really think I wanted to jump her brother-in-law? That was silly and I knew I should say no. But of course, I agreed.

When I got to their place after work on Friday Rod and Hal were already there. She wasn't kidding about Hal being nearly as sexy as her own husband. Dressed in skimpy swimsuits, the guys looked more like a couple of lifeguards than respected physicians. I did my best not to check out the contents of their suits, but I couldn't help notice they both had hard, flat stomachs. And great asses. Okay, I did glance at the bulges in the front of their Speedos, too. Just an academic interest, of course.

I changed into my own suit - a conservative one-piece, and we all sat around the pool while Rod cooked steaks on the grill. Although there was plenty of wine being passed around, Hal stuck to diet soda. "I'm on call for surgery tonight," he told me. "Hopefully I won't have to go in." No such luck. We had barely finished our steaks when the phone rang and Hal got dressed and headed to the hospital. "Don't wait up," he told us. "I may be all night." I have to admit I felt relief that I didn't have to face the temptation of having that great body in the next bedroom, separated only by our shared bathroom.

Eventually we all got ready for bed. I slipped into my nightgown and settled into the bed. As I lay there I again was thankful that the temptation of sexy Hal in the next room had been removed. I had just drifted off to sleep when I was awoken by rhythmic sound of someone knocking on a wall. I pulled the covers up to my chin and hoped that there wasn't a burglar in the house. Then I heard the sound of a woman quietly moaning. "Oh my god," I thought. Carol and Rod were making love.

I tried not to listen, but the banging, and moaning, kept up. They weren't making love - they were fucking. Loudly. Giving in to the feelings in my body, my hands moved under my nighty. I pinched my nipples and thought about what it would be like to have a man touching me. Without conscious direction my hand moved down over my belly until it was at my crotch. I ran one finger over my growing clitoris as I listened to Carol next door. "More, more," she was gasping. "Harder, Rod. Give it to me harder -OHGOD," she cried out. I crooked my fingers, working them in and out of my pussy. I was so wet - so hot. It had been months since I'd pleasured myself, and now I was doing it while my listening to my best friend getting fucked. I closed my eyes and tried not to scream as Carol and I orgasmed at the same time.

Somehow I managed to sleep the whole night. I wasn't exactly satisfied, but at least I had gotten something in the night. When I woke up the next morning it was to the sound of moaning again. This time it was Rod. "Uh huh, baby, uh huh," he was mumbling. "That's good, Carol. Suck it, suck my cock." I lay as still as possible as I listened to what they - what she - was doing. "Oh shit yes," Rod cried out. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, OHGODYESBABYYES." There were tears in my eyes as I thought about what she was getting from her husband - and what I would never get from my own.

When they finally got quiet next door I made as much noise as possible getting out of bed and putting on my robe to remind my hosts I was there. I'd had as much vicarious sex as I thought I could take. I did think briefly about Hal's sexy body, but I managed to calm myself down. "Not for you lady. Just remember how happy you are with what you do have." I didn't buy a word of it.

I was sitting in the kitchen when Carol and Rod came downstairs. Rod had a big smile on his face - he should have. Carol winked at me and rubbed her tummy. Show off!

"Rod and I are going to look at new cars this morning. You want to come along, Kathy?"

"No," I answered. "I think I'll just take a shower and hang out around here." Then I asked, "Did Hal come home last night?" Now why did I ask that?

"Yeah," Rod said. "He got in early this morning. He's sound asleep right now, you may not see him 'til this afternoon."

I knew then I should change my mind about going with my friends to look at cars, but instead I said, "I'll try not to disturb him." As I said it I wondered why Carol was grinning.

After the two of them went out to the car, Carol came back into the kitchen. "Forgot my purse," she told me. When she had retrieved it she reached in and said. "Not that I'm promoting adultery or anything. But just in case." Pulling her hand from her purse she handed me a box of condoms."

"I'm sure I won't be needing these," I said a little crossly. What kind of woman did she think I was? Nevertheless, I put the rubbers in the pocket of my robe.

After they finally left I went back to my room to shower. Before I started running the water I peeked into the room next door. Hal was laying on his back on the bed asleep with the covers pulled up to his nipples. I quietly closed the door and got in the shower. I soaped myself all over, running my hands over my slick skin. My hands lingered at my crotch where I could feel the heat rising. "Not now, girl," I told myself. As much as I wanted to get myself off again, I resisted the temptation, rinsing the suds off my body instead. After drying I pulled my robe back on. I could hear Hal gently snoring in the room next door. Unable to resist, I edged the door open and looked in on him again. He had managed to kick the covers off and was wearing only a pair of boxers. I could see his balls hanging out of the leg of his shorts, and a considerable lump pressing up at the cloth.

