Friday, July 30, 2010


I could not resist her repeated requests to deliver more of my seed
between her thighs - she was, after all my wife, and beautifully curved 
at that!  Within thirty minutes she had me hard, and was mounted on top 
of me again, big breasts bouncing, this time for an even longer, more 
physical lovemaking!  She rode my hard cock for about fifteen minutes, 
before her sweaty body stopped, only due to exhaustion.  She told me 
she hated this part of lovemaking, feeling my cock pull out of her to 
change positions, even though it is only for a couple seconds.  Ann 
said "I need you inside of me to complete me, and don't even like to 
think of what it feels like when my vagina is empty for a second!  Your 
hard on is perfectly sized for my body, Jake, and I want it inside of 
me as much as possible!" 
I told her if she were patient, she could keep my body inside of hers as
we change positions to allow me to make love to her from behind.  She 
smiled at the thought and said "OK".  Ann slowly spun her wet body on 
my hard dick, lifting one curvy thigh over my face, until she was 
reverse cowgirl on my dick.  Then Ann slowly pushed her knees backward, 
pulling up on my dick, as I raised my pelvis upward to keep inside of 
her.  She continued to slowly raise up until she was bent over, 
kneeling on the bed, as I continued to rise up, going slowly forward.  
Then Ann lifted each of her shapely legs, one at a time, as I pulled my 
leg from underneath, until I was kneeling behind her, still buried 
deeply in her womanhood. 
It took about two minutes of careful maneuvering.  Though there were a
few times when I forced my dick deeper into her, making her moan on 
purpose, knowing I was turning her on while she was unable to respond 
sexually without losing her husband's hardness from deep between her 
thighs.  Ann kept on task as we continued maneuvering, as I continued 
tease her body with my dick's thrusts. 
Finally Ann said "You're going to have to make good on all those manly
thrusts you're giving my vagina once I get to my hands and knees!  I'm 
not letting you stop until I'm out of orgasms!"   I asked her how many 
times she was able to come, to which Ann replied, "I don't know, but I 
intend to find out, Jake, and you're going to help me!" 
By then I was finally mounted behind Ann, my dick never leaving her
warm, tight pussy! 
There was nothing gentle about the way I fucked Ann from behind!  I
rammed myself up her, to her delight, as she screamed and came on my 
dick during my first thrust.  Ann was A LOT closer to cumming than I 
realized!  My thick, hard cock was now deep inside her vagina, and soon 
I found my way back into her cervix, and into her womb.  She put her 
head down to brace herself for what I was about to do, turning her ass 
upward in the process.  Ann then backed her ass up and rocked fast and 
furious in time to my forceful thrusting. 
We enjoyed the rather hard physical contact of two lovers intensely
making the other cum.  I lost track of her orgasms at twelve, and from 
then on it was non-stop passionate fucking.  Finally, after one of her 
multiple orgasms, I stopped, too tired to fuck her beautiful, pregnant 
body any more. 
She asked me if I came inside of her, as she felt no squirts or new warm
flow inside of her, and I apologized for being too tired to continue 
our passionate lovemaking.  I told her I really wanted to give her more 
seed, but had to rest awhile before I could deliver. 
Ann said it was great, and that she couldn't believe a guy could be so
hard inside of her for most of three hours without Viagra!  My dick was 
still hard, and she continued feeling and rubbing my manhood intensely, 
knowing that she would not have to worry about wasting my seed outside 
of her womb.  I fingered her soaked twat and rubbed two orgasms out of 
her g-spot until I was rested enough to remount her from behind. 
When I remounted my wife from behind this time, my body stayed on the
marathon task to the end - forty minutes of wonderful, non-stop, hard, 
fast lovemaking. 
My body was hers, and Ann knew it, and used it, as was a wife's right. 
Ann came about three dozen times, but never asked me to stop pounding 
her swollen, soaking pussy.  My dick shot a load of warm, white cream 
inside of her womb again as I held her hips tightly and she backed 
firmly against me. 
After I stopped squirting my seed into her, and she stopped her vaginal
and womb spasms, I reluctantly pulled my well used dick out of her 
womanhood.  We fell blissfully to the bed, drenched in sweat and cum.  
Had we more time, we would have made passionate love again - our bodies 
desired it. 
Ann opened her thighs and told me to look between them.  Ann showed off
with pride the thick cum that she felt leaving her muff.  It was very 
thick and creamy, my last batch of seed.  I wanted her again, and she 
more than wanted me.  But, we were both late to collect respective kids 
who were with sitters.  Otherwise we would have made love throughout 
the night, until morning. 
We dressed and said goodbye, Ann pressing her 36DD breasts intentionally
hard against my chest, while my hands grabbed her plentiful ass fully 
and firmly, pulling her throbbing vagina as tight against my hard cock 
as I could.  We kissed, saying sorry to each other that we lacked the 
time to continue our honeymoon lovemaking. 
"Thank you for becoming my wife, and for conceiving my child tonight,
Ann.  I love you so much!  Let's repeat our vows for the State on 
Monday." I said softly into her ear. 
"Thank you for loving me Jake, for the privilege of becoming your wife,
for giving me your child, and for giving me the most intense and 
plentiful orgasms any woman could imagine, let alone experience!  I 
love you so much. Yes, Jake, I want the State ceremony too, and I want 
into your bed - all night - starting Monday night!  Don't plan on any 
sleep that night, lover!  Good night, Jake." Ann replied. 
The next day was Saturday.  I called my pregnant bride and she came to
my house (in more ways than one)!  But we had to be careful then, for 
the children were almost always around, and were not aware of our 
marriage, or their mom's pregnancy.  But that is another story. 

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