I wanted to reach out and touch it - touch his penis, his balls. I thought about what it would be like to lick and kiss them - to get what Carol had gotten earlier from Rod. As a substitute I slid my hands under my robe, touching myself instead. I pinched my nipples hard with one hand while the fingers of my other hand dug into the slit between my legs. My eyes were glued to Hal's cock as I felt the wetness seeping out of me. I nearly gasped when I saw it twitch. As I continued to work my fingers deep inside myself Hal stirred. His eyes were still closed, but his hand moved down to his own crotch, his fingers closing around the rod I wanted so much to feel. I watched him stroke himself in his sleep - then his eyelids popped open. Our eyes locked as we each continued rubbing our own sex.

After a moment, Hal let go of his dick and sat up. "Want me to finish that for you?" he asked quietly. I must have nodded because he got out of bed and walked over to me. He put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my elbow. Slowly the hand slid down my arm until it was covering my hand - the hand buried in my pussy. He gently pulled it aside and replaced my fingers with his own. I sagged against him as he probed me. Maybe it was his medical training, or maybe just experience, but he quickly found that special spot where all the nerve ends came together in the front of my vagina. I gasped against his shoulder as he rubbed my most sensitive places. My own hand was on his waist, but somehow it moved down until I was grasping the pole holding his shorts out. It felt so good in my hand, harder than any I'd ever felt - and bigger. I squeezed it as he pushed me closer and closer to the release I craved.

Just as I was at the very edge of climax he withdrew his fingers. My eyes popped open at the empty feeling between my legs. "Bed," he said/commanded. Without speaking I walked forward on shaking legs. Moving behind me, Hal pulled my robe off. I reached behind me and somehow managed to roll his shorts down and felt his hardness bang against the back of my leg. Hal turned me around and kissed me as I sat on on the edge of the bed. Hal immediately knelt and eased my legs apart. "May I taste you?" he asked.

"Oh yes - hell yes," I answered. No man had ever kissed me down there. I watched amazed as Hal leaned forward until his lips were on mine. I gasped as his tongue extended into me.

Hal momentarily pulled his face back and murmured, "What a beautiful pussy." I put my hands on the back of his head and guided his face back to me. He probed me as skillfully with his tongue as he had earlier with his fingers. Just when I thought I couldn't stand the pleasure, his lips closed on my clit and worked his fingers back into me. Suddenly I heard someone screaming and realized it was me as I orgasmed against this gorgeous man's face. He continued licking and sucking on my clit as my world shook. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed from my crotch, igniting my whole body. Somehow he sensed that I was on the verge of passing out and he pulled his hand out of my pussy. As I started to calm down he ran his tongue on down until I could feel him lapping at the juices that were flowing from me. This set off another, more powerful orgasm that had me gasping for breath.

I managed to pull his head away before I passed out from lack of air. He immediately stood and kissed me on the mouth. For the first time in my life I was tasting my own passion, my own cum, on a man's face. I loved it. As I slid up on the bed Hal began to position himself between my legs. I managed to remember Carol's present and said, "Condom. In my robe pocket." As much as I wanted to feel Hal inside me, the thought of explaining an unexpected pregnancy to my celibate husband made me cautious.

Hal got off the bed and pulled a rubber out of the package. He looked quizically at me as he opened it. "Long story," I said. "Just put it on, please. And come here." As I said that I patted myself between the legs, in case he forgot what we had started to do. I needn't have worried. As Hal rolled the latex on I was amazed at how long and hard his tool was.

As soon as he had himself covered Hal was back between my raised legs. I could feel the head of his massive cock pressing against me - then with a lunge he was in me, filling me in a way I could barely remember. "Oh yes," I murmured. I think there might have been tears in my eyes. Soon I was moaning as Carol had the night before. Hal moved his hips, thrusting in and out of me. I tried to clasp my pussy around him, which cause him to moan along with me. It wasn't long before I was thrashing on the bed, engulfed in another orgasm. Hal held perfectly still inside me, allowing me to come down from my carnal high. Also, I thought, to prevent himself from cumming too soon.

As I calmed down, Hall pulled out of my pussy and laid on his side next to me. He entwined his legs with mine, with his cock-head pointing at my slit. Then he quickly rolled over, burying his cock deeper in me than I had ever had it before. "Oh fuck yes," I cried out. "That feels so good, so good."

"Your cunt feels so tight, Kathy. Tight and hot." He drove himself deeper into me. The way we were laying made it easy for him to touch me with his hands while he fucked me. He rubbed my clit with his fingers until I was screaming with another climax, this one even more spectacular than the last. I reached down and grabbed his ass cheek, pulling him even deeper into. Suddenly I felt him throb against my pussy lips. He cried out as he filled the condom with his own cum. Once more I regretted the rubber. I wanted that cream inside me, even though I knew I couldn't have it.

When our sexual hunger was satiated, Hal turned over on his back, pulling his cock out of me. I watched as he used a tissue to remove the filled rubber and toss toward the waste basket. I laid my head on his chest, which gave me a clear view of his manhood. I couldn't resist reaching down and taking it in my hand. I could feel the stickiness of his semen on it. I stroked him gently, enjoying the soft weight of the wonderful organ. "That was so good," Hal said. "Thank you, Kathy."

"No, thank you," I said. "It's been a long time. That was just what the doctor ordered."

"He sure did, and the doctor needed it as much as you did," Hal agreed. I remembered what Carol had said about his divorce and thought he had probably been celibate a long time also.

As we lay together I continued to hold his dick while I worked up the nerve to do what I really wanted. I was giving myself an internal pep talk when . . . brrrng . . . Hal's cell phone went off. "Oh shit," he said as he reached for it. For a few minutes I heard him making doctor talk to the person at the other end. Finally he said, "Okay, I'll be there in about half an hour. If anything changes call me right away."

After hanging up, Hal said, "The guy I operated on last night. He's having some problems and I have to go back to the hospital. I'm so sorry, Kathy. I wasn't through, you know."

I knew my disappointment was showing on my face, but I managed to tell him I understood. I really did - I just didn't like it. As he started to sit up I pushed him back down. "But maybe we'll have time for this." As soon as the words were out I leaned over and took his dick into my mouth.

"Oh yes," he said. "We'll have time for that."

For the first time in my life I had a man's penis in my mouth - and it felt good. I explored him with my tongue, savoring the feel and texture of it. It quickly began to swell and stretch out, nearly causing me to gag. I slid him part way out, then sucked him back in a little further. I'd read about how to do this, and heard other women talk about it, but it was so much different when it was my mouth with a cock in it. I repeated sliding him in and out and the gag reflex seemed to ease. Soon I had him completely in, my nose in his pubic hair. I tightened my lips on him and stimulated him by shaking my head back and forth. I was rewarded by the unintelligible sounds he was making. I took that to mean he liked it.

After a few moments I let the organ slide out of my mouth. I held it in front of my face, examining it as if it was the first I'd ever seen. Actually it was the only one I'd seen that close up before. I could see a stream of white leaking out of his tip and I licked it off, surprised at how little taste there was.

Slowly I ran my lips down the underside of his cock until they were on his balls - the balls I had admired earlier. I kissed and licked them while he continued to moan. Then I kissed back up the length of him until I had his head between my lips again. As I ran my tongue around his crown he mumbled, "Oh Kathy. If you keep that up I'm gonna cum."

Looking up, I took him out long enough to say, "I hope so. I want every drop of it in my mouth." I hoped I could do it as I engulfed his again. I didn't stop until my nose was once more against his belly. As I sucked gently on him I fondled his balls. He tried to arch his back, to fuck my mouth. I was amazed at how good it made me feel to be pleasuring him that way. And how powerful also. I had complete control over him, over his manhood, over his desire.

"Oh yes oh yes oh yes," me mumbled as I licked and sucked at him. Then suddenly, "OHGODOHKATHYOHGODYES!" he shouted. His cock swelled and semen hit the back of my throat. What I had tasted earlier, his pre-cum I guess, had not prepared me for the deep, salty taste of the real thing. He kept throbbing, giving me more of the silky liquid that I swallowed reflexively. Finally the pulsing slowed and I was able to hold some in my mouth, savoring his essence.

When he finally stopped throbbing I pulled him out of my mouth and held the shrinking organ in my hand. I ran my hand up and down, coaxing a few more drops out of him - which I quickly licked up. When I was sure I had it all I looked him in the eye and said, "Thank you, Hal. Thank you for giving me that."

"I just got the best blow-job of my life and you're thanking me. That was incredible, Kathy. You can have that anytime." I kissed his cock-head one more time, then kissed him on the lips. I wondered if he could taste his own passion on my lips as I had earlier tasted mine. I hoped so.

As soon as we had kissed, I sat up again. "Now, Doctor. You better get going."

"I know, dammit," he said as he got out of bed. I watched him his boxers back on and tuck that precious toy out of sight. Then he put on the rest of his clothes, gave me a peck on the cheek and walked out.

An hour later I was sitting in the living room drinking a diet soda and leafing through a magazine when Carol and Rod returned. "Find any cars you liked?" I asked.

"Not really," Carol said. "I think I'll just keep the one I have."

"Is Hal still asleep?" Rod asked.

"No, he was called back to the hospital."

"That's too bad," Carol said. "Did you two have a chance to get acquainted?"

"A little," I answered. Then I rubbed my mid-section and added, "I see what you mean by that 'warm tummy' thing."

Carol was grinning when she gave me a high five. "Way to go, girl. Way to go."

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